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[Fanfic] Bird of Prey, Last Chapter (second half)

Series: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Ushijima x Oikawa
Rating: Explicit


Not long after enrolling in University, Oikawa is trap in an abusive relationship with Ushijima, the former ace and captain of Shiratorizawa control everything Oikawa is doing. Will the former captain of Aoba Johsai be able to the get out from that unhealthy relation without losing his life?


As state in the summary, this fan fiction his about a possessive/abusive relationship between Ushijima and Oikawa. In this story, you will have scene of violence, physical and psychological, this also include rape scene. If you don’t feel comfortable reading this kind of story, I would suggest you to not go any further.


During all the time he was in the bathroom, Ushijima wait for Oikawa in front of the door, sitting on the floor, the back against the wall, like a guard dog. Tooru didn’t want to get out from there, it was still his sanctuary, he was still feeling safe in this room. But the sound Wakatoshi banging on the door startled Oikawa, he was ordering him to get out before he smashed the door. Oikawa slowly get out of the bathroom and headed to his room, he had to get ready to go school, but Wakatoshi told him he will not go to his classes for the rest of the week, they gonna stay home just to make sure Tooru understand who is the boss. Oikawa try to make him change his mind but he only answer he got was a slap across the face. “Go back in bed” ordered Wakatoshi “I’ll be back soon”. Wakatoshi got dressed and go out for about an hour, he came back with groceries and various other stuff like a rope a chain and a padlock, it look like he was about to sequester Oikawa inside the apartment. Seeing the scared look on Tooru’s face, Ushijima explain he will use that only if Oikawa disobey him again. If it ever happen again he will make sure Tooru never get out of the apartment ever again.

Oikawa look at him with fear in his eyes, he try to apologize, he promised to never do it again, but Wakatoshi wasn’t listening. “Go back in bed” he said to Oikawa with a cold tone, he added if Oikawa doesn’t obey now he will have to tie him to the bed. The former setter of Seijo walk back to his room, closed the door behind him and waited for Wakatoshi to come.

He didn’t have to wait for a long time, Wakatoshi came in the room a few minutes later and soon as he opened the door, he remove his t-shirt and walked toward Oikawa. The latter was shivering from fear, he knew Ushijima was still mad at him and he knew it will be a rough round. The former captain of Shiratorizawa get closer to him and spread out his legs, he took out his cock from his pants and positioned it to push it inside Oikawa’s butthole. Tooru knew he couldn’t resist, but he still wanted Wakatoshi wear a condom.

“Please you can do what you want, but please just put a condom” asked Oikawa with begging eyes

Wakatoshi looked at him, his eyes were black “No” and roughly push his dick inside Oikawa’s body

Oikawa screamed, once again Ushijima didn’t prepared him. It’s not because they had done it last night he didn’t needed to be prepared.

“USHIJIMA PLEASE NO!!!” yell Oikawa gripping the sheet under him. Each time he tried to push Wakatoshi away, the latter just thrusted harder in him. He felt like something was about to be tore apart inside him. No matter how much Tooru was asking him to stop, Ushijima just continue until he came, his cum was overflowing Oikawa butthole. Tooru was just hoping it will be the only one for today, after the two round of yesterday and today’s round, he wasn’t sure he body will be able to follow.

Wakatoshi pull out his cock and laid beside Oikawa, he put his arms over him to make sure he will not go anywhere. He woke-up three hours later and flip Tooru on his belly, Ushijima was up for another round, this time the former setter of Seijo, clenched his teeth and try to hold without screaming until Wakatoshi came. Once again, after coming, the former ace of Shiratorizawa, fell asleep next to his prey.

Oikawa couldn’t sleep, he didn’t want to, he was waiting for Wakatoshi to be deeply asleep, to be able to move out of the bed. He wanted to talk to Iwaizumi or Daichi, he needed to speak to them. He was scared to death, he was really afraid for his live and he needed to get out from there fast. Once he was sure Ushijima wouldn’t wake-up, he slowly crawl out of the bed, grabbed some cloth and get out from his room. He looked for his cell phone, that he found in Wakatoshi’s room. His feeling was right, the latter was checking his calls and texts log. He dialed his best friend phone number

“Oikawa…?” asked Iwaizumi when he picked up the phone

“Iwa…chan…I’m…I’m scared” replied Oikawa on the verge of crying again

“Don’t move, I’m coming with Daichi” said Iwaizumi

“F…fast! He… he is sleeping now b..but he c…can wake up any…anytime” quickly replied Oikawa with a shaking

“We will come as fast as we can, just hold on” assured Iwaizumi before hanging up to call Daichi.

Hajime didn’t had to ask the former captain of Karasuno to see if he could come, the latter agree immediately and he said he will bring more help with him. They agree to meet up in front of the Ushijima and Oikawa building apartment.

After hanging up with his friend, Oikawa headed for the bathroom, if he didn’t empty his body soon from all the cum, Wakatoshi had left in him he will have an upset stomach later. He didn’t know for how long he was in the bathroom when he hear the doorbell. It was probably Iwaizumi with Daichi. He got out of the water as after as he could, if the doorbell rang once again, it might wake-up Ushijima and it was the last thing he wanted.

He get to the door and was about to unlock it when he heard noise being him

“Where are you going Oikawa?”

Wakatoshi was awake, he was awake and ready to kill. Oikawa fell on his knees and pressed his back against the door shivering while looking at the menacing shadow of Ushijima getting close to him.

He grabbed Tooru by the collar and pushed him away from the door

The doorbell rang once again, it was now or never

“IWA-CHAN!!!!!” screamed Oikawa

A first kick on the door could be heard then a second, at the third kick The door of the apartment flew open breaking the doorknob, Wakatoshi didn’t had time to understand what was happening, Daichi and William was on him trying to control him. He was now on the floor yelling at Oikawa he will kill him. Meanwhile Iwaizumi was brought Oikawa outside the apartment in the hallway waiting for the police to come.

It was over of the proudful eagle, his claws were broken and the prey was running away. Soon his wings would be cut and he couldn’t hunt ever again.

They didn’t had to wait for a long time, soon as the police agents was there, Daichi and William let Ushijima but not before they were sure Tooru was safe and out of the reach of Wakatoshi.

Two police agents leave with Wakatoshi, while Oikawa left with the paramedic, he needed to get a physical examination.

His parents arrive to the hospital, his mother in tears couldn’t believe what was happening to her Tooru. The doctor came and explain there was no internal damage despite the repetitive assault, he suggest to Oikawa to consult a psychiatrist. Tooru’s parent warmly thanks the doctor before he left the room. Even if he was exhausted, he began to explain to his parent everything that happened, he was ashamed by himself and regret worrying them so much. His father took him in his arm and told him the important was that he was alive, the rest didn’t mattered. Not long after Iwaizumi, Daichi and William came in the room, Oikawa’s parent left to talk to the police.

“Iwa-chan….Daichi…Will…” slowly said Oikawa seeing his friend coming in the room “Thank…”

“Don’t worry about that Shittykawa” said Iwaizumi “Just make sure to get plenty of rest, what’s coming will not be easy either”

“I know…Iwa-chan” replied Oikawa looking at Daichi and William “How come he is with you “ pointing at his foreign classmate

“Oh!! We had a little talk this morning” answered Daichi and when Iwaizumi called him I thought of bringing him along”

“I knew you and Sawamura was in the volleyball team before, I heard about the so-called accident, I figure I could ask him, if you were okay, I was a bit worried after seeing how that guy was with you” added William

“Oh…Thanks” shyly said Oikawa

Oikawa’s parent came back to the hospital room with police agents, once again Tooru will have to tell the whole story, before the trio leave the room, one of the agent told tell they will have to speak to them later, therefore they will need their reaching contact.

After the police agents left, Oikawa rapidly felt asleep, it was probably the first time he was able to sleep without the fear of being assaulted during the night.

The next day, he was released from the hospital, he headed back to the apartment he was sharing with Wakatoshi with Iwaizumi, Mr and Mrs Oikawa already packed, nothing was left from Oikawa stuff but he still wanted to make sure nothing was forgotten.

While Iwaizumi was walking around the apartment, Oikawa looked by the window, and saw the same view he saw the first time he came to visit it. This day look so far yet so close. So many happened since then.

“Say Iwa-chan what do you think will happen to Ushijima?” asked Oikawa

“What do you wish it happen?” asked back Iwaizumi

“Hmmm, a part of me want him to go and suffer in jail but the other know it will be pointless, Ushijima need help and I doubt he will have the help he need in prison” pensively said Oikawa

“You don’t want his death?” question Iwaizumi

“NO!!!! Unlike him I’m a decent human being” quickly answered Oikawa

“Decent human being? “ repeated Iwaizumi after his friend

“IWA-CHAN you are so mean” complained Oikawa

Hajime smile “That’s the Shittykawa that I know”

Oikawa smile back at his friend, he was happy to have him by his side, him, Daichi and William. He owed so much to them, thanks to them he was now free and still alive.

Tooru was now ready to leave and let all the bad memories behind in this apartment, he knew he would never forget, even maybe apprehend the day Ushijima will get out, but he didn’t wanted to let that bad moment of his life ruin his future. He wanted to be able to walk looking up front and no in the back. He didn’t care about what the other could think, as long as he had his friend beside him, he knew ever would be okay.

He get out of the apartment, lock the door and left the key to the landlord. He knew he will never come back, he knew he will never see the eagle’s nest once again.

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