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[Fanfic] My Love, Part 2

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Aomine x Kuroko
Raiting: 18+

It’s been two years Aomine and Kuroko are now living together as a couple, Kuroko work as a kindergarten teacher and Aomine as a police officer. They are living a happy life together until a certain night.

*Note: “My Love” is the first part of a series called “for Kuroko” the second part will be published in January 2018*

Tetsuya woke up the Monday morning in his bed in Daiki’s arm, he woke up a little bit before the alarm, thus he made sure to turn it off before it awakes his boyfriend. He remembered passing out on the couch, waiting for Aomine to get back. He knew he would have been scolded by the latter, but he wanted to see him before going to sleep, make sure he was safe and back home.

Kuroko get out from under the blanket and crawled out of the bed, moving as little as possible. He washed his face and came back to get dressed, then headed for the kitchen where he was greeted by Nigou who wanted to be pet. Tetsuya took the little dog and walk around the kitchen to get the dog food. After feeder the dog, he let him go out in their small backyard.

While Nigou was outside, Kuroko prepared his breakfast and lunch for the day and after eating he prepared Daiki lunch box for his shift later today. He was thinking about his life with Aomine, what they have been through during their junior high year, their high school year, then Aomine proposal. Aomine enroll in the police school and Kuroko start studying to become a teacher, he stop his choice on the kindergarten, at least they will be all smaller than him. Once they both finish their study they moved out their parent house and move in the Setagaya ward, ward where they could obtain a partnership certificate, that certificate was the closer they could get from getting married. A lot happen and now he was living a happy life with his boyfriend. He couldn’t ask for more. They didn’t need child, they had Nigou it was enough for them. The little dog was like their child.

Kuroko was brought back from his thought by Nigou scratching the door, he was ready to get back in. The icy-blue haired young man open the back door and let their little furry child in, before finishing to get his stuff ready.

Before leaving for work, he get to his room where Aomine was still deeply asleep. He set the alarm Daiki would have to get up if he didn’t want to be late and leave a soft kiss on his lips “See you later” he whispered before leaving the room and the house.

A few hours later Aomine woke-up with the help of the alarm, the look at the noisy object, turn it off and get off the bed with difficulties. He wanted to say under the warm blanket, but knew he couldn’t Tetsuya would be angry at him if he missed work. He slowly walk to the bathroom to wash his face and shave the short hair on his chin, he knew Kuroko didn’t like to kiss him when he barb was growing. After he get back to his room, look for his uniform, dressed and get to the kitchen where their dog was waiting for him. He look at the time and realize he would have time to go for a walk with Nigou, a short one, but it would be enough to make the dog happy and it will help to wake him up. When he got back, he eat and prepare to go to work.

At the station he looked for his next schedule, he wasn’t working next Saturday, he would be able to pass the day with his boyfriend, being cozy at home with their dog. That also mean they would probably have sex the Friday night. Just the thought was enough to make Aomine smile. He sent a message text Tetsuya to let him know his work schedule, the latter like to know when his lover was living a dangerous life, and then headed for the meeting room where Takao was waiting for him.

After his day of work. Kuroko headed for his home, stopping by the grocery store for the diner. He knew he would be alone, but still wanted to make something tasty for Daiki. Once he got home, he bring Nigou outside for a walk to the park nearby. The little dog was well-educated and didn’t really needed a leash. They both came back an hour later and Tetsuya start preparing the diner.

Daiki came back home right before Tetsuya get to bed, right in time to kiss him good night. Tetsuya told him to not stay up too late and headed for their room.

Aomine eat alone on the corner of the counter, watch the information a bit, take a shower and then go sleep. Like the night before, Tetsuya and him cuddle under the blanket until the morning

The rest of the week went fast, before they knew it, Friday was already there. Aomine had a morning shift, thus he finished earlier than his boyfriend and he took this occasion to make him surprise by cooking the diner. Usually it was always Tetsuya who was cooking, each time Aomine try to convince him to let him do it, they always ended up eating ramen, cause Aomine lose patience in the process. But today he wanted to make something, a real meal his lover could enjoy, but he didn’t knew what to make. The one person who could help him was leaving across the globe in L.A and he didn’t see himself calling Kagami for that even more since the latter didn’t really call to give news either.

Since Tetsuya and Daiki started dating, Taiga distance himself from the couple, declining their invitation to play basketball, not returning their calls, he didn’t even told them when he moved back in the U.S. At first Aomine was annoyed, he was losing he great basketball partner, but somehow he knew the reason behind Kagami leaving them behind. He knew it but he didn’t want to tell Tetsuya, he was already troubled enough when Kagami move back, if he knew it was partially because of him he would get more sad.

Daiki was still thinking about Kagami, when Nigou nuzzled his little black nose against his dad’s leg, the little dog wanted to go outside. Aomine look at the time, he still had two full hour before Tetsuya gets back, he decide to go for a walk, maybe will he think of something while strolling in the street.

The walk did nothing, it didn’t bring him some idea about the diner “guess I will have to use my imagination” he told to himself, opening the fridge door. He finally decide to make a curry, not too complicated but still better than ramen. While everything was cooking, he look if they had vanilla ice cream, Tetsuya wasn’t fond of dessert, but he would never say no to a vanilla shake.

When Kuroko opened the door of his home, he smell the spice in the air, it was smelling good.

“Daiki” he called from the entrance closing the door behind him.

Hearing the voice of his momma, Nigou run to greet him. Kuroko took the small dog in his arms after removing his shoes and walk to the kitchen where Daiki was preparing the plate.

“That’s smell good” said Kuroko to his boyfriend “You made a curry?” he then asked

“I try, look edible, but probably not better as your” replied the dark-blue haired young man kissing his boyfriend. “How was your day? The little monster you keep didn’t drive you crazy?”

“Daiki, I’m sure it will be good and those child are not monster, they are more disciplined than you” replied Kuroko with a sigh

“The only one who can be more disciplined than me, is me” said Aomine with a smile

Tetsuya shook his head wondering why he came to date that clown.

“Gonna go change clothes” he said to his boyfriend who was stirring the curry

“Okay, it’s almost ready” replied Aomine who deposit is wooden spoon to take out to plate.

Daiki prepared the plate and deposed them on the table.

The young couple ate facing each other, talking about their day. When they were done, Aomine told Kuroko stay where he was while he was cleaning to the table. Kuroko.could hear he was preparing something else in the kitchen, but could tell what. Daiki came back a moment later with a tall glasses and a straw.

“You did a shake!” exclaimed Kuroko

“You are not very fond on dessert after dinner, but I thought you couldn’t resist this” replied Aomine with a smile, leaving the cold drink in front of his boyfriend, who took the straw from his hand to plant it in the milky liquid.

Tetsuya took a sip and softly smile “This is better than the one at Majin” he said while blushing.

Daiki couldn’t hide his satisfaction, he actually manage to make a good diner for once, plus his boyfriend seems enjoyed it. That was a good start for the evening and night. It has been almost a full week they haven’t had sex and Daiki was looking forward to that night with his boyfriend, hopefully the latter would be in the mood to do it.

After the diner, they clean up the table and they washes the dishes. Tetsuya felt a bit playful and ended putting bubble everywhere but mostly on Daiki’s face and Nigou’s head. From the way Kuroko was acting, Aomine could tell their night interesting. When Tetsuya was like that he was always more naughty in bed to Aomine’s pleasure.

After finishing to clean the dishes, they sat on the couch to relax in the living room. Aomine was in a hurry to caress the white and soft skin of his boyfriend, they had the whole night and the whole day tomorrow.

While Aomine was watching the TV, Kuroko was leaning against him, reading a book. During the commercial Daiki was softly biting Tetsuya’s ear waiting for a reaction. He knew when his boyfriend would react it will be the time to get serious and continue in their bed.

An hour had passed when Tetsuya closed his book and turn his head toward Daiki to kiss him before saying: “Let’s go to the room he said with a light blush on the cheek”

Aomine smile kiss him back “That a great idea he replied.

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