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[Fanfic] New Life – Chapter 5

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Rating: Most of the chapters are rated PG, only some of the last chapters are rated 18+
Chapters: 5/20


New Life is the second part of the “For Kuroko ” series.
Kuroko need to talk to someone about his concern and decide to visit Satsuki. On his way back home, he stopped by the cemetery where he hear something shocking.


Kagami arrive to Kuroko’s home few minutes after he called him. When Kuroko opened him the door, the tall red-haired young man was greeted by Nigou, the little black and white dog seems really happy to see him. Taiga crouch down and took the little ball of fur in his arm and let the dog lick his cheek.

“Someone seems happy to see me” said Kagami putting back the small dog on the floor.

“Nigou is always happy to see an old friend” replied Kuroko with a small smile “I’m the only one he get to see lately”

“Right…” Kagami didn’t knew what to reply. He knew Kuroko was referring to the fact they were now leaving alone, without Aomine

“Kagami-kun, give me your jacket” said Kuroko while his friend was removed his shoes

Kagami removed his coat and let Kuroko take care of it, after they walk to the kitchen where the owner of the house already had prepared a small dinner for two waiting on the counter, seeing that Kagami wondered if he should have proposed to bring something to eat instead of letting Kuroko preparing it. But his friend seems to be pleased, thus he decide to say nothing.

After dinner, they noticed the rain has stopped falling, they then decide to take a walk to the street basketball court near Kuroko’s house. The sun wasn’t in the sky anymore since a while, but the streetlights was enough for them to play. They wasn’t playing any game, only shooting basket, Kuroko didn’t want Kagami to force his leg for no reason. After, they headed back to Tetsuya’s house.

One their way back, Kuroko decide to question Kagami about the reason behind his departure for America. But Taiga gave him the same answer the gave when he told him few years ago. It will be easier for him to get notice by the NBA, that’s all, there wasn’t any other reason than that.

“Why are you back now then? You could have wait your leg is fully healed” then ask Kuroko who wasn’t satisfy by the answer

“It is true a could have wait, but I was surrounded by people who was only reminding me of the dream I would never be able to fulfill. That why I came back earlier, I had enough, I wanted to be among people who didn’t only care about themselves.” replied Kagami looking in front of him

“I see, then you made the right choice” simply said Kuroko. He wasn’t convinced, but he didn’t want to push more either. He didn’t want to make his friend angry. He had the feeling Kagami wasn’t telling him the whole truth, but he decide to wait. Maybe one day Kagami will tell him. He just have to wait for now.

Back home, Kagami, told Kuroko he would take his leave, it was late enough and wanted to get to bed. The icy-blue-haired young man, wished his friend good night and wait for him to leave before going in his home. Tetsuya felt like he did a mistake by questioning Kagami, but he wanted to know. He looked at the time, it was too late to call Satsuki, he wanted to speak to someone and it’s the only person he thought that could provide him some advice. The young man decides to wait the next day, hopefully Takao would be working. He didn’t want him to know about his worries. Takao tend to talk a lot and it wouldn’t take time before everyone knows it, which he didn’t want.

Meanwhile, Kagami reach back his apartment wondering if he looked weird to Kuroko. Did he reacted to quickly, he tried to dodge the question but something was telling him his friend have his doubt about him coming back in Japan after Aomine’s death. Maybe he should have wait his leg his fully healed before coming back, it would have been less suspicious. However, it was now too late and Kagami had to find a way to make sure Kuroko doesn’t have his doubt about anything, the reason why he left and the reason why he is back. The tall red-haired young man smile thinking the answer was the same for but. He pretty much left because of Aomine and he is also back because of him “Alive or dead, that moron still give me hard time… I should have come back when he was still with us, maybe thing would have been different” he said to himself walking to his room. He didn’t feel like taking a bath or shower, it could have the next day, for now he just wanted to sleep.

The next day when Kuroko woke up, he was decided to visit Satsuki, he could have just called her, but he felt like he would feel better if he was talking to her in person, plus he would be able to see the baby. The little Daiki was now almost two months and he had silky pink hair, like his mother but his father blue eyes. The little one would probably wear one of this several outfit with basketball printed on and his look-alike basketball shoes his grandmother knitted him. It has been a few week Kuroko saw him and he began to think he should probably go see him at least once a week. “It’s not like they were living far, I can still stop by after work or when I take a walk with Nigou, I’m like an uncle after all. I should also spoil him more.”

Kuroko get out from under the blanket and quickly got dressed. Got to the kitchen where he fed Nigou while promising him to bring him for a long walk and even see friend. He called his friend to tell her he will pass by, this way he could also verify if Takao was there. By chance he wasn’t there, plus he was doing a double shift, so he wouldn’t be home soon. After knowing Takao wouldn’t be there, Kuroko told Satsuki he will come pass a part of the day with her. He then prepare his breakfast he ate while reading the newspaper. After eating and finishing preparing himself, he put the little black and white dog on leash and headed for Satsuki house.

He arrived at his friend home about half an hour later, he was greeted at the door by the young pink-haired mother with her son in her arms

“Tetsu-kun! I’m really happy to see you come on in” she said leaving place for her friend to come in the house. “I was really happy when you called, I know we saw each other a few weeks ago, but still, I’m happy you are here. “ Satsuki seems genuinely happy to see her friend. They weren’t living really far for each other, but because of his work, Tetsuya wasn’t always able to pass-by.

“I’m glad to see you to Momoi-san” replied Kuroko with a warm smile while removing his shoes

He looked at little Daiki who was in his mother’s arms sucking on his pacifier and ruffled his pink silky hairs

“He is growing up so fast” said Kuroko with a smile

“Yes!” replied Satsuki “I already need to change the size of his clothes” she laughed.

After Kuroko had removed his shoes, they walk to the living room where Satsuki installed little Daiki in his swing while they were talking.

“I was really surprised when you called this morning, surprise but happy. My days are quite long alone even if that little pink haired monster take a lot of my time” said Satsuki looking at her son with caring eyes.

“I know I should come more often, it’s not like I was living far after all” replied Kuroko with a weak smile

“Oh Tetsu-kun, it’s not what I meant!!!!” quickly replied the young mother

Kuroko laugh assuring her that he knew what she meant and proceed to explain why he felt like visiting her. He needed to talk to someone and she was the only one with whom he felt he could talk with.

Satsuki looked at her friend with a worried look.

“Tetsu-kun… something wrong?” she asked him

“Hmmm wrong? Not really it’s about Kagami-kun…I just feel like there is an other reason behind his comeback in Japan. I just feel like him coming back not even a year after Daiki’s death is a bit odd. But…I might think too much to” replied Kuroko

“What make you think that?” then asked Satsuki

“I passed the day with him yesterday, the children I take care of at the kindergarten gave me voucher for the theater and I thought I could use them to thank Kagami-kun. He did a lot for me but he never seems to enjoy the activities himself, plus I feel like passing time with him alone. Thus we watched the movie and then do some shopping, I needed new shoes. After that he drop me in front of my house, I invite him to come him, but he decline, it only once he was back to his home that he call me back saying he will accept my invitation. We ate supper and then go for a walk. On our way back I question him about the reason why he was back in Japan, but…I felt like he dodged the question, like if he wasn’t comfortable or maybe more like if…he …was hiding something.”

Satsuki listened to Kuroko story without interrupting him, nodding her head in sign she was understanding what he was saying, thinking about the day where her best friend, Daiki, gave her the letter he had written for Kuroko in case something happen to him. She clearly remembered what he said that day. He told her that he will send a letter to Kagami asking him to come back in Japan if something bad happen, if he died. Daiki told her Kagami was probably the only one person who could take care of Kuroko the same way he does. “I know he loved him too, that why he left, he didn’t wanted to get in the way, I know he will take care of Tetsu if I’m not here anymore” he told her. Thus when she knew Kagami was back she knew she had to keep an eye on them, be there to listen to their concerns.

Satsuki smile at Kuroko and asked him was he was planning to do.

“Not sure yet, I mean I don’t want to make him angry by asking to many question, but I also want to know the true” he replied

“How do you feel when you are with Kagami?” then asked the young mother

“Good…really good…like when…like when I was with Daiki” answered Kuroko with a soft tone. “That’s why I don’t want to screw everything, I want to pass more time with him. Momoi-san, the letter Daiki left me, he was asking me to be happy and if I ever meet someone he will look over us…I feel like Kagami-kun is that someone” he added.

“Tetsu-kun, I know you want to know if there is anything else, but I think you should wait. I’m sure Kagami will eventually tell you everything one day. You just have to give him some more time before he opened up.” said Satsuki rubbing her friend hands

Kuroko meet Satsuki eyes and smile, he knew by talking with her he will feel better after. Satsuki was right, even if he wanted to know what Kagami was hiding, he needed to give him time and eventually his friend will tell him everything he needed to know.

Satsuki was glad to see her friend less concerned about the reason why Kagami was back, she knew the exact reason why the red-haired young man was back, but if he didn’t tell it to Kuroko, she had no right to do it. She just wanted to let the time do its thing, let life flow and see how thing goes, hoping it take the direction Daiki’s would want. That’s probably why he told her. He knew she would keep an eye on them if he told her was he was planning.

The two friend continue their talk and Kuroko left late in the afternoon. After leaving Satsuki house, he took the direction of the cemetery to visit Daiki’s grave. He needed to talk to his late boyfriend. Even if the latter couldn’t answer him back, Kuroko was still feeling his presence.

The icy-blue-haired young man entered the cemetery and headed for Daiki’s grave. He was following the little path, walking between the tombstone when he felt Nigou pulling on his leash. Something had caught the little dog attention. Kuroko lifted his head to see was his dog wanted to see and noticed Kagami was sitting on the cold ground beside Daiki’s grave. He was talking and closer Kuroko was getting to him better he could heard what he was saying. He decide to hide beside a tree nearby and wait Kagami had finish. However Kuroko couldn’t stand still for long not after hearing what Kagami said

“You asked me to come back if anything happen to you, now that I’m back what I should do. I try to hide those feeling I had for Kuroko, but more time I pass with him, harder it will become”…

Kuroko couldn’t believe it, Kagami came back cause Daiki asked him to…


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