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[FanFic] Teiko’s Day: Yellow Week

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kise x Kuroko
Rating: Explicit


  • The member of the Harem are called Pets
  • The Pets have to call their owner (Kuroko) either Master or Kuroko-sama
  • The playtime the Pets are passing with the owner last for a week
  • Each Pets have their own weeks, the Red Week, the Yellow Weeks, the Green Weeks, the Blue Weeks and lastly the Purple Weeks
  • The weeks order never change
  • The owner have the right to ignore the Pets of it’ not the good weeks.
  • The Pets can’t complained about the owner, if a Pets is caught complaining he might be punished when his turn come.
  • Two or more Pets can’t be in the same room if the owner is there
  • The only time the rules are not effective is during school or club activities
  • The MOST IMPORTANT : Having sex with the owner at school, trying to convince him to have sex at school and try to force him to have sex even if the owner does not feel like it is FORBIDDEN, any pets breaking this rules will be expels  from the Harem.

Unwritten rules that all the Pets agree with: If the Master ask or proposed something, the Pets have to answer “Your wishes are my command”




A young blond man was running toward his Master who was talking to the team captain Akashi Seijuro. He passed his arms around Kuroko shoulders and rest his chin on his head.

“Maaaasssterrrrr” he whined

“What is it Kise-kun?” asked Tetsuya

“I missed you” replied Kise Ryota the number 8 of Teiko basketball team.

“But we saw each other during the lunch break” said his small Master.

“I know….” mumbled Kise

Kise was still resting his head on Kuroko’s head clinging a bit more on him when someone call him

“Kise!! One-on-one with me?” asked a tall tanned man with dark blue hair

Kise looked at the teammate who was calling him not sure if we wanted to let go of Kuroko. Knowing Kise was torn between the desire of staying with his Master and the will of playing a one-on-one with the team’s ace, Tetsuya looked at him and smile.

“You can go Kise-kun, you rarely get the invitation from him” he said to the blond young man

“But…I also wanted to stay with Kurokocchi-sama” replied Kise

“I’m not going anywhere, I’m staying here watching you having fun” said the icy-blue haired young man

Sparkle appear in Kise eyes along with a smile on his lips

“Okay!!” he said before leaving a kiss on his Master’s forehead

Kise let go Kuroko and run toward Aomine who was still waiting for him

“Remind me of a cute little puppy” commented Kuroko watching Kise running “Perhaps we could use it as team mascot” he added looking at Akashi.

Akashi chuckle “The Master his right” he said

After the practice, Kuroko and Kise headed for Kise’s house, it was his week, the Yellow Week, and he wanted to pass as much time as possible with his Master, thus he invited him to his home. Both of his parent was still at work and he knew they will come back late, probably eating on their way home.

Once inside the house, Kise proposed to his Master to comfortably wait for him in his room while he was preparing some snack. The Master agreed to his pets demand and took the direction of his room. The young blonde man came in with tea and little cake. Kuroko was waiting for him sitting on the bed with a magazine in the hands. It was featuring the latest photoshoot Ryouta did. When he saw the magazine that his Master was holding he blush thinking about the picture that was inside. It was a summer theme photo-shoot and on most of the picture Ryota chest was exposed.

“Really nice picture Kise-kun” said Kuroko noticing Kise embarrassed expression

“Kurokocchi-sama really think they are nice picture? “ asked Kise happy to hear his Master praising his work

“Of course, everything my lovely Pets does is nice” replied Kuroko with a smile

Happy, Kise sat on the floor, between Kuroko open leg the back against his bed. Once in a while he was giving a little cake to his Master and his cup of tea. Once the snack were done, Kise brought back to the kitchen the empty plate and the cup. Before leaving the room, Kuroko tell him to bring back water bottles. Kise immediately knew the meaning of this. Each time Kuroko asked to have water bottles in the room mean they will have sex.

“Your wishes are my command” said Kise who was trying to hide his happiness.

Kise came back with the water bottles and deposed them on his dresser before sitting once again on the floor between Kuroko’s legs. The latter didn’t have the magazine in the hand anymore and was playing in the golden-blond hair of his pets like if he was petting his dog.

Kise lift his head to look at Kuroko in the eyes, big round and blue eyes. He was waiting for his Master to allow the kiss, the touch. He didn’t want to rush him this time he wanted to take his time and show he could control himself. Ryouta was staring at Tetsuya when the latter lean the forward to depose a soft and gentle kiss on the blonde young man forehead. He then smile

“You are a good boy today Kise-kun” he said looking at the golden eyes in front of him

“Really?” asked Kise happy of the compliments

“Yes and the good boy gonna have a good reward, come here” said Kuroko before leaving a kiss on Ryouta’s lips

Tetsuya could read the excitement on Ryouta’s face. Teiko number 8 quickly get up and push his Master on the bed like a dog would jump on his owner after not seeing him for a long period. Kuroko smile, he could easily imagine the floppy dog ears and the wagging tail on Ryota. The Master caressed his pets cheek while he was leaning forward to kiss the soft lips of his Master.

It started as little peck and gradually the kiss became more passionate, their tongue was tangled. Kuroko had to push Kise back a bit saying he couldn’t breath, Ryouta then proceed to kiss his neck Master, slowly going down, unbuttoning his Master’s shirt. He stopped at the pink and hard nipples, played with them, kissed and licked them. Kuroko was shivering each time Ryouta’s tongue was touching his skin.

“Hmmm Kise…-kun…more” moaned the icy-blue haired young man.

“Your wishes are my command “ replied Kise

Ryota continue going lower on Tetsuya’s body kissing every inches of his fair skin. Kise proceed to undoing Kuroko school pants and slowly pull them down, kissing his Master’s inner thighs. Tetsuya passed his hand into Kise’s hair arching his back when Kise began to suck on his balls through his underwear fabric.

“Kiiissseee – kuuuunn” moaned Kuroko louder. A strike of pleasure radiate through his body.

Kise gently remove the soaked underwear and began sucking on the already hard cock in front of him. He lift Kuroko hips a bit, to have access at the little pinky hole that was waiting to be prepared. Kise insert a finger then a second one each time he was moving his finger inside Kuroko, the latter was arching his back a bit more, grabbing Kise’s head more firmly.

“Kise-kun…can’t wait anymore…put it in” slowly ask Kuroko

“Your wishes are my command” quickly replied Kise, spreading Kuroko legs a bit more to kneel between them.

He lifted his Master’s hips a bit more spit in his hand and rubbed his saliva on his own hard dick to make it more slippery. He then pressed it against Tetsuya hole until he is completely inside him.

The inside of Kuroko’s body was warm, Kise was delight. He just loved making one with his Master. He felt love and wanted.

Slowly Ryouta started moving, thrusting into Kuroko and then he gradually get faster. Faster he was going deeper he was. Kuroko moans turn into scream which was soon joined by Kise’s scream. They were both calling each other name. One asking for more the other stating how much he loved his Master.

Kise leaned forward and pass his arm around Kuroko’s waist to place him on top of him. Tetsuya and Ryouta was moving in synchronization, the icy-blue haired young man was feeling the cock of the Teiko number 8 rubbing deep down inside him. Tetsuya passed his arm around Kise’s neck, pressing his body against Ryouta’s body, whispering into his ear that he wanted more of him. Kise thrusted faster in Kuroko, making him scream even louder. He felt Kuroko placing his hand on his back, the small Master tried to not plant his nail into the skin, but faster Kise was going, harder Tetsuya was pressing.

“KI-SE-KUN!!! GIVE ME MORE!!!! Was the only thing Ryouta could heard.

Kise tip over Kuroko and go harder on him and leaned forward placing his hands sides Kuroko’s head. The latter’s hand was still pressing on Ryouta’s back

“KU-RO-KO-CCHI-SA-MA!!!!” scream Kise

Both were on the verge of coming.

Tetsuya felt Kise’s cock growing inside him, the hole became tighter. Kuroko’s finally plant his finger and nails in Kise’s back, scratching his skin and let out a long and loud scream. Soon after, he felt Kise coming inside him. Ryouta removed his dick from inside Kuroko and fell on him, resting his hand on his Master chest hugging him. The small Master look at his Pets and deposed a kiss on his forehead

“You were a good boy today Kise-kun” gently said Kuroko

“Really? The Master Kurokocchi-sama like it?” asked the blond young man

“Yes, I really liked it” replied Tetsuya with a smile.

They stayed like that hugging each other until Kuroko start to move. He needed to washed himself before going home and Kise was happy to help him. The pair get out of the bed and Kise followed Kuroko like a cute little puppy going after his owner. After the bath, Kuroko put back his cause and wish good night to Kise with a soft kiss on the lips.

“Let’s see if you still be a good boy tomorrow” said Kuroko before passing the door and closing it behind him.


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