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[Fanfic] New Life – Chapter 10

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Rating: Most of the chapters are rated PG, only some of the last chapters are rated 18+
Chapters: 10/20


New Life is the second part of the “For Kuroko ” series.
Kagami decide to surprise Kuroko and he realize he hate cop


The morning came and Kagami slowly opened his eyes, he looked around perfectly knowing he will not found what, or more who he was looking for. He didn’t though he would had regret his decision to come back to sleep in his apartment. He secretly wished to be able to go back in time and stayed at Kuroko house for the night, just to wake up beside him.

When he arrive to his apartment last night, the feeling of Kuroko’s kisses was still lingering in his mind. A part of him was telling him it was too soon to kiss the icy-blue-haired man this way, but an other part was just happy by how thing where going.

“Guess this is it, that what I wanted after all” he said out loud looking at the ceiling.

The red-haired rubbed his face with his hands and get out of his bed. He needed to get ready for work. He was slowly preparing his breakfast thinking about what he said the day before. He was wondering why he said to Kuroko why he would see him only Friday, he didn’t wanted to wait until Friday, he wanted to see him right after work. “Maybe I can surprise him” he thought finishing his bento.

Once he was ready, he left the house, knowing he will probably come back late once again.

The day passed fast, yet not enough fast for Kagami who kept looking at his watch. He even appear bored during the practice, he definitely looked like someone who wanted to be somewhere else. The boy sof the club tried to question him since he looked in a hurry after the practice and the only answer they got was a complain about how slow they were, which made the boy laugh, they weren’t stupid they had a slight idea why Kagami was rushing them to leave.

Practice over, he headed to Kuroko house a few miles away, he start to question his decision to not call him and if the young man wasn’t home. Kagami shook his head, if Kuroko wasn’t home, he would just have to go to his home. It would be his fault to not calling him.

In front of the icy-blue-haired young man house, he park his car and get to the front door. Somehow he felt nervous and he wasn’t able to tell why, maybe it was excitement, maybe it was that to be really in love.

Kagami press on the door bell a first time and wait feeling the nervosity growing. He was about press a second time when he heard noises coming from the other side of the door, someone was talking.

The only thing Kagami had in mind that could make him go to his house was if Kuroko wasn’t there, the idea of Kuroko having visitor never occurred him, thus he was really surprised to see Takao opening the door.


“Takao!!” Kagami could hide his surprise

He heard Kuroko voice coming from the living room, asking who was at the door. Takao laugh and said it was Kagami

“Taiga!!” said Kuroko rushing to the door

When the smaller man appear in front of him, the latter seems to be really happy to see him. Without paying attention to Takao who was closely watching them, Kuroko question Kagami since he said he would be there only on Friday.

“Surprise…I guess” said Kagami with a timid smile without looking at the black-haired beside them “But if you have visitor…” he trailed off

“No, Taiga, it’s okay you can stay” assured Kuroko with a smile, “I really thought you will come only Friday”

“I knew I should had called” said Kagami getting inside the door.

“Taiga, I’m happy you wanted to surprise me” said Kuroko closing the door behind him “Momoi-san is in the living room with little Daiki” he said walking toward the said room followed by Takao who didn’t missed anything from their interaction between the two.

“Kagami!” exclaimed Momoi when she saw Kagami coming in the living room “I’m happy to see you”

“Momoi” slowly said Kagami with a little bow

“Seriously Kagami no bow please” tease Momoi walking toward the tall man to embrace him “I’m really happy to see you and call me Satsuki, if that idiot doesn’t want to do it, maybe you will” she said talking about Kuroko.

“Happy to see you too…Satsuki” said Kagami with a smile

He looked over the young woman shoulder and saw her son sitting in his bouncer, Momoi look over and smile. The baby smile back at his mother but look at the newcomer with some curiosity in the eyes.

“Look Daiki, uncle Kagami is there” said Momoi

“Uncle?” asked Kagami

He could hear Takao laughing in his back “Yes, Kagami you guys are all his uncle”

Kagami looked at the little pink-haired boy and crouch down beside him to caress his small cheek with his large finger. He kinda like that uncle idea.

The trio behind him just look at him with a smile, when Kagami noticed them, he could felt the heat going across his face and stand back.

Kuroko couldn’t help but let out a little laugh, it was funny to see Kagami interacting with the baby.

During the diner Takao and Kagami talked about their daily life as a cop and teacher. It was going well they were having fun. Daiki was now peacefully sleeping in his high chair after his mother had feed him. There was a moment of hilariousity when Kagami drop food on the floor and Nigou snatch it, making everyone laugh, except Kagami, but the red-haired could be mad at the little black and white dog.

Takao couldn’t not notice how Kagami and Kuroko were toward each other, smiling, looking at each other with tenderness in the eyes.

After the diner , Takao convince Kuroko to sit in the living room with Momoi while Kagami and him were washing the dishes.

Kagami was drying a plate when Takao looking at the tall man in with the corner of his eyes and smile

“So Kagami…since when?” he asked

“Since when what?” he asked back without looking at the smaller man beside him

“Kagami…” began to say Takao “You do remember that I’m a cop? plus I’m known for my observing skill, I’m one of the rare person who was able to mark Kuroko during our match”


Takao wasn’t able to control his laugh, the look of defeat on Kagami face was hilarious for him. The tall man was looking like if he had lost an important game, which make it funnier for Takao.

“What is happening” said Kuroko walking to the kitchen followed by Momoi

“Nothing Kuro-chan…really nothing” replied Takao wiping the tear from the corner of his eyes

“Taiga?” then ask the young man knowing he would get nothing for the Takao
Hearing Kuroko calling Kagami by his first name, just made the black-haired young man laugh more

“I hate cop, they are too observant” simply said Kagami with a sigh before looking at Kuroko in the eyes.

“Oh…” was the only thing Kuroko could say while trying to not laugh at Kagami worried expression.

Now that Takao was aware of the situation, Kuroko could do what he wanted since the moment he saw Kagami in front of his house. He slowly walk toward the tall man and caress his cheek before getting on the tip of his toes to reach his lips.

“Don’t worry” whispered Kuroko “everything is gonna be okay” he told his boyfriend to assure him

“If you say so” replied Kagami cupping Kuroko’s head before leaning forward to return the kiss

When Kagami look up after the kiss, Momoi couldn’t hide her happiness, she seems truly happy for them. She knew how Kagami was struggling since he was back. Now it was over. Both of her friends will be happy together, like her late best friend wanted.

“I know someone who is probably happy now, he can now really rest in peace” she said with tear in the eyes.

“Momoi-san?” slowly asked Kuroko

“Tetsu-kun” began to say the young mother “When Dai-chan gave me the letter I gave you, he told me what he wanted to happen if he had to leave you side. And…he ask me to keep an eyes on you two, just to make sure everything was going well”

“So you always knew?” asked Kagami thinking about everything he told her

“Sorry Kagami-kun…I couldn’t say anything”

“Ah, you don’t have to be sorry, I’m just surprise after everything I told you.”

“Yes, I was happy to be your confident, at least I knew what you was thinking” said Momoi with a smile.

“Yes…” replied Kagami smiling at her

“Now everything is set, you can relaxed” added Takao slapping Kagami’s back

“Takao-kun, I would like you to not tell anything to Midorima” said Kuroko looking at Takao in the eyes “ I want to tell him, them, myself.”

“Don’t worry Kuro-chan, I will not say a word about that, you have my word”

Kuroko was relieve, it was his only worry. Knowing Takao he could have told Midorima whom would have told to Akashi and the latter would have come right away to ask explication. Now that he had Takao promises he could breathe more easily.

The young couple leave later in the evening followed by Kagami not long after.

“Gonna try to pass tomorrow” said Kagami before leaving

“You can come whenever you want” replied Kuroko with a smile

“Glad to hear to” said Kagami leaning forward to leave a kiss on Kuroko lips before walking to his car.

Both were happy, a step was made, now they had to tell the remaining Generation of Miracle.


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