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[Fanfic] Unrequited Love, Realization

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Rating: Explicit (RT+18)

Kagami realize his feeling for Kuroko, but Kuroko love someone else. Will Kagami be able to hide his feeling for his teammate?

This fan fiction was really hard to write, for those you read “Bird of Prey” published in September, “Unrequited Love” is darker. Like the Ushijima X Oikawa fanfic, “Unrequited Love” contain rape and more…if you are not comfortable to read this genre on fanfic don’t read further. I also wrote two ending, one darker than the other, both gonna be published the same day.


Kagami Taiga was walking slowly toward the changing room. He didn’t want to get there to early, he knew Kuroko Tetsuya, his teammate, was probably already there getting ready for the practice of today. The last thing he wanted and needed is to see Kuroko half-naked.

Both knew each other since their first year of high school. Together, and the rest of the Seirin basketball team, they get through challenge. They won the Winter Cup during the first years and got into the semifinals during the second years. Now they were in the middle of their third year, their last high school year. The next step was the university.

Kagami wasn’t sure about how to feel. He knew him and Kuroko was enrolling in different university. He knew they might part away. Even if now they are close friend. Taiga is not Tetsuya best friend. His best friend was Aomine Daiki from Touou, a school rival.

It was almost surprising how fast their friendship recover from everything that happens during their last year of junior high and their first year of high school. Now both of them were acting like nothing happened and Kagami was annoyed by that, more than he should, more than he thoughts. Seeing Tetsuya passing more and more time with Aomine was angering Taiga and he didn’t really knew why he felt that way. Yes, the fear of losing his friend had probably something to do with it, but more his was thinking about it, more he felt like there was something else and Kagami was confused about that.

Lately he even surprised himself staring at Kuroko while he was changing. His friend wasn’t the small Tetsuya he knew. The Generation of Miracles phantom member grew quite a bit during the past years, gain in muscle and he eyes were becoming more sharp. While he was detailing Kuroko’s body, Taiga felt he was getting a boner. He had to go to the restroom to jerk off.

After a month of confusion, Kagami came to think he maybe had romantic feeling for his teammate. If it wasn’t love, he certainly desire him and he really didn’t knew what to do. He was at lost and the didn’t had anyone with whom he could talk about that. He felt really alone and the object of this confusion and loneliness was getting away from him. If he doesn’t do anything about it now it would be too late. However, Kagami was scare to lose Kuroko for good.

How his friend would react when he will tell him that he might be in love with him? Would he push him away? Laugh thinking it’s a joke? Or just not paid attention to it and continue like they were now. Deep inside, Kagami was hoping it would be the last option. Like this thing would continue like they were.

Taiga opened the changing room door and let out a sigh of relief, only Kuroko stuff was there, in other word he was already practicing. Kagami opened his locker and change his school uniform for his sport clothes and headed join the other in the gym.

Kagami pass the gym door, Kuroko was directing the first and the second. As captain he had to make sure the practice time was flowing right. When he saw Taiga coming and smile appear on his lips:

“Here you are!!! I thoughts you had skip the practice! Was starting to get worried.”

“Sorry, I got stop by a teacher” he lied “Being big and tall not always have is good side”

“Haha! What are you talking about? I would like to be as big as you or Aomine-kun”

Aomine, him again, not matter what it was always coming back to him. Kuroko seems to had fun to compare the both ace. Kagami started to be bothered by that, but as always, he said anything and kept everything for himself. Instead he gave him a smile and decide to go practice his dunk alone. Tetsuya watch him walk away raise his shoulder and came back to the new generation of Seirin basketball players.

After the practice Taiga didn’t wait for Kuroko before going change his clothes and he didn’t wait for him to go back home. Kagami didn’t knew what to do anymore. He was more confused and angry.

He was nearby his house when Aomine called him. He wanted to know if he was on for a street basket match. Even in this third year, Daiki was still skipping most of the practice, but was always ready to play a one-on-one against Kagami. The Seirin ace considered the offer but decline it. He told Touou lazy ace that he had to study for some exams, of course it was a lie. He didn’t want to play, even see, his love interest best friend. Aomine seems disappointed, but understand, he wish good luck to Taiga for his studying and hung up.

Kagami was now in front of his apartment door, wondering if he really wanted to eat alone or if he wanted to go to Majin for some burgers. Then again he was running the risk to meet Kuroko or Aomine which we wanted to avoid, “Guess I’ll stay home” he mumbled to himself while opening the door.

The inside was dark and cold despite the warm night. Dark and cold like his mind, He turn on the light drop his bag on the floor and headed for the kitchen. Kagami didn’t know what he wanted to eat. He looked in the fridge took out some meat and vegetables and cook everything together. After finishing is dinner he headed to his room. Turning on his room light, he glance at the picture on his table, it was a picture taken not long after the Winter Cup. It was a good time. A time where he wasn’t confused by his feeling, a time where he could stay close to Kuroko without being scared of hurting him. The red-haired let out a sigh, turn away from the picture and took the direction of the bathroom. He needed to relax, to empty his mind.

Kagami slowly proceed to wash himself, rubbing his muscular body to wash away the sweat. He try to not think too much about the situation, but when he reached the sensitive zone between his thigh, he couldn’t help but start thinking about how it would go if he was making love to Kuroko. They were both guy and Taiga doubt it would go the same way they learn at school. I had a little idea of where he should insert his thing, but would it even fit? Will I have to stretch his ass before? I really had no idea how thing should be done. In any way, it’s not like it was close to happen.

While thinking about it, Kagami cock became hard, he look at his sex lifting up “That’s really.becoming a problem now, gonna have to do something about it” he took it between his hand and start an up and down motion. It was now something usual for him to masturbated in the bathroom. He started to moan, the sound he was emitting was almost silent. He didn’t wanted to scream. He was scared to be heard by a neighbor. He continue his duty until he released the semi-translucent substance in his hand. He then go relax in the bad hoping he will be done for the night.

The next morning he saw Kuroko walking in front of him. The latter haven’t noticed him, he seemed lost in his thoughts. Kagami was wondering if he should run to catch up on him or continue to walk behind hoping he will not see him. “Maybe I should walk with him” he thought “Eventually he might start thinking I’m ignoring him”. Seirin’s ace start walking faster to catch up on his teammate. Once he got close enough to talk to him without screaming, he called his name.


“Oh Kagami-kun”

“Everything is alright? You don’t seems feeling well”

“…I am…I am okay don’t worry”

“You are sure? Something bothering you? Is it something about the club? You know if it’s about that, you can tell me, I’m the vice-captain after all”

“Thank you for worrying Kagami-kun, but it does not concern the club.”

“That’s good, but if you wanna talk I’m here”

Kagami said the last sentence without really thinking it. He doesn’t really want to hear about Kuroko’s problem, he only wanted to jump him and make him scream his name. But deep.down he knew it would probably not be possible. At least not now, he wasn’t even sure about how the icy-blue-haired was feeling toward him, however something was telling him, that the team captain was seeing the ace only as a mere friend.

The pair continue their walk to the school in silence. The tall Seirin’s number ten was used to his friend silence. Kuroko was never really talkative. Most people was also surprise to know he was the captain of a basketball club. He didn’t really have the aura for. But his calm demeanor helped him to get the post. It certainly not the hot-blooded Kagami that could have it. Taiga was looking at his captain half wondering what was the matter. Cause even if he was the silent type, he was more silent than usual. His friend had something on his mind and Kagami was starting to get bothered by it. He decide to wait after school before trying to make him talk again.

The day didn’t pass fast enough for Kagami, he was always looking at his watch, but the time seems to stop. He pass the majority of his lunch time in on the basketball court with some newbie who wanted to practice their defense formation. He was hoping to see Kuroko there, but the captain didn’t come. Kagami was a bit worried, it wasn’t was like him to not come to the gym during the lunch break “Where the hell is he?” thought the red-haired boy “hope he is still at school..” he said to myself while looking at the door hoping to see his friend coming from it. No one who came through it. Kagami was still staring at the entrance when the first bell rang it was time to go back in class.

After his last class, Taiga headed back to the gym stopping by the changing room first. Kuroko wasn’t there, even his stuff wasn’t there. Seirin’s ace assume he wasn’t there yet “Guess I will have to start the practice without him, it’s a good thing he keep the notebook here.” Since the graduation of their last coach, Aida Riko, they haven’t found a new one. Riko was passing by once in a while, but most of the time Kuroko and Kagami was doing the coaching work, putting together the practice, but the pair knew if there was something they needed help with, they could always call Riko or his dad. The vice-captain, took the notebook, left the changing room and headed to join the other who were already in the gym. He made them practice attack and defense position, while wishing to see Kuroko passing the door. But Kagami could have wait over and over, Kuroko didn’t come to the practice.

Once the practice over, Kagami waited until the last member had left before checking to his phone expecting a text of Kuroko to explain the reason of his absence, but nothing, Tetsuya didn’t sent him any message. Letting out a sigh of disappointment, he slowly compose his friend number and waited for his friend to answer the call. He let the phone rang for a few second, but it didn’t seems like Kuroko was planning to answer his phone “What the hell is wrong with him” pested Kagami slamming the door while going out. He locked behind him and headed toward his home.

On his way, he decide to give a call to Aomine, the latter was Kuroko’s best friend, maybe he knew where he was. But the answer was negative, Daiki haven’t see or talk to him since yesterday. They played street basket together, headed to Majin Burger after and then part away. Kagami asked if Kuroko seems weird, but again the answer was negative. Kuroko seems like himself, scaring the shit out of Aomine each time he was appearing beside him. Kagami ended his phone call with Aomine, without much more information on the whereabout of his team captain.“If I’m lucky I will be able to talk to him tomorrow before school” he mumble.

Arriving at his apartment, Taiga climbed the stairs two by two, he unlock his front door and enter in his home and throw his bag on the floor and decided to prepare himself a bath. He needed to relax, he was tense not knowing where was Kuroko bothered him a lot. He felt a bit guilty by the situation, he was avoiding Kuroko a bit lately, maybe if he haven’t avoided him, Tetsuya would have talk to him this morning. Now Kagami have no clue about where was his friend and why he wasn’t answering.

Kagami stayed longer than he thought in the bath, he was starting to fall asleep when he heard the doorbell rang ”Ugh who can come at this time? Don’t remember waiting anyone” he thought annoyed to be disturbed during his bath . He quickly put his boxer on and took a t-shirt and go open the door.

On the other side Kuroko was there look miserable soaking wet. Kagami didn’t noticed it started raining while he was taking his bath “Kuroko! What are you doing here? Come on in I’ll go take a towel”. His friend offer him a small smile as sign of gratitude “Thank you Kagami-kun” said the young man, taking the towel that was offering his vice-captain.

“Kagami-kun” started saying Kuroko “I came to see you because I wanted to apologize for not coming to today practice and because I avoided your phone calls and your text messages, I was not feeling really well, therefore I headed home earlier. Sorry, I should have tell you”

“It’s all good! Don’t be sorry” quickly replied Kagami “Of course I would have rather if you had told me, but if you didn’t felt well, I understand. You could have call me to tell me instead of coming, I don’t want you to worsen your condition”

“It’s okay Kagami-Kun, I’m not sick, I just feel really tired and I wasn’t able to stay concentrated in class, therefore I prefer leaving instead of disturbing the teacher by my lack of attention”

“Is it related to this morning? Cause you didn’t seems to be all there this morning”

“Yes…I can say it is related of the way I was this morning, lately I realize something”

“What is it? What did you realized?” asked Kagami. He was feeling his heart beating a bit faster. What his friend realized? Did he noticed he was trying to avoid him?

“I think it begun last week, during a street basket match with Aomine-kun and Kise-kun, you was there too”


“I noticed that each time Aomine-kun was near me, I felt like butterfly, I was get nervous. And if he touch me, it can be just his hand on my shoulder, my body shiver. More time I pass with him, more I feel flustered by his present. I never felt like this before, not even when Momoi hug me, and I really don’t know what you think…Do you think I’m in love with Aomine-kun?”

Next – Hiding

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  1. Come onnn you’ll leave a big hole in my heart if you drop the fic!!! I mean everything was good including the content and plot. Plsssss keep writing :(((

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