Introduction to K-Friday

If you read the round-up post from the week 51, you already knew I was planning to post more contents about k-music. For those who wonder, K-music is the term I use to describe South Korean music, not just k-pop but also K-rock and K-hiphop and other musical genre. I started by listening to kpop, but now I listen to other genre.

In the K-Friday post, I will talk about my latest discovery, the song I like the most and I want to share with you and new song coming out, but no review fan of South Korean music (mostly kpop) are really scary. Some post my be top list from some artist and might even slide some funny post.

I use to have run a k-blog (which I deleted and regret deleting) and I still have some drafts save on Google Docs, so if I can found the link and picture for the post, it will be published  during the K-Friday.

As you probably understand those post will not always be the same thing, but will always be related to k-music.

I shall begin next week, just not sure of which subject I will talk about.

See you next time!!

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