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[Fanfic] Bird of Prey, Chapter 3 (second half)

Series: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Ushijima x Oikawa
Rating: Explicit


Not long after enrolling in University, Oikawa is trap in an abusive relationship with Ushijima, the former ace and captain of Shiratorizawa control everything Oikawa is doing. Will the former captain of Aoba Johsai be able to the get out from that unhealthy relation without losing his life?


As state in the summary, this fan fiction his about a possessive/abusive relationship between Ushijima and Oikawa. In this story, you will have scene of violence, physical and psychological, this also include rape scene. If you don’t feel comfortable reading this kind of story, I would suggest you to not go any further.


They walk away from the home and headed to the bus stop. They did the bus ride in silence, Oikawa trying to avoid making eyes contact with Ushijima. Now they were alone together he felt his presence oppressing. Oikawa didn’t want to go back to the apartment with him, he would had rather stay at his parent house, but he knew he couldn’t do that, Wakatoshi would never allowed it. Once they were back to the apartment Oikawa lock himself in his room praying Wakatoshi will leave him alone. But no one heard his prayer.

“Unlock the door” calmly said Wakatoshi

“If I don’t” asked Oikawa “You will smash it”

“No, but you will regret it tomorrow” threaten Wakatoshi “You have two options, you either open your door now and I leave you alone tomorrow or you don’t and I make you will not go to out for the rest of the week or even the month, it’s up to you”

Oikawa get up from his bed and slowly walk to the door to unlock it and then go back to his bed. Wakatoshi open the door and look at Tooru who was sitting on his best, the knees against his chest.

“Now, now, i have the feeling you tried to forget I was there at your parents house” said Wakatoshi slowly walking toward the bed.

“How I’m supposed to forget you when you try to keep your fucking hand on my tight. I just hope no one notice it” replied Oikawa

“Did I offend you by doing that?” asked Wakatoshi

“I would rather you don’t do that when there is people around” answered Oikawa

“In other words, you are saying that I can to it when we are alone” said Wakatoshi with a smile. He was now looking down at Tooru who just realize his mistake.”If you are a good kitty tonight, I’ll be nice with you. I promise it will not hurt as much as this morning” he said making an opening between Oikawa knees.

Tooru tried to resist, but he know it was pointless “I might just let him do it, if I resist, I will regret it later and it will be more cruel with me” he thought while Wakatoshi was caressing his body.

“Get naked” ordered Ushijima

Oikawa start to removed his clothes one by one while Wakatoshi was watching him sitting on the bed. Once he was fully naked. Ushijima told him to kneel on the floor and get his head between his legs. Oikawa obey to the order. The man sitting on the bed took out his cock from his pant and present him to Tooru “Suck it” he said. The setter look at it with disgust perfectly knowing he had to do what the man was asking him. He start licking it, he didn’t want to put it in his mouth, Wakatoshi would have to force him. Which he does. While Oikawa was still licking on his cock, Ushijima took his head between his large hand and pushed it in Tooru’s mouth, he could feel it going down his throat. Now it was in his mouth, he didn’t really have any other choice to suck on it.

During the time Tooru was sucking of his dick, Wakatoshi lean forward and insert his finger in his butthole. Surprise, Oikawa let out a scream and then go back to Ushijima’s cock.

“That’s enough” said Ushijima after a few minute of playing with Tooru’s butthole “get up and sit on me”

Oikawa look at Wakatoshi in the eyes, thing he didn’t do the whole day. I agreed to do it, only if Wakatoshi was putting a condom. “It was a real pain to clean up is morning” he explain. Ushijima agreed and took out condom from his back pocket.

“Do you always have one with you” asked Oikawa not really sure if he wanted to know the answer

“Of course, who know when I will feel the need to possess you a bit more” replied Wakatoshi unrolling the rubber on his dick.

Oikawa position himself over Wakatoshi cock and slowly began to lower down his body. He didn’t want to do it, but he knew Ushijima will use force if it was him doing it, so he rather doing it at his own rhythms. It was different from this morning, maybe cause this time Wakatoshi prepared him before, it wasn’t as painful, however Oikawa still didn’t like the idea of having a dick inserted in his butthole.

Once the Wakatoshi’s sex was all inside, he force him to move his hips, he didn’t want to, he didn’t want to feel his dick moving inside him, he was grossed enough like that.

Seeing Tooru wasn’t inclined to collaborate with him, Wakatoshi held him by the waist and laid him on the bed and start thrusting harded in him. It was the third time Wakatoshi was making love to him and the second he fully remembered. He start to wonder how he react the first time. Did he enjoyed it? Did he make any weird sound? He was drunk and wasn’t able to remember anything. Just to think he might had found some kind of pleasure was enough to make him sick. He felt Ushijima’s cock going deeper in him he clenched his teeth wishing it will end soon. This time is wish was granted. Not long after Wakatoshi had laid him on his back, he felt his roommate dick growing bigger and he heard him letting out a long “ahhhhh” sign he had just come. Wakatoshi pull out his dick and Tooru saw the amount of cum that was inside the tip of the rubber “Thanks God he put one this time” he thought.

Soon as Wakatoshi away from the bed, Oikawa painfully get of his feet and walk to the bathroom. He needed to wash himself and he wanted to do it now. He slowly got to the bathroom, walking was painful and his hips bengan to hurt. He surprise himself to hope to never get use to this. The day he will get use to it mean they were doing often and he didn’t want that. He needed to find his way out before it became a daily thing He lock himself in the bathroom, the last person he wanted to be in the bathroom with him was Wakatoshi, a thief could break it he wouldn’t care, as long as it wasn’t Ushijima.

Oikawa stayed in the bathroom for around two hours. He scrubbed every part of his body where Wakatoshi touched and then enter the warm water. When he was in the bathroom he felt safe, like if it was his little sanctuary, he was able to relax there. Of course, Wakatoshi could still break it while he is in it, but right now he feel safe.

Once he was done, He get out of the bathroom the go to his room, look at his bed and start thinking about buying a futon to sleep on it, he didn’t want to sleep in the same bed where Wakatoshi force him to have sex. He let out a sigh and get under the blanket, at least they did it over them he thought.

The next day Oikawa woke-up before Ushijima and he didn’t feel like awakening him. He didn’t really care if he missed his first classes, the only thing Oikawa wanted was to get out of the apartment without him. He quickly dress up and prepare his bag he then quietly left the apartment.

It was still early and he had time to walk to the university and even eat at a café across the street. On his way to the university, he cross the path of Daichi. He was about to call his name and he saw him on the phone. The former captain of Karasuno was smiling. When he notice Oikawa, his smile disappear, he seemed to be about to hang up with the person with who is was talking but he saw from the corner of his eyes Wakatoshi running behind Tooru. He scolded him because the latter didn’t wake him up and complain he could have missed his classes. He didn’t seems to have noticed Daichi was there, maybe he just not recognize him since he wasn’t facing them. Either way now that Daichi was behind Ushijima and he took this opportunity to wave at Oikawa, giving him a sign he had seen him and walk away. They had a classes together today, maybe they could talk there.

Even if Wakatoshi was acting really friendly toward Oikawa, Sawamura could see the uneasy feeling the former setter of Seijo had soon as Ushijima was close to him. Daichi knew the situation was now bad for Oikawa, he wanted to help him but he couldn’t do it alone. He had to think of something with Iwaizumi. Since Oikawa was isolated from them by Wakatoshi, the two young men had kept contact. Wondering if one or the other had news, good or bad, but Oikawa wasn’t talking to Daichi and he haven’t call Iwaizumi either, thus they couldn’t tell how was the situation. But now seeing how miserable he was looking beside his tormenter, Daichi knew they had to help him soon.

The first part of the day passed and the classes Oikawa and Daichi attend together come. When Daichi arrive to the classroom Oikawa was already there. Sawamura decide to sit beside him, thing he haven’t done in a while.

“Hey” said Daichi pulling out the chair beside Oikawa

“Hi..” replied Oikawa with a sad smile “Daichi I…”

“Don’t mind, Don’t mind” said Daichi tapping Oikawa shoulder “We will found a way to get you out of there” he added

“We?” asked Oikawa with hope in the eyes

“Iwaizumi and I” answered Daichi “Don’t worry we will found something just worry about staying alive”

Oikawa couldn’t help but push a sigh of relief, even if he had been harsh with them, even if he didn’t believe them, his friend didn’t gave up on him. He knew he wasn’t totally alone, he just had to hang on while they were figuring out something.

After the classes, Oikawa left first, he didn’t wanted to be catch by Wakatoshi talking to Daichi. He was afraid what will happen. He wished a good afternoon at Sawamura and walk out of the classroom, he and Wakatoshi didn’t have any other classes after they could go to the gym and start practicing.

His first week under Wakatoshi control passed, then come a second and a third. Before he even realized it, a full month had already passed. His days were fill with fear and apprehension. Ushijima was forcing him to at sex with him at least three times a week and when he was resisting too much he was hit. He had red mark on his wrist, he began to wear long sleeve shirt, to hide the bruises, even if the Summer was approaching. One day he came to school with a black eyes, his classmates asked him what happened he lied saying he was careless and receive a ball in the face, while in fact Ushijima was mad cause Oikawa had forgotten to buy his favorite snack. His life with Wakatoshi was like if he was walking on eggs, he had to be careful, he never knew when his tormentor will get angry for no reason. Oikawa keep clenching his teeth, holding on the idea Iwaizumi and Daichi will found something.

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