Monday in Music – Shalala ☆ Goes On

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Artist: Kise Ryouta (C.V: Kimura Ryouhei )
Type: Character Song

This song can be found on the Character Song SOLO SERIES Vol.3, the album (more mini album) feature Kise voice actor Kimura Ryouhei.

This pop/rock song definitely sound like Kise, it and upbeat track that really fit his personality. The beat of the song just make me happy and it’s probably my favorite character song from Kise.

People who watched the series, knows how Kise can be heat up during a match and the lyric pretty much make reference to that. Under that bubbly personality hide a fierce opponent.

First I had to look up that the meaning of “Sha-la-la” (sorry my french brain didn’t knew that expression) and from the three definition I found only one seems to fit the song: “A vocal outburst of joy knowing you accomplished excellence”

Work up a sweat and go recklessly with a Shalala, now is the time to get stronger
It should be frustrating, yet I’m getting heated up, I’m always on the search for amazing people
No matter what wall is blocking me, I’ll show you I can overcome it all

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