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Saiyuuki Reload Blast

Title: Sayuuki Reload Blast
Aired Date: July 2017 – September 2017
Season: Summer
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Supernatural, Drama
Episode Count: 12


Humans and yokai, science and magic… all exist side-by-side on a peaceful continent free of all order and regulation, widely known as “Shangri-La.” The balance there was shattered when the Minus Wave caused all the yokai on the continent to rampage, an event known as the “Calamity.” Continuing their journey west to stop Gyumaoh’s resurrection experiments, the root of all the evil on the continent, the Three Aspects are finally drawing closer to India. But the closer they get, the more pronounced the influence of the Calamity becomes, and the more intense their battles become.
Source: Crunchyroll

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Saiyuuki Reload Blast was one of my pleasant surprise of the Summer 2017 season. I wasn’t sure if I would watch it since I haven’t watch the previous show of the franchise, which started back in 2000 (for the anime the manga began to be published in 1997), however someone told me that I didn’t need to have watch the previous season to get what was happening. And they were right, from the first episode I knew what was happening. The show give enough information to the viewer to let them understand what was going on. You clearly knew what was Sanzo’s Party goal and where they were going. And I think that’s a huge plus for the series, also I was interested enough by what I saw to make me look for the other season. I haven’t watch them yet, but they are on my watch-list.

The one thing I really like about the series, was the character. They might be pretty boy, but they are not your usual pretty boy, they are pretty but rough at the same time and not scare to use foul language even if one of them is a priest. They were not scare to get dirty and say pretty much everything they have on mind. There is four main characters: Genjo Sanzo, Son Goku (do not mistake with him, even if both are monkey), Cho Hakkai and Sha Gojyo, each of them have an interesting background story. The one they talk the most about is Goku and Gojyo story and I have the feeling Goku is more important than it look like, since he tied the other three together (you will have to watch it if you want to know why, not planning to spoil you here, for once). I have to say I reallylike the brotherhood feeling coming from their relationship, yes they are arguing a lot, yes Sanzo threaten to kill them more than once out of annoyance (he have a really short fuse) but no matter what, they will always be there for each other.

An other thing I like is the how and dramatic and more intense scene was balanced with the comedy scene. If I was sitting on the edge of my chair at a certain moment, the next one I would try to hold back my laughter. Yes the show can be deemed as predictable by some and I would agree with that, but I still really enjoyed how the story was developing. Talking about dramatic scene, I did cry while watching it.

I also particularly enjoyed, it’s the visual and the animation. I like the character design, even if I haven’t watch the previous series from the same franchise, I saw official art from the manga and the anime artwork is really close to the manga. Anpro did the same thing when they adapted Wild Adapter, which is from the same mangaka, into OVA. The material source have a distinct look, having the studio keeping, is really nice. I also have to talk about the blood splat on the screen during the battle, which made them even more interesting. The action scenes was already well done, but those splat added up to the intensity for the sequence.

Of course I have to give some nice word about the OST, which I really like. I didn’t get my hand on the full album yet, but when I will, you might have a post about it….might, depend of what I found.


I liked Saiyuuki Reload Blast from the first episode, interesting story, nice visual and anime. Those who wasn’t sure if they should watch it by fear of being confuse since they didn’t watch the previous season, I would tell them, they don’t have to watch it to understand where the main characters are going. Now I really hope they will not wait 13 yrs before producing an other season.

~ Thank you reading ~

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  1. Been meaning to get around to watching this as the franchise is very popular among fujoshi and now that I know I don’t need to catch up with the previous seasons I will check it out sooner than later. I know how much you love your doujins and fanfictions and you will find plenty out there for this franchise 😉


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