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[Fanfic] My Love, Part 4

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Aomine x Kuroko
Raiting: 18+

It’s been two years Aomine and Kuroko are now living together as a couple, Kuroko work as a kindergarten teacher and Aomine as a police officer. They are living a happy life together until a certain night.

*Note: “My Love” is the first part of a series called “For Kuroko” , the second part will be published in January 2018*

Sunday morning, Aomine opened his eyes, blinked looking at the ceiling, it was awfully early, he look at the alarm, a few minutes was left before it started ringing. The young man sighed “Guess there is no point for me to say in bed now that I’m awake”, he turn off the alarm before it woke up the icy-blue-haired young man who was sleeping beside him. Daiki passed his head through the silky hair of his boyfriend who was still sleeping soundly. The tanned young man smile and get off the bed, making sure to make less noises as possible.

He carefully get dressed and headed for the kitchen. On his way, he got greeted by Nigou, the little dog put his paw on the leg of his daddy, he wanted to be taken. Aomine looked at the black and white fur ball, smirked and bend to take him. He slowly walk to the back door where he let Nigou outside and walk back to the kitchen.

He prepared the little dog food “Gonna have to buy more soon” he thought looking inside the bag that was almost empty “I’ll tried to remember it after work”. Daiki looked at the calendar on the wall next to him, there was something else he needed to remember, their “wedding” anniversary. While they never had an actual wedding, Daiki wanted to make sure they celebrate the day the got their partnership certificate, and that anniversary was on the upcoming Friday, he knew he was working on the Friday but not on the Saturday and he also had the Sunday off thus he decide to celebrate it on the Saturday “Hmmm Osen…that seems like a nice place, yep hot spring weekend, gonna reserved the day before”.

Once he had decided of what he will be doing for their “wedding” anniversary, Aomine finished to prepare his lunch and start his breakfast, while the bread was in the toaster he let Nigou back inside. After eating he silently left home to work, but before he made sure to softly kiss Kuroko who was still sleeping “Have a good day” he said leaving the room.

The rest of the week was a copy paste of the Sunday, except it was Tetsuya who was leaving before Daiki was awake. All along the week, Aomine kept looking at calendar, he was looking forward their weekend at the hot springs, a weekend alone together, he already have asked Takao if he could take care of Nigou for the time they will be gone. Now he only had to book their room. Since it was the low season, he will sure to have a nice room with a private hot bath.

Thursday came, Tetsuya left the house while Daiki was still asleep, when he woke up around noon, he had to run to not be late to work, he took the hot springs number in note and decide to call during one of his break.

When he got to the police station, he quickly put away his stuff and took is fire gun, then run to the briefing room. He sat beside Takao who grind when he saw his co-worker rushing to sit.

“Nice to see you late for once” said Takao with a smile.

“Gimme a break, I had to prepare your luggage without him knowing and got to bed later than I thought” replied Daiki without looking at his friend

“You could have just said, Yes Takao I overslept, and that would have been enough” replied Takao laughing

“Shut up” said Daiki looking at their chief who was about to speak

It was pretty much the same thing than the other day, the street gang versus the minor Yakuza group, the thief and the serial rapist. Nothing much had changed, they haven’t more information to give about the thief and the rapist.

After the briefing, all the team left for the patrol, on their way to the car Daiki asked Kazunari to remind him to call the hot springs during on of their break. Takao teased him, for someone who was excited he was quite late for the booking, the only replied the young man got was a punch on the shoulder.

The shift went pretty well, they had to take care of a minor fight between two old lady who was fighting over a parking lot. Daiki didn’t had the chance to call the Onsen and decide to do it after his shift, hopefully it will be still have someone at the counter. The sun was setting and they were about to go back to the station when they receive a call, a suspicious individual was walking around the park. Aomine and Takao decide to take the call, they were the closest, it would be their last for the day.

In the park the decide to split to cover more ground, which would become a mistake, Daiki went on the left while Kazunari took the right side of the park.

Daiki was walking, the park was getting darker while the sun began to hide behind the building. He heard a scream on his right, near the restroom and took that direction.

On place he saw a young lady with ripped clothes in tears, he could see the fear in his eyes. The crouch down try to reassure her and call Takao with the talkie-walkie, the latter replied he was on his way to join him.

While he was talking to the young ladies, Daiki didn’t noticed the man who was coming closer to him, the lady did, her face contortions in fear, wanted to scream but couldn’t. Realizing what was happening, Daiki took out his fire gun and began to turn to confront the rapist but didn’t had time.

He first felt the tip of the cold metal piercing the skin of his neck, and then the blood flowing out the wound. The rapist just cut a major artery.

While the blood was splattering from his neck, following the pace of his pulse, Daiki slowly turned around to see the attacker, gray hair, pierced ear and a grin, grin he already seen before

“Haizaki….” mumbled Daiki before losing consciousness

While he was unconscious, feeling the life was leaving him, he vaguely heard Takao scream following by the gunshot, he could heard Takao next to him tell him to say with them, to think about the hot springs, while calling the paramedic.

Daiki thought about the life he had, he was sad he couldn’t go to the Onsen with Tetsuya, but he still had two years of happiness with him.

Aomine’s pulse slow down like his breath, the heard the sound of the ambulance coming, soon he wasn’t hearing anything anymore, he was surrounded by the dark and the cold, by the death.

The paramedic did what they could to save him, but the artery that was cut was the jugular, they could do nothing more except to cover the lifeless body of Aomine. A second and third team came, one took care of the lady and the other of Haizaki. Takao didn’t missed him, a bullet right through the brain. The raven haired young man was sitting in a patrol car answering his superior question. They try to assure him he did the right thing, the attacker could have kill the young woman after. Takao looked at them ask if he could go home now, he had to let Daiki’s life partner know about what just happened, he didn’t want to let a random officer do it. His superior agreed, making him promise that if there was anything to come see him. Takao nodded and left in a patrol car accompanied by an other officer.

At the station, he opened his locker and Daiki’s locker, on the door he saw a picture taken a few years ago on Tetsuya birthday. The complete team of Generation of Miracles was there with Satsuki “shit I will have to tell all of them” he thought while the tear was filling his eyes. First he had to go to his house, tell his girlfriend, Satsuki was Daiki childhood friend how he can announced that to her.

Takao left the police station broken, he his late co-worker stuff in his hand. He reach his home around midnight. He carefully opened the door where Satsuki was sleepy and gently awaken her.

“Satsu-chan…I…I have to tell you something…” he slowly said stroking her pink hair

“What it is Kazu” she replied rubbing her yes

“….sit on the bed first…” said Takao

The young pink-haired woman sat on the edge of the bed while her boyfriend was taking her delicate hand.

“Something happened during the patrol today…” began to say Takao “We. ..we were about to get back to the station when he hear a called and since we were the closest…we…we decide to take it”

“Kazu….where is Dai-chan” asked Satsuki the eyes full of tears

“Honey…” said Takao rubbing his girl hand in his “Daiki got stabbed in…the neck…the jugular got cut and….”

“Ka….zu…” said the young woman with a trembling voice

“Dai… didn’t make it” said Takao whole trying to hold back his tears

Satsuki burst in tear, she was uncontrollable. She was crying, screaming the life was unfair, why her best friend had to die now that he had a happy life.

Takao try to calm her down, telling her Tetsuya wasn’t aware of it yet and he had to tell him. Satsuki got up from the bed with difficulties and told he she will come with him. “I want to be there for Testu-kun ” she said. Takao reluctantly agreed and helped her to get dressed.

Once at Tetsuya house, Takao had to press on the doorbell a few time before the icy-blue-haired young man come to door. When he saw the buffy eyes of Satsuki he knew something bad had happened to Daiki, but he wasn’t ready to hear what Takao told him.

The tears began to run down his cheek, he didn’t knew what to think, how to react, he just cried while saying his late boyfriend name like a broken robot. He eyes was emptied, he just kept staring in front of him. Takao assured him he will not have nothing to do, he would take care of everything. Telling Daiki’s parent and the rest of the Generation of Miracles “Don’t worry, everything is gonna be alright, just rest” said Takao. Satsuki look at her friend, holding back her tear, she passed her arms around his shoulders “I will stay here with you, I’ll not letting you alone Testu-kun” Kuroko squeezed her forearms while nodding. He tried to get up from the couch where he was sitting, but collapsed on the floor, his legs couldn’t support him, like if he knew something was wrong with his master, Nigou came to him and nuzzled his little black nose against his master legs. Kuroko look at him and took him in his arm hugging him.

Takao helped Kuroko to get back on his feet and Satsuki helped him to get to his room where he laid on the bed with Nigou still in his arms.

The next morning everyone was there, Akashi, Kise, Midorima and Murasakibara, the former member of the Generation of Miracles was there comforting their friend and grieving the loss of an other. Akashi had all called Aomine’s parent to tell them of they needed anything or any help they just had to ask.

Kuroko looked at everyone around him not knowing what to do, he had lost his bestfriend and lover at the same times. It was the first time he was feeling that lost. He didn’t knew what to do, how he will face the life without the one he was supposed to go through it with. He knew the worst had to come, the wake will be soon and he will have to say one last goodbye to Daiki.

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