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[Fanfic] New Life – Chapter 7

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Rating: Most of the chapters are rated PG, only some of the last chapters are rated 18+
Chapters: 7/20


New Life is the second part of the “For Kuroko ” series.
Kuroko try to stop himself to think too much about what the future have for him, but each time he does, he think of Kagami.

Kuroko watched Kagami walked in direction of the bus stop, he wait until his friend become a small little dot before coming back in the warmth of his home where Nigou was waiting for him.

The young man passed the front door and close it behind him, removed his shoes and look at the little furball at his feet. The black and white little dog was wagging his tails wait for his master to pick him up. He watch Nigou wiping the air and smile. He was relieved to know the truth now . He knew he should had been angry at the red-haired but he couldn’t bring himself to be. Yes, Kagami lied to him, he hide the truth from him. However, in the end he did all this in order to make sure Kuroko will not feel uneasy around him. Plus, Kagami was back, he was back for him, to take care of him. He didn’t have to come back in Japan, even if Daiki asked him to, Kagami didn’t had to agree with that, he said it himself, he try to forget about the feeling he had for him. But in the end, he couldn’t and that’s why he was back, cause he was still in love with him and somehow Kuroko was happy about it.

The icy-blue-haired young man wasn’t fully certain about what he wanted to do, he knew he wanted to pass more time with his tall friend, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted more than that, at least for now. But, he also knew he had to eventually give a proper answer to Kagami. The latter said he would wait and he was ready to see their relation to stay how it is, but in the back of his head Kuroko knew Kagami would be disappointed and was wondering how their relation would turn. Just the thought of it was enough to make Kuroko smile fade away. He didn’t want to see the pain and the disappointment in Kagami eyes, him who left his family behind to come back in Japan for him, he didn’t want any awkward feeling between them.

Kuroko was back to the reality by a little bark, Nigou was tilting his head, wonder why his master haven’t moved an inches since the moment he was back in the house. The young man stares at the little dog and laugh, “maybe I should stop over thinking and be more like you, little one” he said bending over to take the ball of fur in his arm. “You are only leaving in the present, you don’t worry about the future, about what might happen.”

He walked to the living room where he left Nigou on the floor before going to the kitchen looking into what he would eat for lunch the next day. He then thought about the kid he was taking care of. Those children were also leaving in the present, without any worries, so why Kuroko was worrying about what could happen, his adult life might be a be more complicated than the one life the children were living, but love wasn’t supposed to be something you should be worried about.

That night Kuroko make a promise to himself, stop thinking about what could happen in the future between Kagami and him and let the wheel of destiny decide for him. If it wanted him to live a happy life with the red-haired, he will do and be happy with it . Kagami was so good with him and the young man was really wonder how he could be sad and unhappy with someone who would always make sure he never missed anything.

Thinking about Kagami reminded him how Daiki was when they first started to date. At that time his late lover was the one who was always worrying about everything. How their family would react and their friend how would they take the news. Aomine was mostly worried about how Kise would react, him who was always over Kuroko, embraced him whenever he could. Kuroko had to reassure the tanned man, more than once that everything would be okay, the only thing that really mattered is the fact they were happy together and it work, Aomine was looking at their relation with an other angle and decide to take it day by day without worrying about what the next day would bring and that’s probably why they were happy for all those year.

Kuroko look at the clock on the wall and decide it was time for him to prepare himself and go to sleep. After a quick shower, the young man get under the warm blanket and took Nigou with him, even almost a year after Daiki’s death, he wasn’t still used to the big bed for himself and still felt the need to sleep with the small dog by his side.

Kagami arrived at his apartment late in the night and he was cursing himself to not have called a taxi it would have been more faster but he would have been still juggling with his thoughts and he would have had some trouble finding sleep.

Now that he had told Kuroko everything the latter needed to know, he felt better, like is a heavy weight has been removed from his shoulder. He felt a bit lighter and now he would only wait for his small friend answer. From the moment he told the truth to Kuroko, Kagami knew he have to be patient and live each day without wondering what will happen next. The red-haired had enough to worried about everything, he had the feeling that was the only thing he was actually doing since the last few months, since he was back in Japan. He was tired and now he just wanted to enjoy every moment he would pass with Kuroko even if the latter would rather them to stay as just friend. As long as Kuroko was happy, Kagami would also be happy. That’s the sole reason why he was back, make sure the icy-blue-haired young man was happy.

Soon as he got in his apartment, Kagami removed his shoes and throw his jacket over the couch and carried himself to the bathroom where he took a quick shower. It was only now that we was back to his place that his leg was feeling the long day of walk.

After his shower, he slide his tall body under the blanket without thinking about anything. He slept until his alarm wake him up the next morning.

When he got up his bed, he felt his injured leg a bit sore and let out a curse. He didn’t wanted to bring his cane with him, it has been at least a month he didn’t had to use it, but if his leg was already hurting, it would still hurt after his day of work. “Guess I would have to take the car too” he sigh looking at the sun that was rising.

He walked with difficulties to the kitchen where he turn the coffee maker on,while waiting for his coffee he ate a banana just before taking his pain-killer, he hated the taste of his medicine but he feel like it would get worse if he didn’t take them now.

Kagami slowly left his apartment, after finishing preparing himself, tightening his grip on his cane and headed in direction of his car.
On his way to work, he found himself hoping his leg get back to normal before Saturday. He really wanted to be in great shape the next time he will see Kuroko, he didn’t wanted to worry him about his condition. “I just really be more careful next time” he thought as he park his car in the school parking lot.

Kuroko woke-up early, earlier than usual, he look at his alarm clock on the night table 4h30am a full hour earlier than usual but stayed in his bed wondering if he should just get up or try to see if he could sleep that remaining hour.

He felt Nigou moving on the bed beside him, stretching up his little paw, then turning around on the same spot before laying down while yawning. The young man looked at his small dog and smile “You as long as has feed you, you really have no worries” he said scratching the dog ears.

After thirty minutes looking at the ceiling, the kindergarten teacher get up from under the blanket and shiver when his feet touch the cold floor. That’s reminded him to buy a mat, installing tatami was too expensive for him, at least for now and he didn’t wanted to borrow money for it. A simple mat would do and it was only for the cold morning, even if it wasn’t that cold outside.

He was probably still tired cause of yesterday, the revelation made by Kagami and him over thinking about the future strained his mental energy. But he couldn’t really do nothing about it except keeping the promise he made to himself and stop worrying about the future.

He carried himself to the bathroom to wash the remaining sign of sleep of his face. Rubbing it with fresh water he couldn’t help but smile at his reflexion, mid-twenty and still no sign of facial hair. Some people would be jealous. Kuroko finished his morning routine and get to the kitchen where he fill Nigou’s bowl, he made sure the little dog also had fresh water in the other one.

This morning, Kuroko took his time to prepare his breakfast, it has been awhile since he haven’t had a decent one.

While doing the pancake, he suddenly missed Aomine’s presence in the house which was too quiet for him. To fill the emptiness of the air, Kuroko turn the TV on and watched the morning news. Even if it wasn’t really filling for Daiki’s absence, at least he was feeling less alone.

Maybe one day Kagami will eat breakfast with him, both have a similar schedule they could get up together in the morning. Once again Kuroko had to stop his train of thoughts, realizing he was still thinking about the future. But what was more surprising, is the fact he was imagining a future with Kagami and him leaving in the same house. The thought made Kuroko smile and decide to fix himself a goal, convince Kagami to stay over, even if it was only for one night. He had a spare bedroom, thus Kagami would not have to sleep on the couch, maybe even pass the weekend together…again Kuroko was planning future plan. Keeping this promise would be harder than he originally thoughts.

After he finished eating and getting ready to work, he wave at Nigou, telling him to be a nice boy and when he will come back from work they would go out and take a walk.

Once outside, he noticed it was cold than precedent morning and wonder if Kagami at the right jacket. The icy-blue-haired young man stop walking and laugh “Now I’m worrying about him…guess there is really something going on in my mind that I’m not fully aware of” he said to himself before continuing his walk to his work.

After his day of work, Kuroko came back to his empty house where Nigou was waiting for him. It was during those moments he missed the most Aomine. Of course Nigou was always happy to see him back, but it could never beat the sweet kisses Aomine would leave on the pale skin of his neck. It didn’t happen often, but it happen often enough for Kuroko to miss those moments.

“If only Kagami was there” he thought looking at the blue sky before unlocking the front door.

“Kagami?! Why do I have to still thinking about him now, each time I thinking about Daiki, Kagami appear in my thought like if he was the answer I’m looking for” sigh Kuroko. He really didn’t wanted to thinking about it, but he couldn’t stop himself either. Just the thought of having Kagami leaving with him fill a little bit the hole in his heart. Even if Kagami would never replace Aomine, like his late lover, the red-haired would he there by his side.

Kuroko took a quick look at the time wondering if his friend was still at school or if he was back home.

“He is the coach of the basketball team of his school, he is probably still at work then, can still call tho, just to see if he is answering” said Kuroko to himself before taking his phone and flipping through his contact to find Kagami’s number.

The young man couldn’t hide his surprise when his friend answer after the second ring.

“Oh! Kagami-kun…I didn’t thought you would answer, you don’t have club activities”

“Hmhm Kuroko, I’m supposed to be at work, but since I was stupid enough yesterday to walk all day, by leg decide to go on strike and hurt like hell. This morning it wasn’t bad, but it get worse during the afternoon” explain Kagami at the other end of the phone

“Kagami-kun…is there anything I can do? Did you eat? I can bring you something, like this would will not have to-”

“Kuroko…” cut Kagami “I would be happy if you want to come over, just to give me a hand, you can even bring Nigou if you want”


Kagami could feel the relief in Kuroko’s voice, like if he would turn down his offer. Kagami was too happy to hear Kuroko voice to even thinking about what he have in his refrigerator.

“Waiting for you then” said Kagami to break the silence

“I’m on my way” replied Kuroko before cutting the line.

The icy-blue-haired grabbed Nigou’s leash and rapidly headed toward Kagami house. He was not only happy to be able to see him, but also he would be able to help him.

On his way, Kuroko stopped to buy some food, not knowing what Kagami had, the latter was a fairly good cook and Kuroko couldn’t help but wonder if he will like his cooking. The young man didn’t really had time to overthink about it, he was in front of Kagami apartment faster than he thought.

“I suppose, I was really happy to see him again” said Kuroko with a little smile climbing the stair leading to Kagami’s door.


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