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[Fanfic] Unrequited Love, Vanished

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Rating: Explicit (RT+18)

Kagami realize his feeling for Kuroko, but Kuroko love someone else. Will Kagami be able to hide his feeling for his teammate?

This fan fiction was really hard to write, for those you read “Bird of Prey” published in September, “Unrequited Love” is darker. Like the Ushijima X Oikawa fanfic, “Unrequited Love” contain rape and more…if you are not comfortable to read this genre on fanfic don’t read further. I also wrote two ending, one darker than the other, both gonna be published the same day.


Kagami slowly put his hand around Kuroko’s neck and began grasping it, tightening his grip each time Kuroko was breathing. He could sense Tetsuya heartbeat in his hands.

At first Kuroko struggle, try to make Kagami lost his grip, however each time he was movie, Kagami grip around his neck became more firm, like an anaconda squeezing the air out of its prey after each breathing. Tetsuya realized it was no use, trying to make Kagami lose his grip wouldn’t work, he started calling out his name with a weak voice


Slowly, Kuroko feel his conscience slipping away. His mind became clouded, he stop trying to beg Taiga to spare is life. As Kagami was still tightening his grip, Kuroko closed his eyes and then lost consciousness.

Soon as Kagami felt Kuroko relaxing is muscle, he quickly released his grip. With a horrified look he pushed himself out of Kuroko’s body, then proceed to look for a pulse. He felt one under the pale skin, it was weak, but it was there. Taiga didn’t knew what to do, however he knew he couldn’t leave Tetsuya there. He tried to wake him up by shaking him, talking to him but the icy-blue hair young man wasn’t responding.

“Kuroko….please wake-up…please I beg you, I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking, I…didn’t want to hurt you…wake-up please…”

The tears were rolling of the Seirin’s ace cheek. He looked around and remembered they were far in the little wood, no one was around, no passing car, they were alone. “Dammit” thought Taiga “What I’m supposed to do now…” He stared at Tetsuya body which was laying on the ground, his pant was still pulled down to his knees. “Did I really did that?” he asked to himself perfectly knowing the answer. “I can’t leave him like that…I have to find some kind of way to clean him” Kagami was trying to gain back some control on his mind. Slowly he started to know what he will have to do. He pull back his pants up, covered Kuroko with his uniform and try to find a convenience store, he needed wipe, even if it’s baby wipes, he needed to find something to clean Kuroko’s body.

While he was walking in the street, Kagami tried to keep a low profile, he needed to find what he wanted fast without dragging attention on him. He found the little store a few corner away from the park. He bought everything he thought he could need, paid and quickly left, heading back to the park.

Kuroko was still laying on the grass where Kagami had left him. It didn’t seems like he gained back consciousness. The tall red-haired kneeled down beside him, shake him up once again, but Kuroko didn’t woke-up. Kagami panicked and looked for a second time to find a pulse. Tetsuya heart was still beating. Taiga left out a sigh of relief and proceed to wash his captain body. It took several minutes to clean him, once it was done, Kagami dress him back, lift him in his arm, walk toward a bench where he laid down Kuroko. While he was moving him, Taiga heard Tetsuya groaning, sign he was alive and might be conscious soon.

“It’s gonna be alright” whispered Kagami walking with Kuroko in his arm “it’s gonna be alright, I will quit the club, the school even move out of the country, you will not see me anymore, you will not have to fear to meet me in the street. I’ll leave you alone, I will not bother you, I will not tried to contact you, I will disappear from your life”

Kagami look at Kuroko, his eyelids was slightly moving, Tetsuya was about to wake-up, Taiga needed to leave.

Taiga walk back to his apartment, quickly prepare a bag, call his parent in the US to tell them his intention to move back really soon with them. They didn’t ask for any reason, any explanation. They told him they will book his flight the sooner as they can and then hang-up. Kagami finished to prepare his stuff waiting for the call of his parents, call that came a few minutes later, his flight was booked for tomorrow afternoon. Kagami thanks them, hang-up. He took a shower a tried to sleep but he wasn’t able, he laid in his bed staring at the ceiling, hoping Kuroko was alright. The ex-vice captain of Seirin finally fell asleep sure he had taken the right decision.

The morning came, Kagami call a taxi to go to the airport. He left his apartment with no intention of coming back at least not soon. Maybe once he will had finished school, after the university, he didn’t really know, perhaps we will never come back in Japan. Kagami didn’t really care at the moment, he only wanted to run away, run and leave this horrible night behind him. Not once he look at his phone, he didn’t even called Himuro to let him know he was going back in America.

The taxi in which Taiga was, passed by the park where he at left Kuroko the night before, he gave it a look and began shivering thinking about what he had done. A lonely tear fall down from his eyes, he look in front of him determined to forget and pass to something else.

**** A few year later ****

The ball left the hand to hit the rims of the basket

“The fuck Tetsu!! After all those year you still get can it in” said a tall tanned man to the icy-blue hair young teacher “pretty sure your student are better than you” he teased

“Aomine-kun, I’m not playing everyday like you, I not the one you got chosen for the national team” replied Kuroko

A bright smile appear on Daiki face “You are damn right Tetsu” ruffling the hair of his small friend leaving a peck on his forehead . “Being draft by that team is probably the best thing that happened to me” he added looking at the sky.

The dark-blue haired guy looked at his friend you was staring at the orange ball between his hand. He seems thinking.

“Say Tetsu…did you have any news?” asked Aomine.

“News of…” asked back Kuroko

“News of that moron who disappeared without saying anything” replied Daiki caressing Tetsuya cheek

A weak smile appear on Kuroko’s lips “No I haven’t “ he said looking at his boyfriend in the eyes.

Aomine and Kuroko started dating a year ago, no matter what was thinking Daiki about the big breast girl, he discover his feeling for his friend and ask him out right away. To Kuroko it was like a dream becoming true after a long nightmare.

“Really wonder why the fuck he left without saying anything” said Aomine wrapping his arm around Kuroko

“I wonder too” slowly replied Tetsuya

The man who was once the Seirin High team captain woke-up on a park bench, the throat on fire. The last thing he was remembering was talking to Kagami before the latter assault him..after that nothing only the dark. The next day Kagami didn’t came to school, the next week either. The team advisor finally informed Kuroko that Taiga at left school to move back to America. Tetsuya didn’t had any news from the one that used to be his friend, his game partner. To be honest he didn’t even knew what he should do if he meet him in the street, how would they would each other react. Somewhere inside him, Kuroko wasn’t afraid to meet him despite what he has done to him, but he wasn’t fully ready to do that.

Kuroko was still in Aomine arms when the latter left another kiss on his boyfriend’s forehead “let’s go home Tetsu” he said

None of them have noticed the shadow who was watching them over, the shadow adjust his hoodie “I’m happy for you Kuroko…” The tall shadow turn his sight away from the couple on the street basketball court and walk away, vanishing among the people walking on the sidewalk of the city.


Previous – Pain <——-> Alternative Ending – Breaking Point

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