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[FanFic] Teiko’s Days: Gray Week (Extra)

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Haizaki x Kuroko
Rating: Explicit, RT – 18+


Harem Rules

  • The member of the Harem are called Pets
  • The Pets have to call their owner (Kuroko) either Master or Kuroko-sama
  • The playtime the Pets are passing with the owner last for a week
  • Each Pets have their own weeks, the Red Week, the Yellow Weeks, the Green Weeks, the Blue Weeks and lastly the Purple Weeks
  • The weeks order never change
  • The owner have the right to ignore the Pets of it’ not the good weeks.
  • The Pets can’t complained about the owner, if a Pets is caught complaining he might be punished when his turn come.
  • Two or more Pets can’t be in the same room if the owner is there
  • The only time the rules are not effective is during school or club activities
  • The MOST IMPORTANT : Having sex with the owner at school, trying to convince him to have sex at school and try to force him to have sex even if the owner does not feel like it is FORBIDDEN, any pets breaking this rules will be expels  from the Harem.

Unwritten rules that all the Pets agree with: If the Master ask or proposed something, the Pets have to answer “Your wishes are my command”



Kuroko was scanning the gym with his big blue eyes, looking for a missing person. Everyone one was there even the new kid who was practicing with them. Everyone except that gray-haired bad boy who seems to have decided to skip the practice once again.

Not seeing Haizaki, Kuroko walk toward Akashi to ask him if he had heard anything about the missing member. The red-haired captain told him that apparently Haizaki had left his classes early, he wasn’t feeling good. Akashi tell Kuroko that it was the second time he was missing practice, if he missed once again, Haizaki would be kicked out of the team. Kuroko replied, since he was the team captain he could do what he want, but Kuroko still asked to be warned beforehand, he was their Master after all. Akashi agreed and ask Kuroko what he would do. “I’ll called him and see what is happening” he simply tell Akashi walking away.

In the changing room, Kuroko took his phone and dialed Haizaki number

“Hello?” answered Haizaki with a slightly annoyed tone

“Haizaki-kun?” asked Kuroko

No response

“Haizaki-kun…?” asked Kuroko once again

“Kuro…Master…” slowly replied Haizaki

“Which week are they” question Kuroko

“….The…Gray week…” answered Haizaki

“Yes it is the Gray Weeks, but if you continue to skip practice, the Gray Week might not exist anymore” said Kuroko

“Alright, I’m coming” said Haizaki with a sigh

“Haizaki-kun, there is no point to come now, just make sure to not miss anymore in the future” replied Kuroko sighing

“…Okay…” mumble Haizaki

“I’m gonna come over after the practice if you don’t mind” said Kuroko

“No I’ll go to your place” quickly replied Haizaki

“Okay, see you later Haizaki-kun” said Kuroko before hanging up

Kuroko get back to the gym and tell Akashi that Haizaki shouldn’t miss any more practice. Akashi replied he was glad to hear that, hoping it would actually happen.

Later, after the practice, Kuroko was patiently waiting for Haizaki to arrive. His parents had just left, it was their wedding anniversary and Kuroko’s father had invite his wife to the restaurant.

While waiting for the gray-haired young man to come, Kuroko began to think of a way to punish the bad boy. He remembered what the previous Master had told him about a way to punished Haizaki. While he knew he couldn’t to the exact same thing, he could use it as inspiration.

Kuroko was about to get what he needed when he heard the doorbell ringing “Guess I will have to do with what I have on hand” he said to himself before going to open the door to his guest.

Kuroko open the door house to let Haizaki come inside. The light blue-haired young man just had the time to close and lock the door Haizaki had already pinned him on the wall to kiss him. He slowly slide his hand under Kuroko’s shirt. Haizaki always like to touch him, caressed his soft skin. Kuroko knew what he had planned will make a good punishment and if it was effective he could still use it on the other if they break the rules.

Kuroko pushed back Haizaki asking him to wait to be in the room. The gray-haired young man groaned his dissatisfaction before taking a step back.

Kuroko headed for his room, closely followed by Haizaki. Once in the room, Haizaki was about to push Kuroko on his bed, however the latter stop him, he told him if he wanted to have sex with him, he will have to obey his order.

“Your wishes are my command” replied Haizaki with a smirk

Kuroko first ordered to Haizaki to get naked and then to lay on the bed on his back, which the gray-haired bad boy did without questioning. Meanwhile Kuroko grabbed his black tie that was on his dresser and once Haizaki was laying down naked on his bed, he proceed to tied his hands to the headboard.

“May I ask what the Master his doing?” said Haizaki with a slightly angry tone

“You can ask, but I don’t guarantee that you will have an answer” replied Kuroko finishing the knot

Haizaki sighed, he was starting to get annoyed and angry, if Kuroko tied his hands like that, that’s mean he will not be able to touch him, or even control the flow of anything. He was at the mercy of his Master and he didn’t quite like that.

After Kuroko had finished to tie Haizaki’s hands to the headboard, he stripped himself and took position over Haizaki, sit on him and began to rub his ass against his gray-haired Pet’s cock.

Watching Kuroko teasing him, was driving Haizaki crazy, he try without success to untie his hands. He just wanted to flip his Master over and possess him, possess his body and mind.

Haizaki’s dick quickly got hard while Kuroko was rubbing his ass on it. The young man could feel it twitching against his butt. Without a word the move bit lower over Haizaki’s body and took his Pet dick between his hand and began slowly stroking it. Haizaki began to moan, he looked at Kuroko and asking him to untie his hand.

The icy-blue haired young man look that the bad boy tied to his bed, ignored his request and continue his hands work.

After a moment he carefully bended over and start using his mouth. He needed a hand to prepare himself, to relax his butthole. Normally Haizaki would take some kind of pleasure doing it while Kuroko was sucking on his dick, however Kuroko was determined to not let Haizaki touch him with his hands.

Haizaki was becoming really excited by seeing Kuroko fingerings himself, he was really turn on and wasn’t thinking about the fact his hands was tied to the headboard. The only thing he had in mind was Kuroko that was playing with his own butthole while he was giving him a head. Haizaki start to wonder how long he would last if his Master continue like that.

When Kuroko judge he was ready to push Haizaki’s cock in him, he extended his arm to reach the first drawer of his night table and took out a little squared plastic pouch. When the gray-haired boy saw what Kuroko was holding in his hand, he couldn’t help but protest

“Master! Are you really planning to make me wear a condom?” he asked

“Yes, Haizaki, you will wear a protection today” he coldly replied while opening the little pocket.

“But….” Haizaki couldn’t believe it, since the beginning of the school years, since the beginning of what they was calling between them “the Kuroko’s Harem”, he never wore a condom. Why now?

Kuroko knew Haizaki would have this reaction, he like all the contact he could have with his Master’s body, having to wear a condom was blocking him to have the full sensation of his cock rubbing the inside of Kuroko, plus he couldn’t fill him with his cum when he would reach the climax. He knew how much Haizaki love to cum in him, to fill him with his semen, fill his butthole with the semi-translucid fluid that will drip from his Master ass once he would pull his dick out. That was the whole point of making him wear a rubber, not let him have what he like the most, without removing all the pleasure of the act.

Kuroko unroll the condom on Haizaki’s cock, once it was done he place his ass over and slowly began to lower down his hips. He held the sex of his Pet with one hand to make it stay in position while he was slowly inserting it inside him. He continue to go down until it was all inside. The expression that was wearing Kuroko while the Haizaki’s cock was taking place inside him would have probably be enough to make cum anyone, but Haizaki hold back, he had to. If he was coming to soon he knew his Master would probably send him off and will masturbated later, without Haizaki being around.

Kuroko place his hand on Haizaki’s chest and slowly began to move his hips back and forth. Haizaki could see Kuroko was enjoying it. He could take his time, if Haizaki had control of the sexual intercourse, he would wildly thrust in him until Kuroko scream his name.

It took more time than usual for Kuroko to moan, probably because the pace of the act was slower than usual, but once he begun he didn’t stop.

Hearing his Master moaning, make Haizaki start to move his hips, in reality his hips began to move by themselves, like a reflex, it’s probably the only thing he could do to give him a sentiment of control. Maybe it’s because he was in good shape, but despite his position he could thrust harder in Kuroko as if he was on top of him. The gray-haired bad boy could hear his Master calling his name “Ha-i-za-kiiii…more” , “Little whore” thought Haizaki “no matter what you do, what you think of me, you are still asking for more”.

Maybe an hours passed before Haizaki felt Kuroko butthole tightening around his dick, he knew his Master was close to cum, he began to move faster until his dick grow bigger and get squeezed by his Master ass. It was now really tight, the sensations felt by both young men were multiplied by ten it didn’t took long before Kuroko, cum, letting out was last loud moan and collapsed on top of his Pet, whom cum right after and fill the empty space in the condom with his semen.

Slowly taking back his breath, Kuroko kneel on the bed, raise his hips to make Haizaki’s dick slide out of his butthole.

Without a word, he untied Haizaki, but before he gave him the choice to wash himself here after him or go back home. Haizaki had lighting in the eyes, after what his Master did to him, he couldn’t even take his bath with him, that was really unfair.

“Master!!” exclaimed the young man “that’s really unfair” he complained

“Next time, think twice before skipping the practice, it was the last time” replied Kuroko “if you miss one last time Akashi will kick you out and I can’t do nothing about it.” he added

Haizaki had no more word, he was now understanding the situation, it was his punishment for missing too many practice. It wasn’t the first time he was punished, but this time it was a bit better than the last time “at least he didn’t try to top me” he thought, but he still feel like it was unfair and needed more “I will give him a real reason to kick me out” he thought looking at a naked Kuroko who was waiting for his answer

“I’ll go back home” simply said Haizaki taking his clothes on the floor

“Fine” replied Kuroko “Want me to show you the way ?” he then ask

“No, thank, I know the way” coldly replied Haizaki whom finished getting dress

“Fine” said Kuroko walking to the bathroom

Haizaki leave his Master house promising himself to get what he wanted tomorrow, even if it as to be at school.

The next day, Haizaki, lure Kuroko in a corner of the school ground, trying to undress him. Kuroko ask him to stop, that if he was continuing, he will get expelled not only of the sex club, but also from the club and the school. Haizaki replied he didn’t gave a single fuck, he just wanted what he wasn’t able to have yesterday. He was about to pull Kuroko’s pant down when Haizaki felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Stop that” said a voice behind

“I’m doing the fuck I want” angrily replied Haizaki turning around ready to fight

But soon as he turned his attention away from Kuroko, the latter run behind his savior. His savior was the new kid in the basket ball club, the one who was in constant competition with Haizaki, Kise Ryouta.

Keeping his eyes on Haizaki, Kise asked Kuroko is he was okay, the latter difficulty replied that he was okay with a shaking voice. The blond young man, told Kuroko to go see Akashi.

Haizaki was about to move toward Kise to hit him when Murasakibara and Aomine appear behind Kise and Kuroko. The gray-haired bad boy knew he was no match with them, he decide to keep his mouth shut and walk away.

Later that day, during the club activity, Haizaki got kick out of the club in the same time of being expelled of the school. For Haizaki it was over, he wasn’t part of the Kuroko’s harem, however the Master wasn’t sad, not even a bit, a new member will soon took Haizaki place, Kise just got accepted as in the first string.


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