[K-Friday] September 2017 Released

Each month different group and soloist from the k-music are making a come back, sometimes only a few are having are coming back with new material, other times you can have at least ten different group and or soloist having their come back during the same month.

In this post I will just pick the four come back I enjoyed the most

Shin Hyesung

Shinhwa “Little Prince”, Shin Hyesung, made a solo on the 5th with his 10th Album “Serenity”. The album contain six track and the lead title is “Still There”


The seven-member boys group never made their comeback on the 18th with their 5th mini-album “Love Yourself: Her” which include the lead title “DNA”


After more than two years the five-member boy group made their comeback with their 6th mini-album “Rollin’” on the 25th with the title track “Rollin’


Discharged from his mandatory military service in April 2017, U-Know (Yunho) the second half of TVXQ made his comeback with SM Station with the single “Drop”

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