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[FanFic] Teiko’s Days, Red Week

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Akashi x Kuroko
Rating: Explicit (RT18+)


Harem Rules

  • The member of the Harem are called Pets
  • The Pets have to call their owner (Kuroko) either Master or Kuroko-sama
  • The playtime the Pets are passing with the owner last for a week
  • Each Pets have their own weeks, the Red Week, the Yellow Weeks, the Green Weeks, the Blue Weeks and lastly the Purple Weeks
  • The weeks order never change
  • The owner have the right to ignore the Pets of it’ not the good weeks.
  • The Pets can’t complained about the owner, if a Pets is caught complaining he might be punished when his turn come.
  • Two or more Pets can’t be in the same room if the owner is there
  • The only time the rules are not effective is during school or club activities
  • The MOST IMPORTANT : Having sex with the owner at school, trying to convince him to have sex at school and try to force him to have sex even if the owner does not feel like it is FORBIDDEN, any pets breaking this rules will be expels  from the Harem.

Unwritten rules that all the Pets agree with: If the Master ask or proposed something, the Pets have to answer “Your wishes are my command”



Teiko Junior High, located in Tokyo, the junior high school was known for his talented basketball team, the Generation of Miracles. In the hallway of the school was walking a young fourteen man with icy-blue hair and big round blue eyes. His name, Kuroko Tetsuya. Kuroko was also part of the basketball team, but he wasn’t part of the Generation of Miracles, on the court he was only a shadow, changing the direction of the ball. However, out of the court he had a much important role, he was the master of a little circle of man. If for most of the student, the Generation of Miracles was a talented team of basketball, to Kuroko these five skilled young man as his harem.

The small number 15 of Teiko was walking in the hallway of the school, the nose in his book without really looking where he was going. No one was paying attention to him, his lack of presence made him almost impossible to notice, but people was still clearing the way in front of him like move by an unknown force.

Tetsuya turned the corner and continue walking until he stopped in front of a close door that he slide, without knocking. Two students were in the room a red near dark pink haired young man was sitting on the ground with a shogi board in front of him. Facing him a tall green haired four – eyes was trying to figure out his next move. The red-haired boy lift his head and saw Kuroko slowly approaching the nose still in the book,

“Master!” He said to Tetsuya

Tetsuya stop reading his book, look at the young man who just call his name and smile,


The green-haired young man seems surprise by the presence of Kuroko,

“Mas…Master” stuttered the young man

But Kuroko didn’t even look at him, like if he was invisible.

Tetsuya walked toward the red-haired young man and sit on his laps and turn back his attention to his book. The four – eyes young man look at Akashi,

“Red Week?” he asked

“Yes Midorima-kun, it is the Red Week” replied Akashi Seijurou

“I’ll take my leave then” said Midorima Shintarou getting up. “It’s really a shame, I would have won this game” he complained leaving the room and closing the door behind him.

“Was it the wind I just heard?” asked Kuroko

“Yes, Master it was only the wind” slowly replied Akashi with a smile.

Seijurou couldn’t tell Tetsuya that Midorima complained, if he had done it, the green-haired young man would have be punished once the Green week come. It was one of the rules of the Harem, they couldn’t complain about the Master.

While Kuroko was finishing reading the pages, Akashi was kissing him on the nape, sometimes licking the soft and pale skin. He knew he couldn’t go further than that. It was the most important rules of the Harem, no sex at school. While himself never really had trouble with that, for other it was something else. He knew the Yellow and Blue weeks were always the most difficult for Kuroko. Making sure Kise and Aomine never cross the line at school was a full-time work.

Tetsuya lift his nose from the book and look at the shogi board,

“Were you playing before I came in?” looking at the board

“Yes I was playing, but it wasn’t an important game, thus it doesn’t matter, Kuroko-sama.” replied Akashi

“Where you playing alone? I didn’t notice anyone when I came into the room” asked Tetsuya

Akashi smile “the other pets are really invisible to him if it’s not the right week” he thought . Kuroko was looking at him with his big blue eyes waiting for an answer. “I was playing alone answered Seijurou, leaving a kiss on Kuroko’s forehead.

The pair continue cuddling until the bell marking the end of the lunch time rang. Both get up and Akashi accompanied Tetsuya to his classroom.

After class, was the club practice. Seijurou gave some side look to Kuroko while he was changing, wondering when he would be allowed to touch, caress, kiss this fair pale skin more. It was his week, so only him would be allowed to touch their Master. Maybe the small number 15 will invite him to his home after the practice. When the other start to arrive in the changing room, Akashi and Kuroko left for the gym.

The gym was a neutral area where the Harem rules wasn’t taken into account. During the practice, Kuroko wasn’t the master anymore even if his pets was still treating him like it. He noticed the other around, Akashi wasn’t the only one he was seeing. During the practice the rules didn’t have be followed, it would have interfere with the game. Thus Kuroko allowed the rules breaking only during the practice or school activities. The pets could even complain about the Master, but at their own risk. Even if Tetsuya was allowing it, it didn’t mean they will not be punished later.

After the practice, Akashi left the school with his Master. The red-haired young man was carrying their bag while the small icy-blue haired boy was walking next to him looking at everything around them. When the time to go on their separate way, Tetsuya hold back Akashi and ask him if he wanted to go to his home, he needed his help to study. Akashi looked at his Master, smile and caress the pale cheek “Your wishes are my command” he said with a smile. Kuroko smile back at him, kiss the hand that was caressing his cheek and the pair took the direction of Kuroko’s home.

No one where at home, his parent at left for the night of to see his grand-parent. Therefore they were alone. Akashi was wondering if they will really be studying. It was the first time Kuroko invited one of his pets on the first days of the week. Maybe he needed so more attention. Last week, it was the purple weeks, and they all knew how Murasakibara was afraid to hurt their small Master.

Tetsuya proposed to go in his room but before he asked Akashi to grab some water bottle in the fridge. “Water bottle…” he thought “guess we will be studying human anatomy today” a smirk appear on his face to the thought of having sex with his Master the first day.

After grabbing the water bottles, Akashi followed Kuroko in his room. The red-haired young man close the door behind him.

Kuroko looked at him, with a certain desire in the eyes,

“Undress me” he said

“Your wishes are my command” replied Akashi getting close to Tetsuya, unbuttoning his shirt.

Akashi was slowly undressing his Master, caressing, kissing his soft skin in the same time. He wanted to pin him on the bed, but he knew he had to hold back, he knew if he rushed him the Master might back off and send him home.

Akashi was slowly going down, unbuttoning his Master’s shirt, undoing his belt, completely undressing him, the only thing that was still covering his small Master’s body was his underwear. Seijurou passed his arm around the small waist, bringing Kuroko closer to him, pressing his body against his. The red-haired young man pass his hand between the elastic of the underwear and the soft skin of his Master, grabbing his ass, kissing his neck line.

“Master…” whispered Akashi in Kuroko’s ear “I don’t think I would be able to hold back much longer” he added

He felt Kuroko smiling “It’s okay Akashi-kun, I want you to take me now” he replied

Akashi eyes widen, look into Kuroko’s eyes and slowly pushed him toward the bed. Tetsuya dropped his underwear on the floor before sitting on the edge of his bed. Spread his leg wide enough to let Akashi kneeling between them.

Akashi took the icy-blue haired young man cock between his hand and start stroking it with an up and down motion. He felt it become harder in his hand, he was about to put it in his mouth to suck on it, when Tetsuya stopped him,

“ No, let me to your instead” said Kuroko with a hungry look in his eyes.

“Are you sure…Master” asked Akashi. Normally it was always him who was giving a head to Kuroko and he was taken aback by what his Master just said

“I am, now be a good boy and sit on the bed” replied Akashi’s master

“Your wishes are my command” said Akashi sitting on the bed

Kuroko was now kneeling between Akashi leg, busy to suck on the already hard dick in front of him. Akashi liked what he was seeing and what he was feeling. He never thought his Master will be that good at it. He start to wondering if one of the other actually taught him how to do “Probably Kise or Aomine” he thought, in fact it didn’t really mattered Kuroko was good at it and Akashi soon started moaning. While Kuroko was sucking on his cock, Akashi wanted to touch him more

“Kuroko-sama…” slowly said Akashi between two moan of pleasure

Tetsuya stopped looked at his pets waiting for him to continue what he was about to say

“I want to touch you more” he said before adding “ I can still make the Master feel good while he is making feel good”

“Like a 69?” asked Kuroko

“Yes…” he paused “like a 69 “ replied the red-haired young man

Kuroko get on top of Seijurou and continue what he was doing before, in the same time, Akashi began to suck on the harden dick in front of him. He slowly start to lick it, passing his tongue under the foreskin. Tetsuya was little out cute little moan, it was like music to his pets of the week ears. Akashi finally put all the member in his mouth, sucking on it pressing his lips against it. Kuroko and him was going at the same pace, same rhythms.Slowly he directed one of his hand toward Kuroko ass, then he insert one of his finger in the little pinky hole.

Soon as he felt one of his pets finger penetrating him, Kuroko let out a scream of surprise, but said nothing, Akashi knew what he was doing, he knew how to prepare his master to receive him without hurting him. After a few minutes Akashi added a second fingers and then a last one while continuing sucking on his Master dick.

Not long after he felt the last finger in his ass, Kuroko turn his head toward Akashi

“Akashi-kun I’m ready to receive you, I want more than your fingers” he said to the red-haired young man who was still laying on his bed

“Your wishes are my command” replied Seijurou

“But I still want to be on top” said Kuroko positioning his hips above the hard cock of Akashi

Slowly Kuroko was lowering his hips, hold Akashi dick in one of his hand. I gently made the top pass and then continue to go down until he felt Seijurou dick all inside him. Kuroko stop moving the time he get use to have the virile part of the red-haired young man in him.

It was one of the sexiest view Akashi ever had and he secretly wished to be the only one to see that.

Once Tetsuya was comfortable, he began to move slowly move his hips in a circular motion, looking at Akashi with eyes that was begging for him to start moving, which Seijurou did right away. Kuroko lean a bit forward and put his hand on Akashi chest when the latter grabbed his hips to take control of the movement.

Kuroko cute little moan rapidly turn into scream, the pleasure was filling his body and mind and he didn’t want it to stop. This pet knew how to please him, how to take him.

The icy-blue-haired young man lean even more forward pass his arm around Akashi neck while he was thrusting in him. He was feeling Seijurou cock hitting deep down in him and it was driving him crazy. He was close to come but he wanted to hold back a bit more longer, he wanted to make Seijuro come before him. He started to tighten his hole around the red-haired’s dick. More he tried to tighten, more Akashi voice was loud. He was calling Kuroko’s name, he was saying he could wait any longer that he will have to come soon.

“Akashi…-kun, you….you can…come in…me…any…time”said Kuroko panting in Akashi ear. “I…I want…you…you to… with …every…thing you have…” he added out of breath

“Your wishes are my command” said Akashi before letting out a scream in the same times he was filling Kuroko ass with his semen.

Soon as he felt Akashi’s cock growing bigger in him, Kuroko knew the latter was close to come, he knew he just have to wait a bit longer. He heard Akashi scream while he was coming and this scream was followed by Kuroko’s scream. The small master then felt on the mattress next to the red-haired young man. He was about to fell asleep, like he always do when Seijurou kissed him on the forehead

“Kuroko-sama, we should wash ourselves before you fell asleep. You might have an upset stomach later” he softly said

Kuroko looked at him and smile “You are right”

The pair get up from the bed, Akashi helped his Master to walk to the bathroom.

Akashi help to clean every little part of Kuroko trying to not provoking any lewd reaction, which he managed to do. They then get into the bathtub and Tetsuya lean his back against Akashi chest and closed his eyes savouring the moment. Once again, Seijurou had to make sure Kuroko doesn’t felt asleep. Once he thought his small Master was relaxed enough, he made him going out of the bathroom and help him to dress for the night.

“I’ll take my leave Master” said Akashi “I’ll see Kuroko-sama tomorrow at school

“Yes Akashi-kun, I will see you at school tomorrow” replied Kuroko while leaving a gentle goodbye kiss on Akashi’s cheek.

The red-haired young man, left the house, slowly walk in direction of the bus stop. The moon already start its ascension in the night sky and the stars started to appear.

Akashi smile looking at the sky “This week started pretty well” he thought “I’m looking forward the rest of the week”


>>> Next, Yellow Week

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