[K-Friday] Right in the Feels with Kim Feel

The title might be lame, but the artist is far to be. I discover Kim Feel while watching the variety show Immortal song 2 (I discover a lot of artist through this show) and I will forever be thankful for that.

Kim Feel, real name Kim Pil (both name are written the same way in Hangeul 김필 since the letter “F” is switched to “p” in Korean) got discovered through the survival music show Superstar K during the 6th season which aired in 2014. While he didn’t win the competition he still finished 2nd and I must say that if it was only of me, he would have won that show.

In these spotlight post, I normally write about the background of the artist, however Kim Feel is still fairly new to the scene. So far he released two mini-album, “Feel Free” in 2015 and “From Feel” in 2016, six singles. Of course he also released some K-Drama OST and collaboration track like any South-Korean soloist.

Kim Feel enlist for his mandatory military service on the 31st of January.

This artist of a lot a great song and it’s really a shame that there is not a lot of people knowing about it. His two mini-album were pretty solid and I’m never tired to listen to him, he have such a unique voice.
Gonna share with you my two favorite song from each mini-album and my favorite performance he made on Immortal Song 2

“I Need You (True Love)” – Feel Free

“Monster” feat Echae Kang and Sang Ji Koh) – From Feel

“Golden Eyes” – Immortal Song 2, Late Baeho Special (aired in 2015)


Kim Feel is the perfect stage name for this soloist, really looking forward for is next release which should be in 2019 after his is being discharged from the military.

Did you ever hear about him? if yes which is your favorite song?
If you didn’t I really hope this post will make you want to dig his discography and remember to watch his Immortal Song stage.

~ Thank you for reading ~

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