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[Fanfic] Teiko’s Days: Purple Week

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Murasakibara x Kuroko
Rating: Explicit, RT-18+


Harem Rules

  • The member of the Harem are called Pets
  • The Pets have to call their owner (Kuroko) either Master or Kuroko-sama
  • The playtime the Pets are passing with the owner last for a week
  • Each Pets have their own weeks, the Red Week, the Yellow Weeks, the Green Weeks, the Blue Weeks and lastly the Purple Weeks
  • The weeks order never change
  • The owner have the right to ignore the Pets of it’ not the good weeks.
  • The Pets can’t complained about the owner, if a Pets is caught complaining he might be punished when his turn come.
  • Two or more Pets can’t be in the same room if the owner is there
  • The only time the rules are not effective is during school or club activities
  • The MOST IMPORTANT : Having sex with the owner at school, trying to convince him to have sex at school and try to force him to have sex even if the owner does not feel like it is FORBIDDEN, any pets breaking this rules will be expels  from the Harem.

Unwritten rules that all the Pets agree with: If the Master ask or proposed something, the Pets have to answer “Your wishes are my command”



It was lunch time and everyone was eating with their friend either in the cafeteria or the classroom, everyone except a small icy-blue haired young man who was going around the school looking for his Pet. It was the middle of the Purple week and once again Kuroko at to look for Murasakibara. Normally we would had found him in the cafeteria with the other member of the Harem but since the beginning of the week Atsushi changed location each day and Tetsuya had to look everywhere to find him.

This time he find him hiding behind the school

“Murasakibara-kun, finally I found you” he said after finding him

“Kuro-chin-sama” said the tall Teiko center

“I bring you something that I bought yesterday, but now I wonder if you really deserve it” said Tetsuya showing a bag of candy

Murasakibara eyes started to sparkle when he saw the bag that was holding Kuroko

“It a new flavor and I thought you would like to try it” explain Tetsuya

Murasakibara spread his arm to reach the candy bag but Kuroko hide it right away behind his back.

“No!! Murasakibara-kun” calmly said Kuroko “if you want them you need to be a good boy”

“Master Kurochin-sama is mean” mumbled Murasakibara

“Are you complaining? Asked the icy-blue haired young man

“Noooo” quickly replied Atsushi shameful looking at his feet

“Good” said Kuroko with a little smile before adding “Really feel like having a vanilla shake after the practice, wanna come with me?”

“Your wishes are my command” replied Murasakibara still looking at his feet

Kuroko put his hand on Atsushi head and stroke his purple hair before leaving a kiss on his forehead

“The bell will ring soon, we should go back” said Kuroko still stroking Teiko’s center hair.

After school Kuroko and Murasakibara headed to Majin Burger where Tetsuya had his Vanilla. Atsushi took nothing to Kuroko surprise. He was too nervous to eat anything. He knew something was coming, he knew his Master had something on his mind otherwise he would have not tease him with candies.

After Kuroko had finished his shake the duo headed to Murasakibara home which was closer.

When they arrived to the tall young man, Murasakibara clumsily opened the door, dropping his keys twice. Once inside they removed their shoes. Before heading to Atsushi room, the purple-haired young man stop by the kitchen to take water bottles. In the room, Kuroko start to strip slowly aware of Murasakibara nervousness.

“You should get undress too” he said to Atsushi who was now sitting on his bed, his knee close to his chest.

“Okay” replied Murasakibara starting to undress too.

Both young men was now completely naked on the bed. Kuroko was sitting on Murasakibara lap while the latter was stroking his cock. Kuroko felt the huge dick of Atsushi getting hard under him. Kuroko moved away from his Pet lap and presented him his ass. Teiko’s center inserted one of his finger inside his Master hole and added a second one a few minutes later to finish with a third one. While one of Murasakibara large hand was playing with his ass, the other was stroking his cock. Kuroko began to let out almost silent moan. Faster Atsushi was moving his hand louder Tetsuya moans became.

Atsushi could have continued like this until Kuroko came, but his Master had something else in mind. He eventually make Murasakibara stop and get closer to him. Once again he sit on Murasakibara and started kissing him on the neck, biting his ear in the same time

“You know Murasakibara-kun, your fingers alone doesn’t suffice anymore. I will need more from you, if you really want to please me” whispered Kuroko to Atsushi ear

“B-b-but Master” stuttered the purple-haired young man “I I mi-might hurt you” he added looking at his Master with some fear in the eyes “You know I’m quite huge”

“I know…” replied Kuroko, “that’s why I want it. Don’t worry it’s gonna be okay” he said kissing Murasakibara forehead to reassure him. “You know, you are not the only one, who have a big dick, Aomine-kun have quite a good one too” he teased hoping to awaken the sentiment of competition.

“How’s Midochin?” asked Atsushi

“hmmm about the same size of Kise” replied his Master

“That’s why I’m last? For you to get used to big cock?” he asked

Kuroko chuckle “ No if you are last it’s only because it was like that with our previous Master, he likes rainbows, thus he arrange the daily meeting with which of his Pets in the same order of the color of the rainbow.

“Kurochin-sama you are talking about Murachin – sama” asked Murasakibara like if Kuroko had revealed him a life mystery.

“Yes I was Murasakibara-kun and now it’s your turn to be my Pet. Be a good boy and listen to what Master say” said Kuroko.who started to kiss Atsushi again

“You are sure I will not hurt you?” asked Murasakibara one last time

“I am sure Murasakibara-kun, now laid on your back, I will get into position” ordered Tetsuya

“Your wishes are my command” said Murasakibara laid down on the bed while Kuroko was positioning his hips above Atsushi cock.

Kuroko slowly began to lower down his hips, pushing Atsushi cock inside him. The hardest was to pass the tip, but after it passed, the cock slide inside Kuroko like if it was home.

Murasakibara’s dick was large and long, and reach spot the other never reach before and a ray of pleasure radiate through Kuroko’s body. Tetsuya wanted to make sure his body get used to this big thing in him before moving.

Seeing Kuroko wasn’t moving Atsushi began to worry

“Ma-master is every-everything is al-alright?” he asked

“Yes Murasakibara-kun, everything is alright” replied Kuroko before starting moving his hips

The view the small Master was offering to him made Atsushi blushed. He slowly put his hand on his Master’s hips and began to thrust in him.

“Murasakibara-kun!!” scream Kuroko surprise by his Pet movement. He then looked at him and leaned forward to kiss him he hugged his neck while Atsushi was still thrusting in him. “Murasakibara-kun” whispered Kuroko “That feel so good…”

“Really?” asked Atsushi pleased to see Tetsuya like that

“Hmmmm Yes” replied Kuroko “You are really reaching spot the other can’t reach” he said

Teiko’s center was happy to hear his Master say that and get more confident in what he was doing.

“Can we change side?” asked the Purple-haired Pet

“Hmmmm okay” replied Tetsuya in a moan

Murasakibara gently pass his arm around the small waist of his Master and slowly flip side. He was now on top thrusting in Tetsuya a bit faster.

Kuroko was sensing Murasakibara’s cock going deep inside him, the feeling was incredible and he wanted more. Tetsuya tighten his hole around Atsushi cock and let out a scream


Hearing his Master screaming his name like that excited Atsushi even more and began to move faster and faster. He fear to hurt his small Master was now gone and he wanted to possess every single piece of Kuroko.

It didn’t took long before both young men come in the same time. After letting out his cum to fill Kuroko, Murasakibara fell beside his Master with a satisfied look. Tetsuya looked at him smile and kiss his forehead “You did good” he said before painfully getting out of the bed to go to the bathroom to wash himself.

When he came back, Atsushi was slowly waking up

“Murasakibara-kun, did I wake you up? “ he asked concern to have troubled his Pet sleep

“No…” replied Atsushi

Kuroko smile at him and took something from his bag

“Here, since you have been a good boy, you can have them now” he said throw the candy bag at Atsushi

“hmmm but I would rather eat you” said Murasakibara catching the flying plastic bag.

“You can eat me tomorrow after the practice if you want” replied Kuroko laughing

“Hmmmm okay” said Murasakibara hugging Kuroko. “Will the Master sleep here tonight?” he asked

“No Murasakibara-kun” replied the small Master “I have to go home now” he added getting off the bed and starting to dress.

Kuroko said goodbye to Murasakibara at the front door and slowly walk away. He was satisfied, with the candy he managed to trick Murasakibara to overcome his fear to hurt him. “They are really like dog” he thought while walking to his home.


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