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[Fanfic] New Life – Chapter 1

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Rating: Most of the chapters are rated PG, only some of the last chapters are rated 18+
Chapters: 1/20


New Life is the second part of the “For Kuroko ” series.
Kagami is now back for good in Japan, fulfilling Aomine’s last will, but still thing will go the way he hope?

It was Sunday morning, Kuroko and his little dog, Nigou, took a walk to visit Daiki’s grave. It have been nearly seven month since Aomine has been killed during a patrol and since then, Kuroko was always making sure to visit him once a week, for himself and the little black and white dog what was still waiting for his dad to come back from work.

Tetsuya and Nigou arrived at the cemetery, greeted the guardian, at first the old man wasn’t really fond of seeing the small dog in the cemetery, but soon he got over it, realizing Nigou will never made a mess, sometime he even gave him treats, to Nigou pleasure.

The odd pair, walked to the grave, the first thing Kuroko noticed on the stone, was a folded paper. From all the people he knew who was visiting the grave, none of them would have left a note behind. The young men took at small paper and unfold it. The message was quickly written, it was looking more like a scribble then a message, however despite that, Kuroko could recognize the bad handwriting, “Kagami-kun…” he softly said while feeling that someone was standing behind him.

Kuroko turn around to see who was standing behind him and had trouble to believe it, certain his eyes was deceiving him. He was there standing, looking at Kuroko in the eyes, tall, messy red hair with a wild look in the eyes, Kagami Taiga was there in front of him and Kuroko didn’t knew if he should be happy or angry. Happy to see his former teammate but angry to not have any news from him since almost three years, angry to not have seen him at the funeral.

Kuroko was about to say something, but the tall man spoke first:

“Hi…Kuroko…I’m back for good now” he softly said

“Kagami-kun” slowly said Kuroko who couldn’t detached his eyes from his old friend

“Sorry, I should have been there for you, I should have come right away when Kise called me, but…but I couldn’t take the plane, the doctor didn’t let me” replied Kagami showing his cane.

“….” Kuroko didn’t knew what to say, he had so many thing to tell him he didn’t knew where to begin with

“I-” began to say Kagami before getting interrupted by Nigou who wanted to get pet. The tall red-haired man got startled by the little dog, but instead of running away like we would have done in the past, he smile at the animal and bended down and pet the black and white dog. “Hey you little boy” said Kagami with a warm smile, ruffling Nigou fur.

“Kagami-kun, you are not afraid of dogs anymore?” asked Kuroko surprised by Kagami interaction with his dog forgetting all the thing he had in mind.

“Ah…I didn’t really have the choice to get rid of my fear of dog” replied Kagami scratching his head “The guy with whom I was sharing my apartment in LA had a big one” he added embarrassed

“Oh…I see” simply replied Kuroko

An awkward silence filled the air, none of them knew what to say. Kuroko then look at his phone and abruptly said he had to go back home. Just before he turn to walk away, Kagami stopped him and ask to have his new address and phone number, the truth is that Kagami already have them, Aomine had giving to him not long after they move in their new home. But if Kuroko knew Aomine and him had kept some kind of contact, Tetsuya would have been hurt and he didn’t wanted that. Kuroko agreed to exchange their new contact information and then walk away with Nigou.

Once home, Kuroko headed for the kitchen and stare are the oven wondering what to eat, he still had his encounter with Kagami in mind, wondering why the latter was back from the USA and the meaning behind what he said “back for good, what did he meant by that” ask Kuroko to himself. He took out his phone and decide to call Kise, maybe the latter knew why Kagami was back, it’s seems the two of them actually had kept contact during those year.

Ryouta pick up after the second ring, he was quite happy to hear Kuroko’s voice on the phone, but before his former teammate get too excited, Tetsuya cut him off and ask him if he knew Kagami was back

“Kagamicchi is back” said Kise surprised

“Yes I met him in front of Daiki’s grave” replied Kuroko

“Oh…nope I didn’t knew, he didn’t told me and I seriously doubt he would have told me, thinking I would have tell you right away” said Kise laughing

“I see” simply said Kuroko, wanted to call Kagami to know the reason of his return, but was wondering if it was the right time, instead he ask Kise if he wanted to have company for dinner, he didn’t felt like eating alone today.

Kise gladly accept and promise him to bring him somewhere he would like. Kuroko said he was looking forward to it and then hang up with his friend.

Meanwhile Kagami was staring at his bedroom wall in his apartment, apartment situated not too far away of the junior high school he will teach English, becoming teacher wasn’t really part of his life plan, he did chose it as an alternative if anything happen, if he couldn’t pursue his dream to become a professional basketball player, but life decided he wasn’t fit to become a pro and now he was walking with cane on the day that was really humid. He was lost in his thoughts looking at a the picture from his time at Seirin High, time where he thoughts everything would be easy, time where he meet the one with whom he wanted the pass the rest of his life.

His first encounter with Kuroko wasn’t the best, however they become friend, best friend before the end of their first year and kept that close bond until almost the end of their high school year until the moment where Kagami realized his feeling for Kuroko. But when he realized it, it was too late, his friend was already dating someone else, someone really similar to Taiga, someone ready to give up his dream for Tetsuya.

Kagami remembered when Kuroko told him he had started dating Aomine, it was a shock for him, he never saw it coming, to think his bestfriend hidden that from him. He first felt sad and disappointed, like if Tetsuya didn’t trust him, but after jealousy took the place of the disappointment, he was seeing his first real love slipping away and he couldn’t do nothing about it. Since he wanted to see his bestfriend, and love interest, happy Kagami took the decision to move away from them. He was scared that if he stay close to the blooming couple, Kuroko might eventually discover the feeling Taiga have for him and he didn’t want to trouble his friend with that.

He remembered the confrontation he had with Aomine, when he told him he will move back in America. No matter what Kagami was saying, Daiki wasn’t buying it.

“That’s bullshit” said the tanned man “you know you can get noticed too of you stay in Japan and even if you don’t get noticed here, you can still try your chance for the National Team, so what is your real motive to go back in the USA?” he finally ask

“I… already told you” replied Kagami avoiding Aomine’s eyes “If I’m in the USA-”

“Bullshit…I think I know you enough to know that you are not giving us the real reason, you are not the same since me and Tetsu start dating..does it have something to do with that? Tetsu probably didn’t notice it, but you becoming more and more distant”

“If you think you know the reason, why are you asking” softly said Kagami looking at his feet

“I just want a confirmation, if I’m right or wrong” replied Aomine “look I will not tell him, pretty sure if you are not saying anything it’s to not hurt him, it’s just for me”

Kagami remembered the pained expression Aomine wore, he didn’t knew if it was because they both share the same feeling for the same guy or if it was because Kagami try to deny it, to avoid the truth. Kagami eventually confirm to Aomine that he was in love with Kuroko, however he doesn’t have to worry, he will not get in their way. He told him his plan of moving back in the US and not comeback, at least not soon. Daiki try to convince him to stay, but Taiga already had taken his decision and nothing could make him change his mind. “Make sure to tell him you are leaving , just don’t tell him the day you will move” have said Aomine to Kagami. The red-haired was still hearing the disappointment in his late friend and rival voice, Taiga promised him to tell Kuroko two weeks prior moving back, which he did.

He remembered the reaction Tetsuya had when he announced him he was moving back to the USA. His reaction was a mixed a sadness and happiness. Sad cause he was losing a friend and happy cause this same friend was trying his chance to get draft by the NBA, however, like Aomine have done before him, the icy-blue-haired young man also try to hold back his friend. Kagami made sure to not let his expression and feeling betray him. Kuroko was observant, if Kagami wasn’t careful, his friend would have discovered the real reason behind him going back to LA and Taiga wanted to avoid it to all cost.

The day of his departure, Kuroko was there with Aomine, sending him off at the airport. A final goodbye, a last fist bump. Kuroko tell Kagami to call and give them news, the latter replied he couldn’t promise anything about that, since he didn’t knew how school will go.

The months passed, in the beginning, Taiga was calling every two weeks, then once a month to finally just stop. He sent a last falsely apologetic email, explaining the lack of news from him and then cut all link. He was pained, but at the moment he thought it was the best. At first Kuroko was still sending him email, hoping to eventually get a reply, slowly the email stop. Kagami was almost relieve, he will not have to deal with those feeling, he could let them fading away or if not at least put them aside and pass to something else.

Putting those feeling he had for Kuroko aside was easier than he thought and that could explain his surprise when he received one day Aomine’s letter. In the letter the former Touou’s ace was talking about random stuff, the way it was written gave Kagami the impression it was just a letter to give news, news he never asked for, but he still read it completely. At the end of the letter Aomine had requested something from Kagami. He asked him to come back to Kuroko if anything happened to him. Aomine knew the only one who could really take care of Kuroko other than him was Kagami. The tanned young man didn’t ask for a reply, he just asked to consider this request as an eventual last will.

Kagami didn’t reply, in fact he had putted the letter away, he hide it in a boxes, almost forgot about it, until Kise called him to announced him Aomine’s death. At that moment Kagami remembered about the letter and something inside him was telling him to move back in Japan, which he did soon as he can.

Kagami was still lost in his memories when he feel his stomach make weird noises. He look at the time and realize it was quite late “Not feeling like cooking anything, wonder what the super model is doing” he thought taking out his smart phone to dial Kise’s number

The blond man answer right away



“So you are really back!”

“It seems like it, say Kise I was wondering if you were free tonight? I thought we could catch up on those years I was away”

“That would be cool!! I know! I will text you an address and meet me there!”

“Okay see you later then”

“Oookay see you later Kagamicchi”

Both hang-up and Kagami got ready to leave his apartment once again.


Prequel <——> Next Part

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