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[Fanfic] My Love, Part 5 (last Part)

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Aomine x Kuroko
Raiting: 18+

It’s been two years Aomine and Kuroko are now living together as a couple, Kuroko work as a kindergarten teacher and Aomine as a police officer. They are living a happy life together until a certain night.

*Note: “My Love” is the first part of a series called “For Kuroko” , the second part will be published in January 2018*

Tetsuya woke up earlier than he should have. He didn’t needed to wake-up that early, it wasn’t even 5am yet, but wasn’t able to sleep anymore, the bed was now too big and he was feeling lost in it, even when Nigou was with him. It has been fours days Daiki, his lover, got killed and he wasn’t used yet to sleep alone.

During those past three days he woke-up more than once in the middle of the night, looking for his lover, but when realizing Aomine wasn’t by his side anymore and couldn’t help but cried, regretting not being able to tell him he how much he loved him, how much he was grateful toward life to have put him on his path, crying about how much life was now unfair, to leave him alone, after giving him happiness.

He looked at his reflexion in the mirror, the bag under his eyes was a sign he had cried more than he had slept. Him who was the shadow of talented basketball player, was now the shadow of himself. When Daiki died, a part of Tetsuya’s soul died with him.

Tetsuya was still looking at his miserable self through the mirror when he heard the door opened downstairs. His parents were here to take him to the funeral. He looked at himself on last time, fixed his hair and tie and headed to the entrance.

“Tetsuya, dear…” softly said Tetsuya’s mother placing his son hair.

Tetsuya looked at his mother with empty eyes and try to smile, but just trying to look okay to not worry his parent was painful to him. His mother rubbed his arms “It’s gonna be alright” she said “we are there for you, everyone is here for you”. She took his son’s arm and Tetsuya left the home, he was sharing with the love of his life not a long time ago, with his parent and Nigou. Akashi had somehow managed to convinced the funeral home to let the dog come along with his owner. Nigou was not just only a dog, he was part of the family and right now the biggest support Kuroko could have. They agreed as long as he stayed quiet.

Today was the final goodbye Tetsuya would give to his boyfriend, Kuroko knew he had to be brave, be strong, not break down in tears, like he had done the past few days. This day would be the hardest, for him and all their friends.

The past two days, Kuroko saw a lot of people, most of them were people from high school, old teammates of Daiki, former rivals, they were all there to give him a final goodbye. Tetsuya spoke a bit with Imayoshi, who was once captain of Touou Academy, the high school Aomine attend. He was telling him story from the time he was the team captain and Aomine an arrogant first year whose main hobby was to skip the practice. Hearing story from the past, made some good to Tetsuya who manage to show a weak smile.

All the remaining members of the Generation of Miracles was there surrounding their friend, comforting him. Tetsuya’s parent was never really far, even if their son was trying to convince them that he was okay, they knew he wasn’t and could collapsed anytime. Since he wasn’t eating really well the past days, Mrs. Kuroko had to force him to eat, Satsuki had also made sure to bring him home meals, even Murasakibara, whom never share his food, made sure Kuroko eat well. The icy-blue haired young men had lost a lot of weight and everyone was worry of his well-being.

Receiving the condolence of everyone, keeping Nigou in his hand, Kuroko made his way to Daiki’s parent. His mother-in-law greet him with a warm hug, rubbing his back, while trying to hold back her tears. They have lost their child, thing that shouldn’t happen, parent shouldn’t have to bury their child, in wasn’t the way life should work. However, the tragedy hit and now they couldn’t do anything about it, except make their son proud from where he was.

Slowly people continue to arrive, they all took place on the chair disposed in a garden, Akashi took care of everything, he knew how much Daiki like to take nap outside, so he request the funeral to be held outside. It was a sunny day, the kind of day Aomine would love. The bird could be heard in the air, the sound of the breeze passing through the trees branches, was giving a calming feeling.

The ceremonies start the priest voice chanting a sutra could be heard. All through the ceremonies, Kuroko had kept his eyes on the casket draped with the Japanese flag. Aomine died in action and his superior wanted to honor that. After the ceremonies ended, Takao, who was wearing his uniform, fold the flag with another police officer and gave it to Aomine’s mother. Kuroko who was beside her, heard her whispering that he would have it later, her husband and her agreed to that, Tetsuya wanted to protest, but he knew it would be pointless.

Then Takao and five other police officers carried the casket under a guard of honor while fire shot could be heard. Daiki’s parent and Tetsuya was grateful of all the honor Aomine’s was receiving. The carrier deposed the casket in a car that would brought it to the cremation center.

Kuroko watched the car going away and felt his leg weak, quickly Kise came to support him and the of the remaining member of the Generation of Miracle came closer. Mrs Kuroko and Mrs Aomine made her way to the young boy and took him in their arms to comfort him. The group then walk away, they were all meeting at Akashi’s family house, the only place big enough receive them all.

Once at Akashi’s place, he was forced by his former captain to take go sleep, he could bring Nigou with him if he wanted. Akashi wanted him to rest and tell the same to Aomine’s mother. Tetsuya and her need sleep, none of them have slept much. Now it was over everyone would make sure they take plenty of rest.

Kuroko woke-up later, he was hungry, which was a good sign, Akashi made the cook prepare something for his friend. After the young man had finished eating, he joined everyone outside. Most of them were playing basketball, Kuroko smile seeing them on the court, even Momoi and Mr. Aomine was participating to the match, Daiki wouldn’t want to see his family and friend dwelling over his death for too long, he would have want see them having fun, playing the sport he liked so much.

The day came to an end and everyone left to their home, Satsuki made Kuroko promise to pay her a visit soon and left with Takao who gave a pat on Tetsuya’s back.

A few days later, after work, Tetsuya decide to take a walk with Nigou to Satsuki and Takao’s place.

“Tetsu-chan!” said the young pink haired woman opening the door

“Momoi-san” said Kuroko with a smile

She let him with the black and white dog inside the house and bring them to the living room. “Stay there, I’ll prepare some tea” she say to her friend before leaving for the kitchen. Meanwhile Takao arrive home, joke about seeing an other man, who was the former crush of his fiance in his home while is not there. Kuroko replied, he should be careful about leaving her alone, it would be easy for him to steal her. Takao took a false horrified expression before laughing, knowing Kuroko weird sense of humor. Takao left Kuroko to change himself and Momoi came back to the living room with tea and cake.

The three of them talk about their everyday life, about how thing were going, due to their work they didn’t had much time to talk since the funeral. Satsuki carefully asked how the cremation go, Kuroko look at her with a soft smile “it was okay…I guess” he said before looking at the cup of tea in his hand. Satsuki bite her lips, hoping she didn’t make a mistake, but soon after Kuroko gave her a real smile and ask her how the preparation for the wedding was going. Takao took this occasion to ask Kuroko if he wanted to be his best man along with Midorima and Kasamatsu , the black-haired young man admitted he was supposed to ask Aomine, but life decide something else, Kuroko said he would be happy to serve him as best man and that he was looking forward that day.

Kuroko left Momoi and Takao’s home after dinner, but just before he leave their home with Nigou, Satsuki gave the young man a letter, letter written by Aomine when they start dating. Daiki gave it to her and make her promise to give it to Kuroko if anything happen to him. She explain that she meant to give him earlier, but she thought it would be better to wait he was feeling better. When she saw him smile earlier, she knew it was the right time to give him the letter. Tetsuya thanks her and left with his four legs friend.

Once in his home, Tetsuya remove his shoes and freely let Nigou go in the house, while he was walking to his living room where he sat on the couch the piece of paper in the hand.

The letter was folded in an envelope, Kuroko slowly opened it and start reading out loud :

“My Dear Tetsu, if you have this letter between your hands, that’s mean I’m not longer beside you. I know I was never really good with word, I probably never tell you enough how much I loved you when I was a life, so now I’m taking the time to write it to you…Kuroko Tetsuya, I loved you, loved you so much, waking up beside you was the best gift the life could give me. I don’t regret the decision to make you my partner in life and I hope you will never regret it either. Now that I’m not with you anymore, I want you to promise me to live your live and be happy. If you ever meet someone, someone who could make you happy, I will look over you and be happy for you from where I am. I love you Tetsu, never forget that

Your Love, Daiki”

Tetsuya felt the tear rolling down his cheek “Idiot…Daiki you are such and idiot, but I loved you too, more than I told you”.

Kuroko fold the letter and put it back in the envelope keeping in mind he will have to put it somewhere safe later.

He then prepare himself to go to bed, he wasn’t working the next day, but he still feel like he need so rest. He call Nigou and headed for the room with the small dog.

Day and month passed, Satsuki wedding with Kazunari came, it was a beautiful day, like if Aomine had make sure the wedding of his childhood friend wasn’t ruined by the weather.

Each week Kuroko was making a point to visit Aomine’s grave with Nigou. The black and white little dog was missing his dad, Kuroko could feel it. There was day where the little fur ball was waiting for him to come back from work, even after more than six months. Each time, Tetsuya was looking at the animal with a pained expression. Explaining him Daiki will never comeback and promising they will go see him the next day.

Days continue to flow, Kuroko was still healing his pain, but he feeling much better, he had kept close contact with all his former teammates, Kise and Akashi was calling him every week to have see how he was going. Kuroko was now often visiting the pastries shop where Murasakibara was working part-time. He was feeling good to have them around him, he knew that even if Daiki wasn’t with him anymore, that didn’t meant he was alone. He had his friend and family,

One Sunday, he visited Daiki’s grave like all Sunday and he noticed a small note on the stone, it was quickly written by hand, but even if it look more like a scribble, Tetsuya could recognize that writing “Kagami-kun….” he softly said before feeling someone behind his back. He turn around and saw someone from his past, tall red-haired, with wild eyes, his former teammate from the time he was in high school was there in front of him, Kagami Taiga was there.

“Hi…Kuroko…I’m back for good”

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