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[Fanfic] My Love, Part 3

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Aomine x Kuroko
Raiting: 18+

It’s been two years Aomine and Kuroko are now living together as a couple, Kuroko work as a kindergarten teacher and Aomine as a police officer. They are living a happy life together until a certain night.

*Note: “My Love” is the first part of a series called “for Kuroko” the second part will be published in January 2018*

Daiki and Tetsuya walked to their room, in fact it was more Tetsuya trying to walk to their room while Daiki just kept kissing him and undressed him, both young men were naked before they reach the room.

Once in the room Kuroko just had the time to close the door behind them, that Aomine push him on the door, inserting his finger in his lover butthole.

“Daiki” whispered Tetsuya, tightening his grip on Aomine arms “at least wait we get in bed”

“Don’t wanna” replied Aomine, who was still kissing his boyfriend neck and nibbling his ear while pushing his finger inside his ass “Sooner you are ready, better it is” he added before lifting him from the ground to carry him to the bed.

Aomine wanted to push his cock inside Kuroko now, he didn’t want to wait, but he knew it would be more painful. Plus he didn’t want to screw all the efforts he made to make the perfect evening over the fact he was hungry for sex. He slowly removed his finger from Kuroko asshole before deposed him on the bed and start to relax.

Tetsuya knew Daiki wanted to have sex with him soon, he wanted to make him scream his name until the morning, thus before his boyfriend get on top of him, Kuroko kneel in front of his on the bed, took his lover dick in one hand and began to stroke it before sucking it.

Daiki smile, his boyfriend knew what he wanted and he wanted to give him as fast as possible. It was a rare sight, the icy-blue-haired young man barely never took the initiative of giving his lover a blowjob, he only done it when Daiki asked for it, plus he was preparing himself. Aomine could see Kuroko inserting his finger in his ass, Daiki was really turn on by what he was seeing.

While Tetsuya was sucking on his dick, Daiki look at his right, wondering if he could reach the night table from where he was. The first drawer should still contain some pack on condom. Like if he knew what Aomine was thinking Kuroko looked at him and stop what he doing

“Don’t put one today” he simply said to the navy-blue haired young man

“But it will be a hassle to clean after” replied Daiki surprise by his lover request

“I know, but I also know you don’t like wearing one” said Tetsuya who continue to suck on Daiki’s dick.

Aomine began to wonder if he just had felt asleep on the couch in front of the TV. He was the one who wanted to surprise Kuroko, but now he was the one who was surprised by his lover attitude. He pass his hand through the soft baby blue hair, even if Tetsuya wasn’t sucking often on his cock, he was still skilled, the tanned young man began to moan, calling his lover name.

Tetsuya bring Daiki on the verge to come and then stop. He looked at the dark blues eyes of his boyfriend and told him he was ready. Aomine smirked and replied “Let’s see how ready you are” pushing Kuroko on the mattress.

He spread Kuroko’s legs, kneel between them and slightly raise his lover hips before slowly pushing his dick inside his boyfriend ass.

Feeling the tips of Daiki’s cock entering him, Tetsuya grabbed the pillow under his head and squeezed it. “Daaaaiiiikiii” he moaned

“You’re alright” asked Daiki hoping he wasn’t hurting his lover

“I’m all good” replied Kuroko “I just forgot I good it was to feel you inside me”

“Hmmm good you say, let’s see how you like that” said Daiki before thrusting in Tetsuya

Kuroko could feel Daiki’s dick going in and out, he could feel it rubbing his inside and he loved that sensation, it wouldn’t have been the same if Aomine have put a condom on his dick. Yes, it would be more difficult to clean after, Daiki tend to leave a lot of his fluid behind, but Tetsuya want to feel him even more, they haven’t had the chance to have sex a lot lately, both were working a lot of different schedule. Therefore tonight he wanted to let Daiki feel good and without any restrictions.

Daiki was moving on top of Kuroko, their body movement were synchronized together. Each time Daiki would go deeper, Tetsuya was moaning louder. Placing his hand on each side of his boyfriend head, Daiki got closer to Tetsuya and left a kiss on his soft lips. Kuroko wanted more, he placed his arm around Aomine’s neck and bring him even closer to kiss him back. He wanted to feel the weight of the tanned young man body on him.

“Daiki…” whispered Tetsuya in his boyfriend’s ear while placing his legs around his boyfriend waist “more…”

“Woa, I guess it’s my lucky day” replied Daiki going faster and deeper which made Tetsuya scream of pleasure

Aomine felt Kuroko tightening his ass around his cock, he knew he was close to reach his climax, he also knew he was himself close to come. He cock grow bigger and Tetsuya hole became even more tight.

“DAIKI!!!!!” Screamed Kuroko which had just come

“Tetsu…” simply said Daiki collapsing beside his boyfriend.

Daiki laid on his back and Tetsuya placed his on his chest and close his eyes. Aomine could see the light blush on his boyfriend’s cheek.

“Don’t sleep” said Daiki “You should go clean yourself, if you don’t your stomach might not like you later”

“hmmmm, not now, we gonna do it again anyway…right?” asked Tetsuya

“Ohhh, feel like doing it again” asked back Daiki

“Do you still have enough energy for that” asked Tetsuya

“Energy? For you I always have energy my love” replied Daiki “get on your knees” he then asked.

Tetsuya smile and roll on his tummy to then get on his knees as Daiki asked. The latter grabbed his hips with a hand and push his cock in the wet asshole with the other. This time it was easier to do, it just slipped in.

When Aomine began to move, Tetsuya curved his back and turn his head to see his boyfriend behind him. Daiki lean forward to reach Tetsuya lips and passionately kissed him.

This around was faster, it didn’t took time before they both came.

After Kuroko empty himself from all the fluid that Daiki had left in him, they took a long shower together, where they did it again and then relax in the bath.

After their bath, Aomine carry Kuroko in his arm to their room. The latter was already falling asleep in the bath and gently deposed him on the bed. Daiki laid next to him and pass his arm under Tetsuya’s head. By reflex, the icy-blue-haired young man move his head on his boyfriend chest and stayed like that until the morning

When the morning came, Kuroko woke-up cuddled in Aomine’s arms, the strong arms of his boyfriend was hugging him. He looked a the sleeping face of his navy-blue haired lover and smile “if only all the morning were like that” he thoughts.

Tetsuya tried to move without awakening Daiki, he wanted to get out of the bed and see if Nigou was okay. With the evening and night they had, the icy-blue-haired young man didn’t had the chance to check on the dog before the going to sleep.

He was about to free himself from his boyfriend embrace, when he felt the latter pulling him toward him.

“Where do you think you are going?” asked Daiki the eyes still closed

“Nigou, gonna go see if he if is okay” replied Tetsuya

“I already did it, I took him out for a small walk and gave him food” said Daiki opening one eye.

“You did?” asked Tetsuya “I didn’t noticed when you left the room”

“That’s because you sleep like a log, when you are asleep nothing can wake you up” replied Daiki kissing Tetsuya forehead. “Therefore since I already took care of that lovely ball of fur, you can stay under the blanket with me until we get really hungry” he said with a smile.

“Yes we can” replied the young man, pressing his body against his boyfriend’s body.

They get up from the bed a few hours later, Tetsuya quickly prepared sandwich and the young couple decide to go play basketball to a street court near by. They invited some of their friend and Takao came with Satsuki.

After their games they get back to their home after stopping to buy grocery for the week. Once home they had sex again. For both of them it’s was the perfect Saturday. Tomorrow Daiki will be working, thus they wanted to enjoy their day off together to the maximum.

The end of the day came they go sleep in the same time. Tetsuya wanted to fell asleep in Daiki’s arms once again. He knew he would be there when he would woke-up, but if he could peacefully sleep against him again it was okay.

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