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[Fanfic] My Love, Part 1

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Aomine x Kuroko
Raiting: 18+

It’s been two years Aomine and Kuroko are now living together as a couple, Kuroko work as a kindergarten teacher and Aomine as a police officer. They are living a happy life together until a certain night.

*Note: “My Love” is the first part of a series called “for Kuroko” the second part will be published in January 2018″*

It was Sunday, the sun was raising in the sky of Setagaya city, special ward of Tokyo, the bird were singing in the trees, the cherry blossom started to bloom. The voice of children playing outside could be heard. It was a good day, a nice a slightly warm day.

In a little house a young man was preparing a little bento for his other half who was working later in the day. He make sure a lot of protein was include, his work shift would be longer than usual since he accepted to replace a co-worker after his normal shift.

After finishing preparing the lunch box, the young man passed his hand through his icy-blue hair, his bang was getting longer, he soon will have to cut it. He look at the clock, it was almost 11am and his partner in life wasn’t awake yet. “Guess I will have to wake him up, if he doesn’t when to be late for work” he thought walking to the room.

The curtain not fully closed, was moving pushed by a gentle breeze coming from the window. He look at his lover, still sleeping. The tall tanned man was hugging the pillow under his head. The icy-blue-haired young man, passed his hand through the dark blue hair of his lover and called his name

“Aomine-kun? Aomine-kun…it’s time to get up, you will be late for work”

Aomine groaned, mumbled and slowly opened his eyes

“Tetsu… we moved in this ward to get the partnership certificate, it’s like if we were married, can you stop calling me by my last name? It’s been two years in a week!”

The young man smile at his still half asleep partner “Alright Daiki, now time to get of the bed, you are working in two hours”

Daiki smile, grabbed Tetsu, short for Tetsuya, wrist and pulled him toward him. Tetsuya fell in the bed and let Daiki hug him. The tanned young man gently kiss the soft lips of his lover and smile

“Good morning my love”

Tetsuya kiss him back

“Good morning, even if now it’s closer to afternoon, time for you to get prepared”

Tetsuya remove Daiki arms from around him and get out of the bed, he ask his lover if he wanted to eat at home or if he will do it on his way to work. Daiki stretch his arms while yawning and answer he will eat at home with him. “Okay, gonna go make something to eat then” replied Tetsuya “and take care of that boner of yours before coming in the dining room” he added before leaving their bedroom.

“Not planning to help me?” complained with a smile “It’s your fault after all, you rubbed your crotch on me the whole night”

“That’s a nice dream you had” replied Tetsuya with a sigh leaving the room for good.

Aomine looked his boyfriend leave the room with a smile, it has been two years they were living together as an official couple. The young man especially choose this ward because even if the same-sex marriage was legal in Japan this ward was delivering certificate, while is not the same as a marriage the Partnership certificate have some of its benefits. They were both happy like that, they could live together. Of course they still have to face some difficulties, but overall their relationship had been accepted by their families and friends and that all what was really matter. Tetsuya seems happy and if he was happy Daiki was happy too.

Daiki get off the bed and headed for the bathroom. Since his lover didn’t planned to help him and his little friend, he had to do it alone. It didn’t took time he just had to think of Tetsuya riding his dick. Once he was done, he took a quick shower and headed for the kitchen where Kuroko was finishing preparing the lunch, he was greeted by their furry friend on paws. Nigou came to welcome Aomine, the dog asked to be petted, waging his tails. The tanned young man looked at the time, he had about an hour before leaving for work.

He sat at the dining table while Tetsuya was deposing a plate in front of him. Today’s meal was a simple omelet, his lover knew Daiki didn’t like to eat too much before work. He would rather have snack during his work shift until his break over a heavy meals. Aomine slowly ate the omelet, he wasn’t he hurry to leave. He wanted to pass as much time as he could with his lover. Tetsuya was working to whole week as kindergarten teacher and had off Saturday and Sunday, while Aomine work schedule wasn’t as constant and define, however they were usually able to pass their Saturday together at home, being lovey-dovey in front of the TV.

After finishing eating, Aomine look at the time, he would have to leave soon. He got up his seat and bring his plate on the countertop, took his bag that was on the floor and walk to the entrance door.

Tetsuya watch his lover preparing to leave the house, he get up his seat and took the bento that he left on the kitchen counter. He walk to the front door

“Daiki, you forgot your bento” he told his partner giving him the little lunch box

“Oh, thanks” said Daiki taking the box in one hand before kissing his partner forehead.

He looked at Nigou who followed them and tell him to take care of his mom while he was away “Daddy will bring you something if you are a good boy” while caressing the head of the dog.

He put his hand on the doorknob and look at Tetsuya one last time before leaving for work. He noticed the worried look on his lover face.
He smile and get close to him, softly caressed his cheek.

“Don’t worry, I will be there tomorrow morning when you will awake up, I promise” he said before kissing him

Tetsuya kiss him back “I know” he said “Go before you get late” he added kissing Daiki one last time.

The dark-blue haired young man smile, open the front door and leave for work.

Kuroko was always worried when he was watching Daiki leaving the home for work, worried he will not come back. While Tetsuya work wasn’t dangerous, Daiki was something else, after graduating from high school, he decided to become a police officer.He still enjoyed playing basketball, but he thought that if he wasn’t playing every day, he would enjoyed it even more, but he still needed challenge in his life, thus he became a police officer. He knew is was a high risk job, he knew Tetsuya would be worried so he made sure to call him as often as he can to reassure him.

Aomine arrive at the police station where he was working and headed for his locker, greeting his co-workers on his way.

He opened the door of his locker, took his fire gun, the carrier that goes with and attached it to his belt, the took his cap and close the door when he heard someone yawning behind him.

“Morning” said a sleeping young man who opened the locker beside Aomine

“Morning?” replied Aomine “Takao it’s 1pm, good afternoon would probably more appropriate”

“I overslept, my girlfriend didn’t woke me up” complain the black-haired young man “how do you do to always be on time, you leaving farther than me and I know you like to sleep as much as I do”

“That’s because the one with whom I decided to share the rest of my life with, always make sure to wake me up” replied Aomine with a smile thinking about Tetsuya

“Ahhhh, if only my girlfriend would be as thoughtful as your boyfriend my life would be much easier” said Takao closing the door of his locker after taking what he needed.

“Forget that, you better buy a good alarm instead, Satsu will never be as thoughtful as Tetsu, I know what I’m talking about” replied Aomine with a smirk

“Sure childhood friend knows a lot” said Takao with a smile

Aomine smile back, Satsuki and Takao was now dating for a year, the pink-haired young girl was even talking about marriage. Aomine was happy for her, she actually was able to let her feeling for Kuroko go and pass to something else. He remember his first months dating Tetsuya was hard, his friend didn’t want to talk to him, she was angry at him. He couldn’t blame her, he steal the one she was in love with. It maybe took eight months to Satsuki to accept the fact her childhood friend was dating the one she had considered her boyfriend and that they were leaving together. Now everything was like it was before, or almost, the young woman wasn’t clingy was she was before. Now she was happy with her boyfriend, while Aomine didn’t approve Takao right away, he knew the former Shutoku point guard was probably the best thing that could happen to her.

They both headed to the meeting room, take their place and wait to see where they would be dispatch. Their chief gave all the people present in the room a fast briefing. Some street gang was playing rough with some yakuza gang. The street gang try to steal the yakuza drug deal territories, both group needed to be watch over. Several shop owner had complain about a thief, it seems to be the same guy each time. The suspect was going in the shop, take valuable item and run away. They didn’t have much description and the surveillance camera footage was blurry. They couldn’t even tell if he was armed or not. Lastly, their chief told them about a series of attack on schoolgirl, some of them have been raped, it was happening during the day in isolated area, the victims have all the same description of their aggressor, tall, gray hair with pierced ear, he threaten them with a knife before pushing them away from the street to rape them. After the briefing the team were dispatched, as usual Aomine and Takao was teamed together.

Getting out the meeting room, Takao look at his phone and sigh “It will be a long” he said. Aomine smile thinking about his double shift. Hopefully the rest of the day and the night will be quiet. “Can wait to be back home he thought” getting in the patrol car.

After his double shift, Aomine get back to his home exhausted. The porch door light was turn on and he could see a light in the living room “Tetsuya is not sleeping yet?” he thought “ he have to get up early tomorrow”. The dark-blue haired young man unlocked the front door and walk in his home. He was greeted by Nigou who was wagging his tail, happy to see his daddy. Daiki petted the dog’s head, removed his shoes and walk to the living room, where he found his boyfriend sleeping on the couch. Daiki smile, pushed the icy-blue hair back and kiss Tetsuya forehead before taking him in his arm. “It’s a good thing he is small” he thought giggling knowing his lover would be angry if he heard that.

He slowly deposed his boyfriend in their bed and headed for the bathroom where he took a long shower. He get back to the room after and carefully laid down beside Tetsuya, making sure to not wake him up. Look at the alarm on the night table to see if it was set for the morning and then passed his arms around Kuroko who immediately get closer to him, safe in his arm.

Daiki watched Tetsuya sleeping until he fell asleep himself. He was happy of his life with his boyfriend and was hoping it never change.


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