[Doujinshi] 13 Centimeters & Kizuato Spectrum

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Midorima x Takao (side pairing: Hayama x Miyaji)
Genre: Drama, Shounen Ai
Circle: Sashikizu/Gusari


To be honest I can summaries you this one without spoiling you so I will just hope you will want to read it after reading my post.

After sharing with you a lot of Haikyuu!! doujinshi, I thought it would be nice to change the series, so I decide to go with an other sport anime series, Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko’s Basket) and of course I start that with my favorite pairing, my top OTP Midorima x Takao /Takao x Midorima. There is a lot of doujinshi with that pairing, a lot but I really wanted to share with you my favorite, even if it’s probably the only one that made me cry. The ending really crush my heart.

Here I should normally talk about how the story goes, but as I said in the summary, I will spoil you the ending and since I really want you to read it, cause despite the fact it have a sad ending, it’s still a really cute story and I really want you to read it.

To read the doujinshi, click here.

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