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[Fanfic] New Life – Chapter 2

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Rating: Most of the chapters are rated PG, only some of the last chapters are rated 18+
Chapters: 2/20


New Life is the second part of the “For Kuroko ” series.
Kagami is now back for good in Japan, new memories are created, Kuroko learn about Kagami accident, Kise and Kagami planned Kuroko’s week-end.

Kagami arrived where Kise ask him to meet him. The tall red-haired man was waiting after his friend, the back against of a lamp-post, ignoring the look and the timid smile the young women who was passing by was giving him, the eyes glue on his smart phone.

Taiga was used to it now, it was the same in the US, he had to reject a lot of girls. Each time it was the same, some friend from the University try to hook him with some friends of their girlfriend and soon as the said girls tried any move toward him, he flatly reject them, telling the girls he wanted to concentrate only on his studies and sport, which wasn’t a complete lie.

He was still looking at his phone when he heard someone yelling his name, or maybe more something that sounded like his name:


Taiga lift his eyes from his screen phone to look the one who was calling him and sigh

“Yo! Kise, can you stop calling me like that…”

“Kagamicchi is just back and he is already complaining” said Kise to someone behind him.

Kagami look at who was talking Ryouta and saw Kuroko was standing quiet behind the tall blond man. Taiga gave a look at Ryouta, look full of interrogation. Kise should have told him Kuroko would be there, if he had known he wouldn’t accept to come meet him.

“Since Kurokocchi said he didn’t feel like eating alone and Kagamicchi said he wanted to catch up on the year he was in America, I thought we could all meet here” happily explain Ryouta “Anyway it’s not like you didn’t saw each other before now” he added walking toward the restaurant door, referring to their meeting at the cemetery. Kagami assumed Kuroko told Kise about it.

Taiga looked at Tetsuya, he wanted to run, he didn’t want to hang out with him, at least not now, it was too early. But he knew he will have to answer a lot of question if he ran away, thus he decide to stay hoping thing will not get too awkward.

Kuroko followed Kise in the restaurant, Kagami behind him. It was a Korean BBQ restaurant, the host bring them in the back of the restaurant. The waiter bring them the menu and Kise order right away two bottle of Soju, he would have rather some Sake but they were in a Korean restaurant and decide to go with the traditional liquor. The trio ordered a lot of meats, some vegetables and they try to not die with a spicy kimchi.

Ryouta was the one who was talking the most, since he wasn’t sure about what he wanted to do of the rest of his life, he decide to keep modeling until he found. Some people have told him he should become an airline pilot, since he always wished to see the world.

“Aaah it’s really too bad Akashicchi, Murasakibaracchi and Midorimacchi couldn’t come, he would have been nice if they were here with us” suddenly said the blonde man.

“You really invited them” asked Kuroko

“Of course!! The more the merrier, but Akashicchi needed to go to bed early since he have a Shogi competition first thing tomorrow, Murasakibaracchi ate too much during the day and now he could barely move” said Ryouta laughing “that’s what happen when you work in a pastries shop”

“I guess Midorima-kun was too busy with his studies?” asked Kuroko the eyes on his plate

“At least that what he said” replied the blond man “Kurokocchi, we will try to meet all together soon” he added with a soft smile “Plus Kagamicchi is back!! Maybe we could play some street basketball game” he say with a point of excitement in the voice, looking at the red-haired young man sitting at his left.

Kagami let out a sigh “A basketball game…that would be without me, I …can’t play basketball anymore at least not the way I use to play”

Ryouta and Tetsuya looked at him in a shocked expression

“But..but…why?” quickly asked Ryouta “I mean the reason you left Japan to go back in the USA was because of basketball, right Kurokocchi, that what he told us!!”

“…Yes…Kise-kun, that’s what he told us” said Kuroko

Kagami couldn’t avoid it, he would have preferred talking about it somewhere else than in the restaurant.

“It is true that I move back in America to be closer to the NBA, I really intended to become a pro, it was my dream after all, but I got careless” began to say Kagami, playing with his glass of water. “One day I was coming back from my parent’s house, it was a Sunday night, the weather wasn’t good, it was really windy and it started raining. My father try to convince me to leave early the next day, but I had an important class the Monday morning, thus I really had to leave…but maybe I should have listen to my father” he said with a weak smile.

“What happened?”slowly asked Kuroko

Kagami lifted his eyes from his glasses and look at Kuroko “I lost control of my motorcycle and hit a tree” he answered “I guess I got lucky, there was a lot of deaths on the that curve, even by sunny day” he paused “There was a lot of water on the road and my motorcycle slip, l fell on the side and hit a small tree. All my left side was injured. My ankle got crushed, popped my kneecap, dislocated my shoulder and broke some ribs, but thanks to my helmet, my head had nothing. The paramedic told me I was really lucky, I could have killed myself”

“Oh my God!! Kagamicchi! But that’s awful! When it happened we could have gone see you!” exclaimed Kise

“Hmmm it happen March 26th” said Kagami

“March 26th…that’s….” began to say Kuroko

“I know” said Kagami “the Sunday before Aomine leave us” he added with a soft tone “I was still in the hospital when I got the news, I wanted to come right away, but the doc and my father didn’t want to heard anything”

“…And they were right, taking the plane in the state you was would have been stupid…” said Kuroko looking Kagami in the eyes

Kagami wanted to protest, but he knew Kuroko was right, he knew the reason why he was saying that it because he wouldn’t want to see his friend in pain during the funeral just because he didn’t listen to the doctor

“If only…I should have tried to find a way to keep contact…I mean…just find the time to write an email, or a quick phone call..” said Kagami with a point of sadness in the voice

“Kagami-kun, is it true Daiki and me and probably everyone would have like to have news from you. Know how thing were going for you, but I understand you probably have a lot on your plate with the university and the practice, that’s why I will never reproach you anything. When I saw you at the cemetery, I was shocked, I wanted to ask you so many questions, like why you wasn’t there when I needed you, but now that I know why, I can just be relieved to see you alive with us. Don’t feel sad cause you wasn’t able to be there, I know someone who will probably come back to life just to kick your ass” said Kuroko with a soft smile.

Hearing those word from Kuroko make Kagami felt at ease, now he knew Kuroko will not holding grudge or anything, he felt like thing would be easier now. Yes he will have to catch up on all the years he missed, but now he knew, his friend will not turn his back on him.

The rest of the dinner, they continue talking, Kagami explain them he was now a teacher, he was teaching English at M. Junior High School and he also was the coach of the basketball club, he might not be able to play anymore, but he was able to direct the new generation.

The trio finished their night in a karaoke where Kise was the only one to sing while Kagami and Kuroko tried to hold back their laugh.

They took separate way after a night filled with talks, laugher and news memories. They make a point to do it again soon, and this time they will try to have everyone.

Kagami reached his home late during the night or early in the morning, depending on how people would see it. He looked at the clock on the wall and cursed himself, he will not have a lot of hours of sleep before going to work, he sigh decide to take a quick shower and go to bed.

The when the sun started to color the sky, Kagami opened his eyes with difficulties he felt the beginning of a headache. He slowly get out of the bed and headed for the kitchen, make himself a coffee and prepare his breakfast and lunch for the day. Soon he was ready to leave his house for a day filled with scream and laugh. He couldn’t wait to see the kid of the basketball club, he might not be able to play anymore, but he still enjoyed the sport very much.

On the other side of Setagaya ward, Tetsuya was slowly getting ready to go to work, like Kagami, he was back home really late in the night and had few hour of sleep, but he was used to that, he couldn’t count the number of time he had waited Daiki late in the night, get to bed only when his boyfriend was safely back home. He put the final touch to is bento and left for work, promising Nigou a long walk when he will he will be back.

Heading for the kindergarten where he was working, Kuroko passed by the street basketball court where him and Aomine used to play, he got nostalgic and sad while looking at the empty space. They played there countless time. And each time they wished kagami was with playing with them, however playing with Kagami will not be possible anymore, but even if Tetsuya regret not being to be able to play that sport he loved so much with the tall red-haired man, he was still grateful to see him back. He remembered what Taiga told him when the meet at the cemetery, he said he was back for good, in other word he will not leave for the US again and stay with his friend in Japan. Aomine might not have been there with them anymore, but Kuroko knew he would have been more than happy to see his former rival back. He looked at the court one last time thinking he could maybe convince his friend to at least make some shoot with him.

Kuroko shortly arrived to his workplace and prepare himself to greet the kid that will come in soon. He like working with young children, he didn’t plan to have any but he still appreciate their presence around him. He like hearing them talking about how it was at home, what they did during the weekend. Those who had big brother and sister was always happy when Kuroko was asking news about them.

Today one of them, Hideaki Mitsuru, had a lot to say about his big brother who was in junior high school. His big brother Ryoma had a new english teacher, plus he was the coach of the basketball club. Hearing that Tetsuya let out a little laugh and asked Hideaki if that new teacher was a tall red-haired with weird eyebrows.

“How did you know sensei?” asked the little Hideaki surprised

“Aah, that’s because he is one of my old friend. He move back recently from the USA” replied Tetsuya with a small smile

“OOOOOOOOOO You you know sensei!! My Ryouma big brother really like him even if sometime he find him scary” then say Hideaki with a big smile happy to know his teacher and his big brother teacher was friend.

“Really? I’m happy to hear that” said Kuroko before telling to the class to get ready for their lunch.

The rest of the day went fast and once he was back home, Tetsuya left with Nigou to give him the walk he promised him. On his way back he received a call from Kagami

“Kagami-kun, didn’t thought you will call be this early” said Kuroko after answering

“Sorry for the sudden call but I was wondering what you was doing this weekend?” asked Kagami

“This weekend? I have nothing planned” slowly said Kuroko wondering what Kagami had in mind

“Cool it’s settled then we gonna pick you up Friday around 6pm at your house” quickly replied Kagami before hanging up

Kuroko didn’t had time to ask anything, he was wondering if we should call him back or text him to have more explanation “he said, we” thought Kuroko “That other is must probably Kise” Kuroko sigh to the thought of finding a dogsitter when he received a text from Kagami saying Nigou was welcome to come to.

Kuroko look at the dog who was sitting beside waiting for his master to start walking, the icy-blue haired young man look at him and smile “Thing never change, everyone plan my weekend for me”, he then headed back to his home decide to not think too much about the upcoming weekend and just enjoy the idea to pass more time with his friends.


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