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[Fanfic] Unrequited Love, Hiding

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Rating: Explicit (RT18+)

Kagami realize his feeling for Kuroko, but Kuroko love someone else. Will Kagami be able to hide his feeling for his teammate?

This fan fiction was really hard to write, for those you read “Bird of Prey” published in September, “Unrequited Love” is darker. Like the Ushijima X Oikawa fanfic, “Unrequited Love” contain rape and more…if you are not comfortable to read this genre on fanfic don’t read further. I also wrote two ending, one darker than the other, both gonna be published the same day


Kagami was taken aback by Kuroko revelation, it wasn’t what he was expecting. No that’s a lie, that what he was expecting. He knew Kuroko was talking about Aomine when he start saying he felt weird since last week around his best friend. Deep down he knew, Tetsuya wasn’t coming to confess his love to him. At first Taiga felt jealous, he really envy Aomine, he wanted to be desired by his captain. He wanted to feel like the feeling he had for Kuroko was reciprocal. However it wasn’t the case and now he had a confuse Kuroko who was in the some situation as him. Kuroko was in love with Aomine and he was in love with Kuroko. The blue-haired young man who was sitting in front of him, a towel around his shoulder, didn’t knew what to do. He was lost, he wanted to scream his love, but he also knew he could lose his best friend. Kagami was in the exact situation as him. He didn’t want to tell Kuroko about the feelings he had for him. Even less now that he know this feeling would forever be unrequited. Kagami decide the best thing to do for Kuroko was to hide his feeling for Aomine until the good moment,

“You…you should wait before telling Aomine anything, I mean you don’t know how he feel about you. Maybe he only sees you as a friend. If you tell him now and you get rejected, you gonna get hurt and he might even push you away., I that’s what you want, right?”

“Of course it is not what I want!, I want to stay friend with Aomine-kun even if he doesn’t love me. I just want to be by his side and see him happy, even if it’s without me.”

“Than you shouldn’t tell him, at least not now. And look for the right moment”

“You are right Kagami-kun, I will hide all my feeling inside me and wait until the good moment, if this moment never come, I will bring it with me to the grave. The only thing that is important, it is Aomine-kun happiness. Thank you Kagami-kun, I knew I could confide to you” said Kuroko with a timid smile

“I’m your friend and friend are there for that, helping each other” confidently said Kagami, even if he was feeling his heart sank and becoming hard and cold.

“I should go now” said Tetsuya while standing up and giving make the towel to Kagami. “It look like it stopped raining, must be my lucky day after all” he said with a brighter smile.

“ should go…call when you get home..okay?”

“Yes, I will”

Kuroko closed the door behind him leaving Kagami alone. Alone with his thoughts, alone with his confusion, alone with his despair. Taiga knew what to do, he knew he could do the same as Kuroko was about to do. However it will be harder. Even if Tetsuya was seeing Touou ace pretty much everyday, it was still less than the time he pass with Kagami. They were on the same team. One was the captain the other the vice-captain.They were training every days, twice a day together. It will be harder for the Seirin’s ace to hide his feeling for his friend, but he will have to do it. He can’t let his feeling shown. It was too dangerous, for the team and his friendship. He will locked everything inside and try to forget about it. That was the best thing to do.

The next morning, Kagami woke up with some difficulties. He had a lot of trouble finding sleep, he couldn’t stop thinking about Kuroko’s revelation. He knew he had Kuroko’s trust. He didn’t want to disappoint him. Taiga had no other choice for now to wait and see how thing will turn. Maybe he have a chance if Aomine reject Tetsuya confession. Taiga set up his mind, he will be there for his friend to comfort him if his love interest reject him. With that in mind, the tall red-haired leave for school hoping to meet with Kuroko.

Taiga arrive at Seirin just before the gate was closed, he haven’t seen Kuroko on his way, he was hoping his teammate was already there and not skipped school. He pushed a sigh of relief when he saw him in the school hallway during their first break, however he decide to not talk to him and wait for the lunch break. Tetsuya seemed busy talking with one of his classmates about some project and Kagami didn’t want to disturb them. Seirin’s ace headed back to his classroom, waiting for the lunch break.

Lunch break came and Kagami took the direction of the gym, he was the first to get to the changing room. While he was getting ready to go on the court, Kuroko arrive to the changing room. Taiga notice his friend seemed to be in a better mood than the day before, which was a good thing, a gloomy Kuroko wasn’t the best to direct a practice.

“Kagami-kun!” said Kuroko before Taiga exit the changing room “I really want to thank you for yesterday, I know I should have call before going to your apartment, but I really appreciate that you took time to listen to him” He said with a smile.

“You don’t have to thanks me for that” replied Kagami “I’m your friend, which kind of friend I would be if I wasn’t there if you need to talk?” He added looking Kuroko in the eyes.

“You truly are a great friend Kagami-kun, I’m lucky to have you around” said Tetsuya with a bright smile before starting to change his clothes.

Kagami left the changing room and headed to the basketball court. No matter how much he tried to think about how he needed to hide his feeling for Kuroko, no matter how much he tried to convince himself that it was the right thing to do, Kagami was still in pain each time Kuroko was referred him as a friend. He really wanted to be more than a friend for Tetsuya, he wanted to be the one who will make him happy. But, deep inside he begun to think that will remain a desire, a wish that will never be granted. He will have to continue masturbating while think about a guy who will forever be out of his reach.

The end of the lunch time came fast, Kuroko and Kagami headed back to their respective classroom and didn’t talk to each other until the practice after school. Kuroko was back to his usual self and Kagami was happy about it. For now that was the only thing that mattered, seeing his friend happy.

The club practice ended up quickly, Kagami and Kuroko haven’t seen the time passing, they were too busy doing match practice. The inter-high was drawing close and they really needed to make the 2nd yrs practice their defense position. They wanted to make sure to be able to face any team. The club member left before their captain and vice-captain who was staying behind to look over what they should practice the most tomorrow. Against most of the team, the defense was they key, but they couldn’t neglect the attack either. They ends-up deciding they will split the team in two for tomorrow’s practice. Tetsuya will practice the defense with one and Taiga the attack with the second. Once the next practice was set, they pair left the changing room and Kuroko proposed to Kagami to eat something at Majin, it will be on him, it was his way to thanks the tall number 10 for listening to him. Kagami try to convince him that it was nothing, he just did was a good friend would had done, but Kuroko insisted, thus they ends-up eating at Majin Burger. Kuroko even paid for all the burger Kagami usually eat. Then they part away taking each other the direction of their home.

Once he was back to his apartment, Kagami wandered in his house looking for something to do, he didn’t wanted to bathe now, in fact it was the last thing he wanted to do, he knew soon as he will enter in the warm water he will have to jerk off. No matter how much he was trying to hide all his feeling for Kuroko, his desire was still there. Less time he was passing with him, better it was. The urge of pushing his friend against a wall just to kiss him was real. But he knew he had to control his pulsion as long as Kuroko didn’t confess to Aomine. He couldn’t do anything, he had to wait.

Thinking about what he wanted to do to Kuroko didn’t really help his situation. He felt like a tension in his pants, his dick was becoming hard cause of all the lewd thing is was thinking to. Kagami look down at his crotch, let out sigh of annoyance and undo his pants. He knew it would go away by itself, so there was no point to wait. Taiga took his cock into his large hand and start to move it up and down while he was staring at the ceiling. He really tried to contain his moan, but more his was moving his hand more the sound of pleasure was louder. While masturbating, he let his imagination go wild and pictured Kuroko in divers position. He imagined his dick deeply inserted in his captain ass, hitting spot he would never think he could hit. He imagined Tetsuya screaming his name when he reach the orgasm. That was enough for him to come. He let out his semen in his hand, looking around for the box of tissue. Somewhere inside him, Taiga knew his hand will soon not suffice anymore if he kept thinking this way. Soon he will have to really penetrated Kuroko if he wanted to feel any kind of sexual pleasure.

Looking at his dick which had lost its strength, Kaiga get up and headed toward the bathroom, the cock dangling between his legs. He suddenly felt really tired. Like if all the energy he had remaining from after the practice just left him soon as he came. He definitely needed a bath now, a warm bath to release all the tension in his muscle. Soon after the bath he hit the bed and deeply felt asleep, a sleep without dream.

The next morning, Kagami woke-up strangely refresh, like if he had slept a whole week. He was still kind of stress and worried how the thing will go between him and Kuroko but he have he impression his mind finally accepted the fact he might never get what his heart desire. He look at the clock, for once he had enough time to prepare himself a decent breakfast. He opted for an american breakfast, with eggs and bacon with some fruit on the side. After cleaning the kitchen, he had some time left to study, thing he have pushed away a bit. Then the time to leave for school came.

On his way to school, he meet up with Kuroko, the latter seems in a good mood. If Tetsuya was in a good mood, Taiga was too. They talk about the practice and the upcoming inter-high, both were wishing not playing against Touou during the first round. Aomine and Kuroko might be best friend, it doesn’t change the fact that each time Daiki and Taiga was playing against each other, Touou’s ace always give his all. Tetsuya haven’t mention his feeling for Aomine once his he spoke day he spoke to Kagami, and the tall number ten haven’t ask either about it. If we wanted to speak about it, he will do, Kagami was sure of that.

The days pass fast, the practice as well, the excitement could be sense on the court during the practice. The team was pumped and ready to see which team they will go against during in the first block. Once again Kuroko and Kagami stayed a behind to prepare the next practice.

While they were writing everything down in the training notebook, Kuroko phone vibrate on the table. He just got a message, it was from Aomine, he needed to talk to him it was urgent. Worried for his best friend Tetsuya apologize to Taiga and ask him to lock everything before leaving. Kagami watch Kuroko leaving the room with a really bad feeling. He wanted to stop him, to tell him to wait for him, he would come with him. But he didn’t and he stayed alone in the changing room.

Kuroko meet up with Aomine on the street basket court where they usually meet. The tall tan young man was shooting a ball to the basket, never missing a throw, when he heard Kuroko approaching, he greeted with a nod, but not a smile like usual. Something was off Tetsuya could feel it:

“Yo Tetsu…” Said Aomine once Kuroko was close enough.

“Aomine-kun…is everything is alright” Asked Kuroko worried by his friend expression.

“I would be lying if I told you yes” He replied taking the ball and walking to the bench where he sit, spreading his long legs in front of him.

“Something happened?” Asked Kuroko once he was sitting beside his friend
“You can tell” softly said Aomine.

He seems annoyed and angry but still trying to contain himself. He look like is was about to burst but still remain calm. Kuroko was really worried, He didn’t knew what to do or what to say, thus he waited Aomine continue talking.

“I meet up with Kise earlier, I thought it was cause he wanted to play one-on-one, but that bastard just wanted to talk, if I knew he would say what he told me, I would never had accepted his invitation”

“What…What Kise-kun told you shyly ask Kuroko uncertain he really wanted to know. From the reaction his friend had it seemed to be bad.

“That fucking idiot confessed to me, that bastard told me he was IN LOVE WITH ME” he shout startling Kuroko “Like hell, what did he think fucking moron!!”

“What did you tell him? asked Kuroko hesitant

“What I told him?…I told him if he wanted to date me he needed to come back when he will have huge tits” he said before adding “He is lucky I didn’t punch him…”

Kuroko didn’t knew what to say, he was shocked by what his best friend just told him. It never cross his mind Kise was in love with Aomine, even less that he will confess. He knew Daiki was Ryouta role model for a long time, however Tetsuya never thoughts Kise would fall in love with Aomine. He was truly stunned by his friend revelation.

“What did Kise said when you told him that? When you rejected him?” hesitantly ask Kuroko

“When he saw how bad I was reacting, he apologize and beg me to forget about it, he will do the same and wish that we remains friend…like if i could forget that…bastard he ruin my day” angrily said Touou’s ace

“Are you planning to call him back, once your mind will be clear, you are still angry?” gently ask Kuroko.

“Maybe…maybe not…he’s probably crying at Midorima about how mean I am” Replied Aomine with a smirked, picturing Midorima trying to ignore Kise phone call

“Maybe…but you should call him, I mean we are all friend right?” slowly said Kuroko. After those two years, he didn’t wanted to see their group breaking apart once again.

“If it was you, would you call him back?” asked Daiki looking his friend in the eyes

“I would and I would try to talk with him and make him understand that might not really be love. Kise had always look up to you, maybe he just misunderstand his own feeling” said Kuroko in an attempt to appease Aomine. It seemed to work since his friend relaxed a bit.

Aomine stood up and walk away, turn around and thanks Kuroko for coming and listening to him. He told him to not be worry about him, that he will call Kise tomorrow. Before leaving he turn around once last time and promise to Kuroko the last time he will call him it would be to play basket. Kuroko agreed and watched his best friend walking away.

He still doesn’t know how he kept his composure while Aomine was talking, but now Tetsuya was devastated. There was no point for him to confess to Aomine, thanks to Kise he already knew the answer. The young man needed to talk to someone, someone he could trust. He took out his phone a compost Kagami number.

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