[Doujinshi] Kiss the Damage – 18+

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing : Kuroko x Kagami ( you read write, it’s not a mistake)
Genre: Explicit (NSFW /RT18+)
Circle: archea


Kuroko confess his love to Kagami, the latter doesn’t know what to do thus decide to avoid him for a while until Kuroko cornered him.


I read a lot of doujinshi, A LOT but it’s one of the first Kuroko x Kagami I found, I have to say I’m not really surprised since Kagami is often described as cute and innocent. I quite enjoy it plus there is guest art and short story at the end.

to read the full story click here

3 responses to “[Doujinshi] Kiss the Damage – 18+

    • Lol I read all the KnB, Haikyuu, Psycho-Pass, Touken Ranbu, Dragon Ball, Tokyo Ghoul, My Hero Academia, Free! and Yuri on Ice available on that website in english oh and the Seraph of the End one too. Now it’s time to share 😆

      Hmm my favorite KnB nsfw not too sure which one it would be, but Shounen -ai it’s the one I shared last week “13 centimeters” the pairing is MidoTaka. It never fail to make me cry 😢


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