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[Fanfic] Serin’s Year: Tiger Years

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Rating: Explicit, RT – 18+


No more harem, no more rule, the only important thing for Kuroko now is the Tiger.



Kuroko was heading to the changing room, the practice was about to start and he needed to change quickly. He was now a High school students at Seirin’s High and he was a shadow member of the basketball school club. His Harem from his day at Teiko didn’t exist anymore in was shattered.

At first he feel angry and then sad for losing his dear Pets, but those Pets became selfish and arrogant he had to let them free. Maybe they will become themselves Master or just find a new Master. Who knows what could happen. Kuroko didn’t have his Harem of the hottest guy in Teiko Junior High, however he didn’t care, because now he had a Tiger for himself. A big kitty all for his own pleasure. And God knows how much pleasure the Tiger was giving to his Master.

Kuroko entered the changing room his cute Tiger was there waiting for him to come

“Kagami-kun!” said Tetsuya when he saw his new Pet

“Kuroko” replied Kagami when the icy-blue haired young man get into the changing room

Not more Harem which mean not more rules, Kagami could call Kuroko the way he wanted but even if they were now dating, Seirin’s ace still stubbornly called him by his last name. “Wonder how he will react if I began calling him by his first name” he thought “should try that when we will be alone later” thought Kuroko.

After the practice the couple headed for Majin Burger where they usually stop before going to Kagami’s apartment. Tetsuya got is usual vanilla shake while Taiga get a plate full a burger and an extra-large fries. One their way home, Kagami stopped in a convenience store where he bought two pack of water bottles and a boxe of condom. If there was some difference in his relationship with Kagami and the time with his Harem, was the use of condom which he merely use when Kuroko had his harem. But the Seirin’s ace didn’t want to make thing difficult for his boyfriend after having sex, thus he decide to wear a condom most of the time, unless it was Saturday, since they didn’t have to get up the next morning, they could go sleep later. That’s was something else that was different from his time with his harem, the number 11 of Seirin was often sleeping over at Kagami apartment, thing he never done with his Pets before and not often his former Master. Maybe it was a sign he truly loved Kagami and wanted to pass the rest of his life with him.

They finally get to Taiga apartment, while Kagami was putting away the water bottles in the fridge, Kuroko pass from his school uniform to more comfortable clothes, his boxer and one of Kagami t-shirt, which was too big for him, but he didn’t care, it was his boyfriend t-shirt and he felt good in it. He sat on the couch while Taiga was preparing some snack for him and a more consistent diner for Tetsuya. Kuroko wasn’t allowed in the kitchen, cause even if they were dating he was still scaring the shit out of Kagami time to time and it was dangerous, one of them could get hurt, or even both.

After eating, the pair cuddle up on the couch, watched TV, more like Tetsuya tried to watched TV while Taiga was nuzzling on his neck to have his attention

“Kagami-kun…” said Kuroko

“Hmmmm” replied Kagami who started to kiss his lover on the neck while sliding his hand in Tetsuya’s boxer

“Ka-ga-mi-kun” moaned the small number 11 “We should do that in the room” he added trying to control his mind and body. Each time Kagami large hand was caressing his skin, Tetsuya always had hard time to contain himself. He always wanted more.

“Hmmm o-kay” replied the red-haired young man, taking his lover in his arm to carry him to the bedroom.

Before laying down on the bed, Kuroko removed the few clothes that was covering him, while Taiga was undressing himself. Watching him getting naked, the icy-blue-haired young man realized how much he was lucky to have a man like him by his side. Kuroko look at Kagami who was taking position between the pale legs of his lover spread in front of him . He leaned forward, kissing leaving small peck on his neck.

Taiga started caressing Kuroko’s body, playing with his nipple

“Ka-ga-mi-kunnnn” moaned Kuroko when he felt his lover hand on his sex “hmmm mm more”

“Not planning to stop anytime soon” replied Taiga kissing his little lover.

Kagami passed his hand between Kuroko’s thighs to reach his hole. When Tetsuya felt one of Kagami finger in him, he arched his back letting out a little scream in the same time. Kagami knew how to touch him to drive him crazy. Taiga wasn’t in a hurry to slide his cock in him, it was Saturday and they didn’t had to wake-up early tomorrow. Kagami had plenty of time to play with his lover. He was wondering if he could make Kuroko come once before even putting it in.

“Ka-ga-mi-kun” moaned Kuroko a bit louder “are you planning to keep me waiting or you will put it in soon” he asked

“You want it that bad” replied Taiga with a smirk.

“Taiga please” begged Kuroko

“Oohhh, you are using my first name now, guess you really want it then” teased Kagami before spreading Kuroko ‘s legs a bit more. He lift his lover hips and slowly pushed his large cock inside. Kagami had already prepared him enough that his virile member slide in without any difficulties.

“Ta-i-ga!!!!” scream Kuroko when he felt the dick inside him

“You seems to be really sensitive today, my love” teased Kagami a bit more

“I-idiot, that’s because you played with me too  much before” replied Tetsuya

“Oh really” said Taiga with a smile, while he was slowly pulling in and out his cock from inside Kuroko’s body

“BAKAGAMI!!!” screamed Kuroko

“HAHAHA I get it I get it” said Taiga laughing

Kagami kissed Kuroko, place his hand on each side of his lover head and began to thrust in him with more vigor. Kuroko arched his back, grab the sheet under him, his scream were more frequent.

“TAIGA!!!” scream Kuroko, the pleasure was driving him crazy, his mind was about to go blank

When Kagami slide his dick in him, Kuroko was already on the verge to come but now he was trying his best to not come before Taiga, the latter teased him a lot and now it was payback time. If Kagami was coming before him, their sex game would have a second round.

Tetsuya tighten his hole around Kagami dick, clamping on him like if he wanted to squeeze out the juice.

“Ku-ro-ko” groaned Kagami before letting his out his cum

The small number 11 from Serin looked at his partner in games and life and smile

“Payback time” he said “Next time you should think twice before teasing me, now make sure we come in the same time” he added

“Hope you are ready then, not planning to hold back now” replied Taiga

Kuroko gave him this aroused look that only his lover could give him

“Seriously, Kuroko, you better never show this expression to anyone else than me” said Kagami who started to thrust faster

“KAGAMI-KUN!!!” screamed Tetsuya placing his hands on Taiga back

Taiga felt the nails scratching his skin, he knew Tetsuya was trying once again to hold back, however this time the red-haired young man was determined to make him come. He was making sure his cock was going the deeper it could go, messing-up his inside.

“KAGAMI!! KAG-A-MIIIIIII!!” shriek Tetsuya

While Tetsuya ass was getting tighter, Taiga cock was growing bigger, both was about the come. Kuroko squeeze the dick that was rubbing his inside a bit more, he wanted to feel it more. He pull Kagami closer to him, placing his arm around his neck and his leg around his waist, now he was feeling his lover cock going even deeper, touching the spot he like the most. He tighten a bit more.

“KAGAMI-KUN!!!!” he scream once last time before his sense left him.

At the very moment, Kagami heard Tetsuya coming, he filled his hole once again and then collapse on top of Kuroko. Both were trying to take back their breath, looking in the eyes of each other. The icy-blue-haired boy look at his boyfriend, brush up the few red hair that was sticking on his forehead and smile

“Say Taiga, do you think you can carry me in the bathroom?” he asked “I doubt I would be able to walk there by myself”

“Of course” replied Kagami getting off the bed before helping his sweet little lover to get to the bathroom.

After making sure they was all clean, with no more trace of sticky cum, both sat in the warm water of the bath. Kuroko was sitting between Kagami legs, his head resting on the muscular chest of his lover. He felt his heart beating under the skin and thought this heart was beating for him, because of him.

Kagami passed his arm around Tetsuya waist bring him closer, pressed his small frame against his strong body. He nuzzled up in his neck, smell the fresh scent of his hair. Taiga was savouring the moment. He was happy to hold his boyfriend in his arm with no one around to disturbed him. He left a little kiss on his neck, before pressing his lover body a bit more. Kuroko looked at him with his big blue eyes

“Something wrong Taiga?” asked Kuroko

“It’s feel really nice hearing you saying my first name” replied Kagami

“Oh…” said Kuroko before blushing and looking away

“Can I call you Tetsuya now?” asked Kagami leaving another kiss on Kuroko’s neck “After three months of dating maybe it’s time to call each other by our first name”

“Taiga….” said Kuroko

“Yes Tetsuya” replied Kuroko

Kuroko chuckle “Nothing, I was just getting used to call you by your first name. It never occur to me that we could do that, I’m so used to call everyone by their last name”

Kuroko sense Kagami was smiling, he rested his head on Tetsuya’s head before saying “As long as I’m the only one you call by his first name, everything will be okay”

Kuroko let out a cute little laugh that make Kagami heart flutter “Okay, you are the only one I will call by his first name”

“Good, cause you are the only one that I will call by his first name” replied Kagami turning Kuroko head toward him to kiss his soft lips

“Not even Himuro-senpai” inquire Kuroko

“Nope not even him” answered Kagami kissing him again

The couple stayed in the bathtub until the water get cold, they both get back to the room where they change the sheet and slide under the fresh one. They cuddle up, in the middle of the bed and fell asleep in each other arms.

Around 1am, Kuroko woke-up and get up to go to the bathroom, on his way back to the room, he stopped by the window and look at the moon which was high in the sky. He was thinking about the Harem he used to have, harem that was shattered, but he didn’t care, not the only thing that mattered to him was the tall red-haired young man who was still sleeping in the room behind him. He didn’t need his harem anymore now that he founded love and he knew all the love he would give to Kagami, Kagami will give him back and even more. Tetsuya smile at the moon and walk back to the room. He got in the bed and pressed his small body against the warm body of Taiga, the latter pass his arm around the shoulders of his boyfriend and Kuroko fell back to sleep. He didn’t have to care anymore about if he treated his Pets equally, now he have only one and it was the most important he will ever have.


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