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[Fanfic] Unrequited Love, Breaking Point

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Rating: Explicit (RT+18)

Kagami realize his feeling for Kuroko, but Kuroko love someone else. Will Kagami be able to hide his feeling for his teammate?

This fan fiction was really hard to write, for those you read “Bird of Prey” published in September, “Unrequited Love” is darker. Like the Ushijima X Oikawa fanfic, “Unrequited Love” contain rape and more…if you are not comfortable to read this genre on fanfic don’t read further. I also wrote two ending, one darker than the other, both gonna be published the same day.

Kagami slowly put his hand around Kuroko’s neck and began grasping it, tightening his grip each time Kuroko was breathing. He could sense Tetsuya heartbeat in his hands.

At first Kuroko struggle, try to make Kagami lost his grip, however each time he was moving, Kagami grip around his neck became more firm, like an anaconda squeezing the air out of its prey after each breathing. Tetsuya realized it was no use, trying to make Kagami lose his grip wouldn’t work, he started calling out his name with a weak voice


Slowly, Kuroko feel his conscience slipping away. His mind became clouded, he stop trying to beg Taiga to spare is life. As Kagami was still tightening his grip, Kuroko closed his eyes and then lost consciousness.

Kagami haven’t noticed, Kuroko wasn’t conscient anymore but he was still feeling a weak pulse as he continue strangling him. Soon the pulse stop in the same time, Taiga came one last time. Kuroko wasn’t breathing anymore, Kagami had killed him. The young man who was once Seirin’s ace slowly remove his dick from his victim ass and began the regain his sense. Realizing the mess he did, Kagami got scared, what would he do. He just raped and killed his friend. Someone who was trusting him. But all this was now in the past. The only that was left was Kuroko death body.

He looked at the lifeless body laying on the ground and suddenly remembered Kuroko calling out his name while he was strangling him. Even if Tetsuya was now death, even if he couldn’t say his name anymore, Kagami was still hearing his weak voice calling him

“What did I done?” asked Taiga to himself “Why just why did I done that?” The tall Seirin’s ace fell down on his knee beside Kuroko body. A strong feeling of guilt start to take place in his mind, replacing the anger he had earlier. “Kuroko….what did I done to you” he slowly said, the tear falling down. He looked at the lifeless body that was once his friend, brush away the dirty from his face. He looked like he was sleeping, but deep down Kagami knew it wasn’t the case, he knew he had killed Tetsuya, he killed him cause he was jealous, cause he wanted to make him his.

Kagami knew he couldn’t let thing the way it was, he needed to clean him, he didn’t wanted Kuroko to be found that way. Taiga pull back his pants and covered Kuroko with the top of his school uniform. After he tried to find a store where we could buy wipe. He only founded baby wipes, he didn’t care it will still do the job.

On his way back to the park, he passed by a store that was selling fishing item, he decide to take a look and ends-up buying a rope. He knew there was no way out for him. It would take time before he was found out. He didn’t want to face the population who will judge him. He didn’t want to see the disappointment into his friend and parent eyes. He knew he had mess-up and he didn’t plan to stay just to see what will happen next. He was a coward.

After buying the rope, Kagami headed to the park and where Kuroko’s body was still laying on the cold grass. Slowly he start to wash Kuroko’s body with the wipe. Removing the dirt, the blood, he tried to clean him as much as he can. He then dress him up, fixed his school uniform. While doing that, a piece of his heart, his soul was fading away. Kagami cried and he couldn’t stop the tears, he didn’t want to stop them.

Once he was done, he wrote a message in the note apps of his phone, made sure everyone would have access to it. He then call Himuro Tatsuya, one of his childhood friend. It was really late. Himuro was already deeply asleep, He let a short message, he said he was sorry, he will not be able to play basket with him anymore. He then proceed to call Alex, his basketball trainer from the time he was in America. He told her that he regretted not thanking her often enough for when she did for him. For all the help she gave him. Taiga hang-up before she could say, ask anything.

Lastly he call Aomine


“Kagami!? Why the fuck are you calling me at this time? “

“Just wanted to tell you that everything that happened was your fault, only your”

“You fucking idiot!! What are you talking about !”

“You know he loved you, but without knowing it you reject his love. He loved you, but I loved him…”

Before Aomine could add anything, Kagami hang-up and turn off his phone. He pick up the death body of Kuroko and bring him closer to the park path, near a bench. He wanted to make sure somebody discover him. Taiga put his phone in one pocket of Tetsuya school uniform. Before leaving him, he let one last kiss on Kuroko lips that was already turning cold and then headed back to the wood.

He looked for a tree where he could tied the rope to it. It had to be high enough for him to not touch the ground. He wished for a slow death, he wanted to suffer as much as Kuroko suffer, he wanted to feel his life leaving him, like Tetsuya did.

Once it was all set, he pass the rope around his neck, close his eyes and let the gravity do the rest.

He felt his body falling, the rope strangling him, by reflect his body gasp for air, his will to die fight against his will to survive. More his brain was struggling to live, more the rope was pressuring his throat. He slowly became blurry and then every was black. It was over, Kagami punished himself for the crime he had committed.

Kuroko body was discovered the next morning by a gardener with Taiga phone in his pocket. The authority didn’t have to look for the murder, they knew who he was, he had confess his crime on a note left on the smartphone. The only thing they have to do was looking for his body which was found the next day, hanging at a tree branch.

While lot of people from different school attended to Kuroko’s funeral, he was missed by a lot, Kagami funeral was almost forgotten, only his parent was there. He had been labelled as a rapist and murder. He didn’t deserve any attention.

It was his punishment for desperately wanting something he couldn’t have.


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