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[Fanfic] Bird of Prey, Chapters 3 (first half)

Series: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Ushijima x Oikawa
Rating: Explicit


Not long after enrolling in University, Oikawa is trap in an abusive relationship with Ushijima, the former ace and captain of Shiratorizawa control everything Oikawa is doing. Will the former captain of Aoba Johsai be able to the get out from that unhealthy relation without losing his life?


As state in the summary, this fan fiction his about a possessive/abusive relationship between Ushijima and Oikawa. In this story, you will have scene of violence, physical and psychological, this also include rape scene. If you don’t feel comfortable reading this kind of story, I would suggest you to not go any further.


Oikawa tried to wash himself as much as he could, he just passed almost half an hour sitting on the toilet, emptying his body from all the fluid that man had left inside him. He was now sitting in the warm water inside the bathtub. The feeling of dirt was still lingering. His hips were still painful, but he was now able to move with ease. He brought his knees to his chest and rest his chin on it. I was wondering what will happen to him now. He knew he had his pride, but he still needed to look for help. But will people believe him? A man getting rape? Is that something even possible?

Now that he was thinking about it a bit more, everything that Ushijima had done so far was meant to isolated him. “That sick bastard really planned everything” he thought remembering Daichi accident and what Iwaizumi said afterwards, even Daichi try to warn him, but he didn’t listened to them. Oikawa really felt like an idiot, he didn’t saw anything, while in was right in front of him. After Sawamura had left Wakatoshi was following him everywhere, giving a murdering look to everyone who was getting too close, boy or girl, of him. All the sign was there, but Tooru was blind or maybe he chose to ignore it, either way he was stuck and for now he couldn’t do anything.

I passed more than two hours in the bath, the water was now cold but he didn’t want to get out of the only room where he feel safe.

He eventually heard Ushijima knocking on the door

“I don’t know what you are doing, but you can’t pass you life there” he said

Oikawa turn his head toward the door, Wakatoshi was right, he couldn’t stay there. He got out of the cold water, wrap himself with a towel and unlocked the door

“Here you are little squirrel” said Ushijima wrapping his arm around Oikawa waist

“Squirrel?” question Oikawa

“Maybe you prefer kitty?” asked Ushijima kissing him on the lips

Tooru push him away to free himself “Whatever, you will do as you please anyway.”

Ushijima watched him walking away, now that he could do what he wanted with him, he could easily push him on the floor again. Wakatoshi was totally up for a second round, but with all the racket Oikawa did when he woke-up, he doubt it would be a good idea. “Let’s wait a bit” he thought

It was Sunday, Oikawa wanted to get out of the apartment, he didn’t want to stay with that man. Maybe he could go see how Iwaizumi is doing, even if they didn’t talk much lately it doesn’t mean they weren’t friend anymore. But something was telling him Wakatoshi will not let him go alone and he didn’t want him to follow. Tooru needed to go somewhere where Ushijima presence will not be a threat to anyone. His parent house, Wakatoshi will not try anything there. The young man decided he will go see his parents, hopefully they will be home.

While dressing up, Oikawa made a phone call to his parent, they were at home and they would be happy to see him. He warn them Wakatoshi might probably be with him, they replied they didn’t mind the more the merrier, “the merrier” he thought, if only it was that merry with him. The only thing he was hoping his that Wakatoshi will not act rude and overly possessive in front of his parents. Tooru get out of his room and told him he would go pass the day with his parents.

“Oh I’m gonna meet my in-laws then” he said with a smile

“We are not dating” replied Oikawa avoiding Ushijima’s eyes

“Really?” asked Ushijima “You belong to me, I belong to you, therefore we are dating”

“I – I – I don’t belong to you, I’m not yours” calmly said Oikawa

Wakatoshi’s eyes became a shade darker “You are lucky you are about to go see your parents, if it wasn’t of that, I would take the time to remind you your place” he said “Oikawa you are mine, you like or not, you belong to me only me” he added with a menacing voice

Oikawa swallowed his saliva with difficulties “I’m going now and not waiting for you” he quickly said, grabbing his jacket and putting his feet in his shoes.

He haven’t even put his second shoe that he felt a large palm pushing him against the door

“You better wait for me” whispered Wakatoshi

Ushijima walk to his room and came back a few minutes later fully dressed. Oikawa was still at the front door of their apartment, the back against the door looking at his feet. He got close to him and cup Tooru cheeks to force him to look at him in the eyes “You better behave, if I realize you trying to let them know about your situation, we.are.leaving” he said before kissing him. Oikawa pushed him away before he felt this man tongue in his mouth once again.

“Are you ready now” asked Tooru

“Yes my delicious prey” replied Wakatoshi with a smirk

The pair left the apartment and took the direction of the bus that will lead them to the area where was leaving Oikawa’s parents. His parents greet them with a smile

“Hope our Tooru is not too difficult with you Ushijima-san” asked Oikawa’s mother

“No, not at all, I couldn’t have better roommates” replied Wakatoshi with a warm smile

Oikawa couldn’t believe what he was seeing, the change in Ushijima personality was big. This morning he raped him and now he was acting like the guy all the mother would like to have as son. It was enough to make Tooru’s sick. When they passed the front door, Oikawa noticed Takeru shoes, his nephew was probably here with his parents. He walk to the living room, leaving Wakatoshi behind. The little guy was playing some video game on his portable console. When he noticed the presence of his uncle, he jumped off the couch and run to give him a hug.

“Uncle Tooru” said Takeru all excited

“Hey! How is going? Your parents are here too?” asked Tooru

“Nope, they left for a Onsen somewhere in the north, they are coming back next week” replied the little boy waving in direction on the south.

“Oh some are lucky” said Tooru with a wink

Oikawa was happy to see his nephew, the smile of the little boy had a positive effect on his state of mind. He was so happy that he almost forgot about Ushijima presence. It’s Takeru who remind him

“Oh is it one of you friend” ask Takeru when he saw Wakatoshi behind his uncle

“Oh! Him” pointing at Ushijima “ yes it’s a friend, we are on the same volleyball team”

“He play volleyball too? He is powerful? Like Iwaizumi?” asked the little boy

“Yes is his playing volleyball and don’t tell Iwa-chan I said that, but Ushijima is more powerful than him” replied Oikawa thinking about the spike that broke Daichi nose

The day with his parents and nephew passed quickly, too quickly. They talk a lot about school and volleyball. Sometimes Tooru was almost forgetting Wakatoshi presence, however the latter was always make sure to remind him. Soon the time to leave came and he said good-bye to his parents and Takeru. His mother thanks Wakatoshi for taking care of her Tooru. The former captain of Shiratorizawa laugh and replied it was more Oikawa who was taking care of him.

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