[Doujinshi] The World in the Box

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Genre: NSFW (RT18+)
Circle: AMAOh!


Kagami and Kuroko are playing a R-Rated version of Rock-Paper-Scissor in the club room until they have to hide from their senpai. Kagami and Kuroko hide in a box half-naked, would they be able to hold back until the senior left the room or would they be caught red-handed?

After posting an unusual Kuroko X Kagami, now let place to the more common pairing Kagami x Kuroko, I remember the first time I read this one, I couldn’t stop laughing, KnB fan now how Kuroko doesn’t tend to show his emotion, now he act like a spoiled brat which is kind of cute.

Plus there is some really cute bonus strip

To read the full doujinshi click here

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