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[FanFic] Teiko’s Days: Green Week

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Midorima x Kuroko
Rating: Explicit, RT – 18+


Harem Rules

  • The member of the Harem are called Pets
  • The Pets have to call their owner (Kuroko) either Master or Kuroko-sama
  • The playtime the Pets are passing with the owner last for a week
  • Each Pets have their own weeks, the Red Week, the Yellow Weeks, the Green Weeks, the Blue Weeks and lastly the Purple Weeks
  • The weeks order never change
  • The owner have the right to ignore the Pets of it’ not the good weeks.
  • The Pets can’t complained about the owner, if a Pets is caught complaining he might be punished when his turn come.
  • Two or more Pets can’t be in the same room if the owner is there
  • The only time the rules are not effective is during school or club activities
  • The MOST IMPORTANT : Having sex with the owner at school, trying to convince him to have sex at school and try to force him to have sex even if the owner does not feel like it is FORBIDDEN, any pets breaking this rules will be expels  from the Harem.

Unwritten rules that all the Pets agree with: If the Master ask or proposed something, the Pets have to answer “Your wishes are my command”



The school had just finished and everyone was heading to their respective club. Everyone except and small young man with icy-blue hair and a tall one with green hair.

During the lunch break, Kuroko almost completely ignored his pets of the week, even if he was sitting on his lap. Midorima try for a countless time to make his Master react, but nothing. He knew his Master was mad at him but he didn’t knew why. He ask but the only answer he got in return was “I’ll tell you after school” the word was kind of cold and he began to scare for his position in the Harem. He tried to remember if he broke any rules but couldn’t recall anything of this sort. “Why is he mad” he thought for himself while Kuroko was still sitting on his laps the nose in is history book.

After school, Midorima meet with his master just outside the changing room. When Teiko’s number 15 appear, Shintarou looked at him with some apprehension in the eyes

“Wait here” He said without even looking at him.

Midorima had no other choice to agree even if the stubborn side of him was telling him to follow Kuroko the other side of the door. He heard him telling to Akashi that he wasn’t feeling well and Midorima propose to accompany him to home. Akashi knew it wasn’t the truth but said nothing against it. Once Kuroko had finished talking to the team captain. Kuroko get out of the changing room and asked to Midorima to follow him. But the tall green-haired man didn’t move

“Midorima-kun?” asked Kuroko

“What a nonsense! Why can we talk about it after practice? Replied Teiko’s shooting guard

“Midorima-kun…are you still complaining?” asked Kuroko with a certain annoyance

“Complaining…” said Shintarou like if he was realizing something

Midorima expression suddenly change, understanding what was wrong. It happen during the Red Week he complained that he couldn’t finished a game against Akashi, a game he could have won. But the team captain assured him he convince their Master that he only heard the wind. “Guess he really heard me after all” thought Shintarou.

Knowing it was his mistake, knowing it actually broke one of the Harem rules, he followed Kuroko without asking more question, even if a part of him was still thinking that was stupid and it could have wait after the practice.

The two of them took the direction of Kuroko’s home. They walked in silence, Kuroko had decided to ignore him until Midorima was punished for breaking the rules. When they arrived, Tetsuya unlocked the door and let his green-haired pets in and locked behind him.

“Thank you for having me” slowly said Midorima wondering what will happen to him.

“Remove your shoes and go wait for me in my room” coldly said Kuroko

“Your wishes are my command” replied Midorima taking the direction of Kuroko’s room

Teiko number 7 had to wait a few minutes before Kuroko joined him in his room with water bottles in his hands. Soon as I saw the bottle, Midorima left a bit relieve, he knew what was the meaning of it.

“Don’t place your hope too high” said Kuroko when he noticed Midorima relieve expression

“But..” Midorima was stopped by the look that Kuroko gave him.

He knew he should stop complaining about everything even if it didn’t make sense to him. More he was complaining more he risked to be kick out of the Harem which might even be result of being kick out of the team.

“Undress, but keep your underwear” ordered Tetsuya

“Your wishes are my command” replied Midorima removing his school uniform.

Once Midorima had finished to undress, Kuroko gave him a scarf and ask him to block his eyes with it. Midorima look at the soft fabric in his hand and did what his Master was asking. Kuroko took Shintarou glasses and put them on a dresser next to the door.

“Your wishes are my command” he slowly said

Once Midorima was blindfolded. Kuroko took his hand and guide him to the bed. He carefully make him laid down on the back and proceed to tie bed headboard Midorima’s hands.

“Kuroko-sama?”shyly asked Shintarou

“Quiet” harshly replied Kuroko while finishing tying up the hand of the shooter guard

Once he was done, Kuroko undress himself and get on top of Midorima

“That’s what you get by always complaining Midorima-kun, you will feel everything but you can’t touch unless you beg me” coldly said Tetsuya.

Midorima swallowed his saliva with difficulties and bitterly regrets this side of him that was always complaining. He was sensing his small Master moving on top of him but he couldn’t see what he was doing. He eventually felt his underwear being partially pulled down and a hand grab his cock. He then feeling the warm tongue of Kuroko, at least he was hoping it was his Master tongue, licking it. Tetsuya hands was stroking up and down the hard member, his lips was sucking on his balls

“Kuroko-sama” moaned Midorima

Kuroko was hearing Shintarou calling out his name, but he ignore it, continuing arousing Midorima desire.

More the small Teiko’s number 15 was sucking on the shooting guard cock, more Shintarou moan became louder. He knew Midorima sense was multiplied by the fact he was blindfolded, thus his green-haired pets might come soon if he continue going like that, therefore he stop what he was going and introduced his own finger inside him. Normally it would be Midorima who will do that, but the latter was tied and couldn’t to much.

When he insert his finger inside him, Kuroko let out a soft moan

“Kuroko-sama…? What is…What is happening Kuroko-sama” promptly asked Midorima

“Midorima-kun” said Kuroko with some difficulties “if you are not moaning or begging you should stay quiet”

“Your… wishes are my command…” said Shintarou

Once Kuroko thought he was ready to receive Midorima’s cock in him, he place himself above the hard member and slowly began to lower down his hips, pushing the dick inside him.

Shintarou first feel the warm of Kuroko’s inside and then the movement that was following. He wanted to grab him by the hips, to tip him over, to take control, but he couldn’t, if he wanted to do that, he would have to beg, which his prideful side will stopped him to do. He sensed Kuroko up and down movement, he heard his quick breathing.

Kuroko soon start to moan, Midorima wanted to see what was happening, what his Master was doing, he had the impression it was a sexy view he was missing on. More Kuroko was moving on top of him, more he wanted to see him, to feel his skin under his finger. He couldn’t take it anymore he had to see it!

“Kuroko-sama” said Shintarou between to moan that will soon become scream “please, I beg you untied my hand, let me see you, Kuroko-same I beg you, let me touch you”

Kuroko slowed down his pace

“Midorima-kun…” said Tetsuya out of breath “are you planning to complain again “he asked
“No!! I will not, I swear” Quickly replied Shintarou throwing out his pride.

“Well…” Kuroko leaned forward and Midorima felt the scarf being removed. His eyes needed some second to get used to the light, but he was quite pleased by what he was seeing in front of him. Kuroko was sitting on him fully naked, he couldn’t even see an inches of his own dick, which mean he was pretty deep inside Kuroko. Shintarou also noticed had hard seems to be Kuroko nipples “Did he play with him” he ask to himself “I really missed that” he thought hoping his Master will do it once again.

The icy-blue-haired young man, leaned forward once again but to untied his pet hand this time. Midorima could finally move freely and he start by caressing Kuroko’s body on top of him. His hand was pressing his hips then his ass. One hand move upward, stopping on the hard pinky nipples. Soon as Shintarou touch them, Tetsuya let out a cute moan. Even in dream Midorima never imagine that. Kuroko was so sensitive, probably because he had to pleasure himself before. Now that his green-haired pets was touching him, he feel the pleasure running through his nervous system.

“Midorima-kun” slowly said Kuroko “are you planning to start moving soon or I still have to do the work ?” he asked

He didn’t have to ask twice, the answer came quickly. Midorima sat up in the bed, grab Tetsuya ass and start thrusting in him.

“MIDORIMA-KUN!!” scream Kuroko hugging him by the neck

“Master…” whispered Shintarou

“Midorima-kun” said Tetsuya softly

Kuroko heard the green-haired young man scream his name was last time before coming. After that Midorima fell on his back, Tetsuya on top of him still moving.

“Master….” he mumbled

“You came before me, we either continue or I go in the bathroom finishing the job by myself, but you will not be allowed to look” said Tetsuya

“Kuroko-sama is cruel today” replied Midorima putting his hands on his Master hips

“Are you complaining Midorima-kun? “ asked Kuroko

“No… not at all Master…” replied Shintarou pulling his Master toward him to flip him over.

Before starting thrusting in him, Midorima make sure Kuroko was comfortable. The aroused expression on his Master face told him he was ready for more.

Tetsuya and Shintarou came together during this second round. Afterwards Midorima help his small icy-blue haired Master to clean himself.

Before leaving Kuroko’s house Midorima asked to his Master if it will happen again if he complained. Tetsuya looked at him with a smile

“Maybe” be said

“I should complain more then” replied Shintarou adjusting his glasses on his nose before heading to his home.


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