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[Fanfic] Unrequited Love, Pain

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Rating: Explicit (RT+18)

Kagami realize his feeling for Kuroko, but Kuroko love someone else. Will Kagami be able to hide his feeling for his teammate?

This fan fiction was really hard to write, for those you read “Bird of Prey” published in September, “Unrequited Love” is darker. Like the Ushijima X Oikawa fanfic, “Unrequited Love” contain rape and more…if you are not comfortable to read this genre on fanfic don’t read further. I also wrote two ending, one darker than the other, both gonna be published the same day.

Kagami answer his phone after the first rang, Kuroko was at the other end and he seems to be in a really bad shape emotionally. Kagami was on his way to his home, but say to Kuroko he could go see him if the latter wanted. The young man agreed and ask Taiga to meet him at the street basketball court where they usually play.

It didn’t took time to Kagami to get there. He founded Kuroko sitting on the bench the head between his hands. When he heard Taiga approaching, Tetsuya lift his head. Seirin’s ace noticed his friend had cry quite a bit, his eyes were red and he was still trying to wipe the remaining tears away.

When he got in front of him, Kagami crouch to be at eyes level with Kuroko. He put one of his large hand on his friend’s shoulder and ask him to get up for a walk. The court was close to a park and at this time of the day no one was there. They walked a bit before settling far from the path under a tree. They didn’t wanted to get disturbed while they were speaking and they didn’t wanted to be heard from anyone. They were far enough in the wood surrounding the park that no one could see them from the path.

The pair was silently sitting on the fresh grass, Kagami waited Kuroko started to speak, he didn’t want to rush him. He waited and waited until Tetsuya clear out his voice:

“Remember what I told you about Aomine-kun and that I was in love with him? Just forget about it please, I am still in love with him, but I will never confess. Someone else confess to him, a guy, you do not have to know who it is, you just have to know the guy in question got rejected by Aomine-kun.Thus even if I decide to confess my love to him, I will get rejected too and I do not want that. I want things to stay the way they are. I do not want him to be angry at me. I want to continues seeing him smiling while we play, I do not want him to avoid me. I rather see him happy without me, than see him mad because of something I told him. It is really painful to know the love I have for him will never be returned, but I personally think it is better that way. I do not one to lose my best friend over some frivolous feeling” his voice broke “But. ..still…I love him Kagami-kun, what am I supposed to do, acted like if I had no feeling for him? If Kise-kun can do that, I doubt I can” he said while the tears was rolling on his cheeks without realizing he said the name of the guy who confessed to Aomine before him.

Kagami was looking at Kuroko crying over the feeling he had for Aomine, feeling that would never be returned and think it was unfair. He was there sitting beside the one he loved, but he knew this love will mean nothing to his captain, it wasn’t the love he wanted, it wasn’t coming from the one he wanted. “Why he doesn’t see I’m here for him” he thought “that’s all Aomine’s fault, dammit, that bastard…”

One part of him wanted to comfort Kuroko, tell him that everything will be okay, tell him he will be able to hide his feeling for the ace of Touou and continue their friendship like it was, he will be able to hide everything “like I did so far” he thought. But the other part, was becoming angry and jealous, this part of him didn’t understand why Tetsuya was crying while he was there sitting beside him, why he wasn’t able to see he could love him the same way he was loving Daiki. More he watched Kuroko crying, more he sees the tears coming down from Kuroko eyes more he became furious and…greedy. He wanted Tetsuya for him, he wanted to keep him for himself, to hold him in his arm, to caress his fair and pale skin, kiss his soft lips, leave his mark on his neck. He wanted to pass his hand in those icy-blue messy hair. He wanted to make love to him, to possess every inches of this body, to be inside him, to hear him screaming his name when he was coming. Taiga knew what he wanted, but he also knew he couldn’t have it, unless he take it by force.

Suddenly a dark and sinister thoughts start growing in his mind, one word, only one little word four letters long: RAPE. His mind was set he knew what he had to do.

Kagami was still thinking about how to proceed when he realized Kuroko had stopped crying and was standing in front of him. He was looking at the hand Kuroko was tending to help him, he reach out for the hand, but instead of trying to get up, he use his strength to pull Tetsuya toward him. The latter felt on Kagami, without understanding was happened. Before he even knew it, Kagami was on top of him restraining his movement with a hand on his mouth to prevent him to scream.

Kagami leaned toward and whispered to Kuroko ears that he was sorry about what was happening, that he couldn’t wait any longer. He explain that he really try to hide everything, to not think about it. But he couldn’t do it anymore, I couldn’t lied to myself any longer. He told Kuroko that he would remove his hand only if the latter promise to not scream. Tetsuya slowly nod and Taiga removed his hands.

The tall man was kneeling in front of Kuroko, holding back his hand and start to unbutton this friend shirt while kissing the pale skin underneath. Taiga followed the shoulder line and gradually get down directing his kiss toward Tetsuya crotch. He wanted to possess every inches of this body he desired so much. Each time Kuroko was about to say something, Taiga was stopping him by forcing a kiss.

With his valid hand, Kagami undone Kuroko school pants and start to kiss his friend cock over the fabric, licking it, sucking on it. Soon Seirin’s captain dick react to all the attention it was given and become hard. Kuroko let out a groan and try to free his hand from Kagami grip. Deep down in him he knew what was coming and he didn’t wanted that. The young man was scared, but he also knew he was no match again his friend. He had no other choice to look Kagami going praying it will be over soon.

Once Kagami had finished soaking Kuroko underpants. He knew he couldn’t remove Tetsuya pant and underwear with only one hand, but Taiga also knew if he release the captain hands, the latter will try to run away and he couldn’t allowed that. Kagami gave a menacing look to Kuroko, a look that was saying, if you try to escape you gonna regret it. The blue–haired boy seemed to understand the meaning of that look. He relaxed and Kagami freed his hand.

While Kagami was busy trying pulling Kuroko’s pant down, the latter took the opportunity to kick him in the face, get up and run. However he didn’t go far that Kagami was already on him tackled him on the ground. Maintaining him on the grass, Kagami lead forward and let out a bestial growl next to Kuroko’s ears. “You shouldn’t have done that” he said with an angry tone. While firmly holding Tetsuya by the wrist, Taiga carried him farther away in the wood where the only light that could be seen was the shine of the moon.

Kuroko was scared, he didn’t knew what was wrong with Kagami, his mind was filled by fear. He knew he couldn’t try to escape anymore, Kagami will probably killed him. Maybe if he stop struggling, Kagami will regain his sense and let him go. Even if he let him go, what will happen next, he doubt thing you stay like that. He couldn’t trust his vice-captain anymore, Seirin’s vice-captain, the guy he use to call his friend was about to rape him and Kuroko had no way to get out from this situation. He curse at himself he shouldn’t had call Kagami right away, he should have wait the next day, wait to be at school. It was now too late to have regrets. Kuroko set up his mind, he will let Kagami do what he wanted with him, and quite the club the next day hoping people doesn’t ask too much question. It was their last years together at Seirin, next year they will be in different university. Kuroko think that he could just cut all contact with Kagami. Keep everything secret. Not telling anyone, certainly not Aomine who will might beat Kagami to death. No keep everything for himself, maybe even forget about it. Yes that what he will do, forget about this horrible night.

Kagami stop far away from the park, where he was sure no one will see them, he remove his belt from his pants and tied Kuroko’s hand with it. Tetsuya was begging him to not tied his hand, the promise he will not try to run away again. But Kagami wasn’t listening. His mind was filled with lust. He only wanted to violate Kuroko no matter the cost.

Once Kuroko hands was tied, Kagami push the latter on the ground, violently spread out his legs, and kneel between them. He completely removed Tetsuya pants, the only piece of clothes that was still covering him was the top of his school uniform.

Kagami didn’t even think twice, in fact he wasn’t thinking anymore, he was acting like if he was possessed. The first time he thought about having sex with Kuroko, about the moment he would penetrate him, he wanted to be gentle, make sure he will not hurt him. But all those nice thoughts wash away with Tetsuya resistance. Now he didn’t care about if he will hurt him or not, he just wanted to make him his even if Kuroko hate him later, even he doesn’t want to talk to him or even see him anymore.

Taiga flip Kuroko over, he was now laid down on his belly. The red-haired boy grab Tetsuya hips and force him to take position on his knee. Kagami hold his hard dick in one hand and grip the hips with the other and force his way into Kuroko body. The latter let out a scream, a scream that anyone would have heard if it was earlier during the day, if they wasn’t deep in the wood.

When Kagami had inserted his cock in Kuroko was, he felt the skin tearing apart around his buuthole, he felt the blood flooding, it was warm he liked that. He heard Kuroko screaming, but he didn’t care he just continue pushing deeper and deeper and he liked that.

Once he felt he was deep enough once he felt he couldn’t got deeper, kagami start trusting in Kuroko. But not gentle trusted to let Tetsuya get use to it, no violent and strong trust aimed to make him scream.

Scream, Kuroko scream a lot, he cried a lot to, he called for help. A help that will never come, he also pray, he pray all the God he knew hoping one of them hear him out. He was exhausted, Kagami was going wild on him. Tetsuya knew he will not last long, he knew he will collapse soon. He began wishing it will be over soon.

Kagami was still going strong, not showing any sign he will stop soon. He already came twice in Kuroko and was planning to continue as long as he could.

Kuroko stopped screaming, it was no use, he was just crying. He started calling Aomine names, at first it was a really weak call, but more Kagami was trusting in him, louder the call became.

Kagami heard Kuroko calling for Aomine and it made him angry. How that guy could say the name of an other one when he was with him. Taiga was furious, he was seeing red. Kuroko needed to be punished, he needed to paid for his mistake. He will not go easy on him. Kagami grab Tetsuya icy-blue hair and pull his head toward him “You shouldn’t call his name, it will just make thing worse for you, after all it his fault if this is happening” he told Kuroko before letting his grip go. But the threat didn’t work Kuroko kept calling for Aomine. Even more furious, Kagami decide that if he couldn’t have Kuroko, no one could have him.

Previous – Hiding <——> Next – Breaking Point or Vanished
(Breaking Point is the darkest of the two ending)

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