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[Fanfic] New Life – Chapter 4

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Rating: Most of the chapters are rated PG, only some of the last chapters are rated 18+
Chapters: 4/20


New Life is the second part of the “For Kuroko ” series.
Kuroko want to find a way to thank Kagami for want he have done from him so far and decide to invite him to go see a movie.


November and December passed, Kagami, Kise and Kuroko kept seeing each other, meeting every two weeks, trying a new restaurant each time. The trio had fun together, it was like when they were in high-school, except now they could drink alcohol. Kagami was surprised to see Kuroko was able to hold the liquor quite well, while Kise was a light drinker.

Before they realized it, the new year come and some week after, Kuroko’s birthday. It was his first birthday since Aomine’s death and everyone wanted to make sure Tetsuya doesn’t lock-up himself, they wanted him to celebrate it and be happy. Thus, Kagami called everyone and organized a birthday party the Sunday before Kuroko’s birthday, like the one he did during their first high-school year, but this time a bit bigger with the help of Akashi and Kise while Murasakibara said he would take care of the cake. They celebrate it at Akashi’s mansion, it was fun everyone was there even Satsuki and the newborn Daiki who was only few weeks old.

They played basket, roast marshmallows over the fire, swam in the indoor pool and drink. Kagami could tell Kuroko had fun. The icy-blue-haired young man was happy to see everyone and grateful for what Kagami, Kise and Akashi had done for his birthday. The day came to an end everyone take separate way, most of them was working the next day.

Kise and Kagami dropped Kuroko in front of his home like they always does. Kuroko looked the car until it became a small little dot and then get in his home with Nigou. He was putting his stuff away thinking about his day. He was happy to have someone like Kagami around him. The tall red-haired young man was always making sure Kuroko never felt alone. The getaway and this birthday party was both mainly Taiga idea. The only thing that was bothering Tetsuya is the fact his friend wasn’t fully enjoying it because of his leg. While it was healed and Kagami could do more than when he came back in October, the latter didn’t want to force it, thus he was always staying on the side while watching the other running around. Kuroko wanted Kagami to participate more, he wanted to pass more time with him, the young man had to find an idea to not only pass time with Kagami but also thank him properly.

Kuroko deposed his phone and key on the counter and saw the voucher for two entries to the theater. It was his birthday gift from his class, the kids gathered money to buy him. He look at Nigou whom had followed his master to the kitchen and smile “I could invite Kagami-kun to see a movie, it’s not as big as what he organized for me, but he will not have to use his leg too much, what do you think Nigou?”, the little black and white dog bark and wag his tail, like if he was agreeing with him.

Kuroko decide to called Kagami and asked him what he was doing next Saturday. He really wanted to thank him for what he did and he was starting to wondering if he could actually see Kagami was more than a friend, he really feel good when he was with Taiga, almost as good as when Daiki was still with them.

“Kuroko! Did you missed me that much, we just dropped you” joked Kagami answering Kuroko phone call

“Kagami-kun, does Kise-kun is still with you?” suddenly ask Kuroko, without reacting to Kagami tease

“No just left, but if you wanna talk to him, you can call him yourself” answered Kagami

“Kagami-kun… no…it’s just I wanted to make he wasn’t there to hear our conversation” said Kuroko “I…I was wondering if you had any plan for next Saturday , cause I got free entry for to go see a movie and I thought to invite you”

“Oh…you are sure you wanna go with me? I mean you could call Kise” Kagami wasn’t sure it was a good idea to go to hangout alone with Kuroko. He hasn’t set his mind on what he wanted yet.

“Kagami-kun, if I wanted to go with Kise-kun, I would have called him first” slowly said Kuroko

“…Okay then, I will go with you” replied Kagami

“I’m glad you accept my invitation” said Kuroko with a point of relief in the voice. “There a Majin Burger near the theater, we could meet there for lunch and go see the movie after”

“…Okay, Majin Burger, do you know which movie you want to go see?” asked Kagami

“There a new superheroes movie that just came out, maybe we would go see it” replied Kuroko who hasn’t planned to watch any particular movie. He just wanted to pass time alone with Kagami. Each time they meet there were always people with them and Kagami always founded a way to distance himself to let Kuroko with the other. Tetsuya really wanted to be alone with him, this way the latter couldn’t get away.

“Super heroes movie…work for me” said Kagami

“Good, see you on Saturday at Majin Burger then” said Kuroko before hanging up

After Kuroko end the call, Kagami stared at his phone wondering what he should do, should he call Satsuki and tell her about Kuroko
s invitation. The last few month the young woman became a close confident, Kagami tell her a lot about his worries. Each time the pink-haired young woman shown her supportive side and reassure Kagami that everything will be okay.

“I can’t call her each time something is bothering me with Kuroko” though Kagami “Takao will started asking question and that would be bad with his big mouth. Guess the only thing I can do now is hoping Saturday goes smoothly and I don’t make any mistakes”

Kagami let out a long sigh, scratch his head and go back to what he was doing before Kuroko’s call.

Saturday came and Kuroko meet up with Kagami in front of the Majin Burger next to the theater. The tall red-haired young man order some burger a extra-large fries and a soft drink, while Tetsuya took a simple burger, a small fries and his habitual vanilla milkshake.

After eating they had some times to kill before the movie began, they decided to take a stroll and walk and talk while looking at the store. They enter in a sport store, Kuroko wanted to see their shoes, the one he was wearing for work has began to rip on the side, therefore he wanted to buy new one soon. The icy-blue haired young man, look at some models he was interested with and ask to Kagami if he wanted to come back with him after the movie to buy his new shoes. Tetsuya didn’t want to carry a bag inside the theater. His tall friend agreed while looking at the basketball shoes on the wall.

Soon he will be able to wear to one he had, soon he will be able to play a short game with Kuroko. A part of him couldn’t wait for it, but an other part was kind of sad, he wanted to play with Aomine too. However, his former rival was not longer with them anymore and that’s why he was back in Japan, fulfill the last will of Daiki, which was taking care of Tetsuya, he wasn’t just unsure about how he should do that and he didn’t wanted to figure how what to do now, for him it was still too early. It wasn’t even a full year Aomine’s was death, maybe Kuroko needed some more time before anything.

The pair get out from the sport store and headed to the theater. Even if he had eaten not a long time ago, Kagami still took a big popcorn with a large soft drink. Kuroko laugh telling his friend if he was drinking too much, he would pass the whole movie in the restroom. Kagami smirk and replied to not worry about that.

During the movie, Kuroko tried to keep in attention on the big screen in front of him, but he had some struggle. It was reminding him the last time he watched a movie with Aomine, about a month prior his death. He remembered how Daiki was holding his hand, how he was playing with his fingers. At that time, Aomine and him decide to sit in the last row of seat, in the corner of the room, just in case the movie end-up being boring. While the movie wasn’t boring at all, Daiki still managed to leave some kiss mark on the skin of Kuroko’s neck. The situation was similar, Kagami and him was sitting in the last row of seat and no one was sitting near them. But Kagami wasn’t his boyfriend, thus Kuroko knew he will not hold his hand or pass his arm around his shoulders like Daiki use to do. He knew Kagami will not kiss him, like Daiki use to do, Kagami and him were friend and nothing more, he knew that, however he was still wondering if they could become more than that. His relation with Daiki started the same way after all. But, maybe it was too early to think about that, a year haven’t passed since Aomine’s death, what people will think if he already began to think about dating someone else. Tetsuya wasn’t sure of what he wanted to do anymore. Sure he wanted to pass more time alone with Kagami, just to see if Aomine already had a plan in mind if something came to happen to him. Maybe Aomine’s knew Kagami will come back if something bad happened. And if Kagami was back only cause Daiki was death.

All those question troubled the young blue-haired mind, maybe it was too soon after all, maybe he should ask Kagami why he is back now. He could have wait his leg is fully healed. Kuroko side looked at Kagam, the latter was eating his popcorn full of butter, he licked his finger once in a while to clean them from the butter, his eyes was glue to the screen. “At least someone is enjoying the movie” thought Kuroko with a weak smile.

After the movie, the pair headed to the sport store to buy Kuroko’s new pair of shoes. On their way, Kagami keep talking about the movie and how cool the special effects were. Tetsuya was smiling and nodding listening to Kagami talking like one of this young student.

In the store, Kuroko try some pair he had spot earlier and he also look for new basketball shoes. During his last game with the group, he noticed the sole of shoes was slowly taking off, since he was in sport store, why not buying a new pair now.

While Kurok was trying to find new shoes, Kagami was staring at the basketball shoes, wondering if he should buy a new pair now. It’s not like he really needed a new one , but he always like buying basketball shoes, his closet was full of them. He even had kept the one Aomine gave him during his first years of high school. He wasn’t wearing them anymore, his feet had grown few inches since then, but he couldn’t bring himself to throw them away. Not only if was the first “gift” he received from his late rival, but he won his first Winter Cup with it. His friend back in the US always use to tell him he was a big sentimental, maybe it was truth after all.

After Kuroko finished buying his new pair of shoes, the duo walk to Kagami car, Tetsuya was surprised to know his friend had a car since, they always take Kise’s ride to go somewhere.

“Kagami-kun, I didn’t knew you had a car.”

“Oh, that…Kise refused to get in it, he say it doesn’t suit a model like him” replied the tall red-haired man while laughing.

“I see, it’s seems fine to me” said Kuroko looking at the vehicle on different angle.

“That’s what I think to, as long as it get me where I want to go, it’s all that matter” replied kagami flashing his white teeth. “Do you want me to bring you back?” he then ask to his friend.

“Oh…I was planning to take the bus, I know we are not leaving in the same part of the city” slowly said Kuroko.

“It’s okay, don’t worry about that, I mean which kind of friend I would be if I was letting you walking back home? Plus the clouds are slowly covering the sky, it would be bad if you get caught by the rain”.

“If you really don’t mind, okay then, I will accept your offer” replied Kuroko

“Good!” simply said Kagami opening the car’s door for Kuroko before going the other side to get in the car.

It didn’t took time before Kagami reach Kuroko’s house, the icy-blue-haired young man was wondering if he should invite him inside, sure Nigou would be happy to see him, but does he really wanted to have Kagami in his house now, now that he wasn’t sure of what he wanted. He was relieved to see Kagami wasn’t expecting nothing in return. “He probably only see me as a friend” thought Kuroko “The only way to know is to invite him inside”

Once in front of Kuroko’s house, Kagami stopped the car and expected to see Kuroko leaving the vehicle with a thanks, however the latter asked him if he wanted to come drink something inside. Kagami would have rather not hearing Kuroko asking him that, not as long as he didn’t knew how he should act with him. The red-haired young man, looked at his friend who was wanting for an answer.

“Sorry, I can’t for now, it’s about to rain and I really don’t like driving in the rain. I know a car is more secure and stable than a motorcycle, but it’s still make me nervous, an other time maybe.”

“I understand” said Kuroko “an other time then” he added before getting out of the car.

Kagami waiting Kuroko get inside his house before starting his car and leave.

The excuse he gave wasn’t a complete lie, he was indeed nervous when he was driving under the rain, but only on the highway or on road with sharp turn, he didn’t have any trouble with quiet city streets, he even took his car to go work cause it was raining. It’s just that he didn’t wanted to stay alone with Kuroko, at least not now, not today. He had to keep his hand busy to stop them to take Tetsuya hand while he was watching the movie, he had to act like the only thing that was mattering to him was the movie to not lean toward his friend and just kiss him.

A part of him didn’t knew what to do, how he should act with Kuroko, should he make his move soon or it was still too soon, but the other part just wanted to hold his former teammates in his arm and make love to him.

When Kuroko and Aomine began to date, Kagami was hurt and didn’t knew that to do with himself, but he didn’t wanna get in their way either way either by fear to make a mistake he could regrets. It was even more difficult for him when Daiki realize the real reason why he was leaving for the US. It was even harder was he receive the letter from Daiki, the letter asking him to come back in Japan if anything happened.

Now Aomine wasn’t there anymore, no one could really stop him to love Kuroko and be with him, no one, only him could do that, him and Kuroko. If eventually he ask Kuroko to go out with him, and the latter reject him, how would he react? What will he do, run away again even if he pretty much promise he will never leave again? Kagami really didn’t knew what he should do, there was too many question without answer.

Kagami arrive in front of his block, parked his car in the underground parking lot and slowly headed for his apartment. Unlocked the door, lazily removed his shoes and crash on his couch staring at the black screen of his television.

“What the hell I’m supposed to do? Certainly not running away each time he will ask me to do something alone with him. He will know something is wrong and start asking question” said Kagami to himself “*sigh* even death that moron make my life hard, why did I accept? I should just have forgotten about it and continue living in the US”. But, even after telling himself that, Kagami knew he would not have be able to do that.

Kagami look at the time on his phone and cursed himself while composing Kuroko’s phone number

“Kuroko? Does you offer for a drink at your place still hold? Yes…great I’m on my way then, don’t worry I will be careful”

Kagami end is call with Kuroko, grabbed his key and headed back from where he was coming, Kuroko’s house.


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