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[Fanfic] New Life – Chapter 3

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Rating: Most of the chapters are rated PG, only some of the last chapters are rated 18+
Chapters: 3/20


New Life is the second part of the “For Kuroko ” series. Kuroko is happy, thank to Kise and Kagami, he could past the week-end with his friend and former rival. Kagami stay on the side watching Kuroko having fun, wondering what he should do.


Kagami was there in front of Kuroko’s house at 6pm to pick him up like he said over the phone and as Kuroko had guessed it he wasn’t alone, Kise was with him. Even if we wanted to know where they were going, the young man was happy to see his friend.

He put his bag and some stuff for Nigou in the car trunk and took place on the backseat with the black and white little dog.

On their way to the location where they will pass the weekend, the trio talked about how their week pass and what happened since their last time they meet. Kuroko told Kagami one of his student was the younger brother of a student in Kagami classes.

“Oh really?” said Kagami with a smile “Do you remember the name of the student?”

“Mitsuru Ryoma, his young brother Hideaki said Ryoma really like you even if you are scary sometimes” replied Kuroko laughing

“Ahhh Mitsuru-kun is a nice kid, fast learner and play shooting guard” said Kagami who decide to ignore the fact his student find him scary.

“Ooh he play Midorimacchi position then” said Kise without leaving the eyes from the road

“Haha, yes but I will make sure he never bring weird stuff at school” said Kagami laughing “I rather have him play with a similar style to Hyuuga-senpai”

“Gonna tell Midorimacchi when we will see him” replied Kise with a smirk

“You can tell him whatever you want, it doesn’t change the fact he is weird” said Kagami stretching his arm in front of him.

Kise gave a side look to Kagami, look noticed by Kuroko but the young man decide to not ask anything, he had the feeling they wanted to surprise him by not telling him where they were heading.

After a long drive they arrive in front of a metal gate which slowly opened without anyone had to say anything. Kise follow the wide brick road that led them in front of a big mansion, someone was waiting for them in front of the door and Kuroko noticed that someone was Akashi.

Kuroko never visited Akashi summer mansion, he knew he had recently bought one, a place to relaxed between the Shogi tournament, but never saw it and didn’t even knew where is was located.

It was a two-story mansion, the outside was made with tree log, which gave it a rustic look. The facade had big window and the front porches was made of stone and wood. Akashi was waiting for them with a smile on the last step.
Kuroko was happy to see his friend, the latter was always busy with the Shogi game, they didn’t really had time to meet. Kagami get out first from the car and Akashi walked toward him to greet him.

“Long time no see Kagami-kun, I’m happy to see you back” said the shogi player

“I’m glad to see you too Akashi” replied Kagami who reach for the hand that Akashi was presenting him

“Akashicchi!!!!!” yelled an overexcited Kise before asking to Kagami to come and pick up his stuff.

Kagami walked to the car trunk and pick up his bag before closing the trunk, then Akashi lead them inside the mansion and shown them their room where they could leave their bag and then followed Akashi to the backyard.

Approaching the back door, Kuroko could heard the voice coming from outside, he recognize them, Akashi slide the door and let Kuroko pass in front of him. Everyone was there, all his former teammate from Teiko some from Seirin, Takao and Satsuki, who was six months into her pregnancy, they even found a way to convince some former rival like Kasamatsu, Imayoshi and Mibuchi to come, even Himuro was there. Kuroko was really happy to see them all.

Kagami was happy to see Kuroko smile like that and it seem that this feeling was shared by everyone.

“You seems sad to not be able to see the other when we met at the restaurant the other day, so Kagami and I talked to Akashi and he propose to invite people to come pass the weekend here” said Kise smiling

“Hyuuga-senpai and Riko will be there with their kids tomorrow” added Kagami

“Really they will come” asked Kuroko who was more than happy to hear the news

“Yes, they promised to be there” assured Kagami patting Kuroko shoulder “Now I may not be able to play basketball but all of you can and while you all play, I will keep Mrs. Takao company”

“Kurokocchi!!! Come it’s gonna be fun” screamed Kise running toward the basketball court followed by Takao

Kuroko give a smile to Kagami and run to join the other leaving him behind with Momoi, the soon to be mother look at the tall man and smile

“I’m glad to see you back Kagami, Dai-chan always knew you will come back if anything happened to him” she said
“Aomine knew lot of thing, to say the truth, I’m here because he asked me to come back if anything happened to him, he thought I was the only one who could take care of Kuroko and made sure he is happy” replied Kagami looking at everyone playing on the court

“And I’m sure he is right, I know how much you care about Tetsu-kun and how much you love him” simply said Satsuki

“So you always knew…or Aomine told you” asked Kagami the eyes still on the court

Satsuki laugh “I always knew, just by the way you looked at him and how you act when they started dating. Kagami-kun, not matter which decision you will take I will support you, cause that what Dai-chan wanted” she said rubbing Kagami arm

“Not too sure myself of what I will do, I guess I wait and see while making sure no one hurt him” said Kagami looking at Satsuki

“If you need anything just ask, I will be there to hear you out, it’s not like I can do much anyway, Takao forbid me to do anything too tiring” said Satsuki with a sigh

Kagami laugh and said he wasn’t surprise he then ask about the sex and Satsuki replied it was a boy and they already had a name for him

“Daiki, I guess” said Kagami

“Yes, Daiki” replied Satsuki with a bright smile but tear in the corner of her eyes.

“He gonna be a fine boy, I’m sure, he will have great parent” assured Kagami

“Thank you, Aomine is right, you really are the only one you can take care of our Tetsu-kun now” said Satsuki with a brighter smile “let’s go see them play” she added slowly walking toward the basketball court.

“Yeah” said Kagami following her

They approached the court and sat on a bench where Himuro was already sitting waiting for his turn to go. The trio talked a lot mostly about how it was in the US, Himuro asked about Kagami accident and said he was sorry to not have be able to go seen him. Kagami said he didn,t to apologize, they all have their live and his parent and Alex was there. Teppei came near them and ask Kagami if he was sure he didn’t want to play, Taiga replied he was sure, he leg had too much metal in it and it even start to be bit painful, soon he will have to take this painkiller. Kiyoshi looked at his junior with a pained expression, but knew he could do nothing it. Before going back to o the court, the tall brown-haired make Kagami promise to at least try to make some shoot after they finish their game, “we will see how my leg go” simply replied Kagami knowing he will have to do it anyway and he was right once they had play four games of twenty-five points each they all bang up to persuade Kagami to participate to a shooting contest, he agree aware he will lose anyway. Without any surprise the contest was won by Midorima who had brought a plush dolphin as lucky item with him.

They finished the day around a fire camp with beer and marshmallow, talking about what they was doing now and their future plan. Kuroko was sitting beside Kagami and the latter try to not stare too much at him, the tall red-haired young man was more than happy to see his friend smile the way he was smiling and he had the feeling all the Generation of Miracle was feeling the same way.

The first to leave the little circle was Satsuki with Kazunari, more her pregnancy was going more early she was tired. The rest got to bed once the moon was really high in the clear October sky.

The next day the group slowly woke-up smelling the delicious smell of bacon and coffee that was filling the air. The breakfast was fun everyone was talking and laughing, Midorima complain he wasn’t able to find his lucky item of the day and Murasakibara compliment the cook about the pancake.

After they play with Nerf
gun in the wood behind the house, Kagami made sure to be the first out, and stayed with Satsuki. He wasn’t sure how his knee will support all that action and the main reason to be there was only to see Kuroko happy, thus he kept the pink-haired young woman company while counting the “wounded”

A bit before lunch Hyuuga, Riko and their twin arrived, the kid was happy to see their “uncle” Kiyoshi and Shun plus they could play with Nigou.Kagami was glad to see his former captain and happier to know the whole little family. Hiroshi and Hoshiko were now four years old and were always ready to play.

While Junpei and Riko was putting the baggages away the group brought the kid in the backyard to play. The view was beautiful, they were surrounded by colorful trees. The twin was playing to gather red, orange and yellow leaves before running through the small pile with Nigou.

Lunch time arrive and the group gather around the dining table, later Akashi opened the indoor pool. While Momoi and Aida was watching the kid in the small pool Akashi had bought for them, the guy was playing water polo before racing. Kagami try to follow as much as he could, but soon he had to sit on the edge of the pool from where he continue watching the other playing.

Kuroko had noticed his friend leaving the group each time and decide to go talk to him, just to make sure everything was okay. Taiga assured him to not worry, since he has stopped using the walker just before moving, his legs didn’t gain all the strength it need to go through various physical activities, he explain to Tetsuya the doctor told him it would take at least a year before he could start jogging. He will never be able to run or jump like before, but the doctor told him he could probably play short game, as long as he is careful.

“Kuroko, I promise you to play my first game with you” said Kagami presenting his fist

Kuroko look at the fist and bump it with his own “Glad to hear that Kagami-kun” he then look around him and smile “Thank you, thank you very much for that”

“You don’t have to thanks me” simply said Kagami looking at the pool floor “It’s only natural from friend to make sure their friend are happy even more if they gone through some hard stuff”

“Maybe, but still, thank you” replied Kuroko before going back in the water.

Kagami watched his friend swimming away to join the other and he began to wonder what he really wanted to do. Does he want to be there for Kuroko as boyfriend, knowing he might never be loved the same way Aomine was loved or he will just become his closest friend. Kagami wasn’t sure of what he wanted. He remember what he said to Satsuki, he will let thing go and see what happen, but he if only had a slight idea of the direction to take, he would probably feel more at ease.
“Guess I have to choice, but watch and wait to see how thing goes from now on” thought the red-haired young man.

The rest of the weekend passed fast and before everyone knew it, it was time to leave. Akashi make everyone promise to gather like this every month and have fun together, everyone agree too. Then the group took different direction and headed back to their home.

Kise and Kagami dropped Kuroko first and the icy-blue-haired young man make them promise to called to meet again.

Soon after passing the door of his house, Tetsuya look at the clock ad decide to take a walk to the cemetery with Nigou. Just to pay a visit to Aomine tell him about Kagami and how much fun he had this weekend and how much he wished he was there to see that. He then headed back to his home, wondering how the week will go. While putting his stuff away, he found the last note Aomine left him and unfold it to read it again and suddenly thoughts about how happy he was around Kagami during the weekend, but quickly chase the idea of his mind, Kagami was his friend, his friend like Aomine was before they start dating. “Kagami-kun…. Why are you back now, really why”. While folding back the letter Kuroko took the decision to pass more time with Kagami and see how thing goes, maybe the someone Aomine was talking about was Kagami after all.


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