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[Fanfic] New Life – Chapter 8

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Rating: Most of the chapters are rated PG, only some of the last chapters are rated 18+
Chapters: 8/20


New Life is the second part of the “For Kuroko ” series.
Kuroko make is choice


When Kagami heard soft knocking on his door, he just wanted to scream the door was unlocked to his visitor, knowing it was probably Kuroko, however he still decided to get up from the couch and properly greet his friend since it was the first time he was visiting him.

The red-haired walked with difficulties to the door, posing a hand on the wall, he had forgotten to take his cane that was still leaning on the side of the couch.

He opened the door, to see Kuroko on the other side, the icy-blue-haired young man was waiting with Nigou in his arms.

“Sorry for the wait, it was harder to get up from that couch than I thought” said Kagami petting the small dog head

“It’s okay Kagami-kun” said Kuroko with a smile “Thank you for having me” he added entering in the apartment “Where I should put my jacket?”

“Oh give it to me, I will hang it on the hook” quickly said Kagami closing the door behind his friend

“Just tell me where the hook are and go back sitting in your living room while I take care of the diner”

“Kuroko…I can’t let you cook when you are in my place…”

“Kagami-kun, your leg is hurting, therefore you have to sit, Nigou will keep you company”

Kagami wanted to argue, but just let out a sigh, sign he was giving up and told Kuroko where he could hang his jacket while he was returning sitting on the couch. Once he was comfortably set, the leg posed on the footrest, his friend put Nigou on him telling the little dog to stay with the tall red-haired.

Kagami watched Kuroko going to the kitchen with the bag he had brought with him. Not only Kuroko will cook once again for him, but he also bought food. He thought he was lucky to have a friend like him around. He would have been pretty hopeless tonight if it wasn’t of him.

The tall man was quietly waiting in the livingroom, petting Nigou, scratching the white fur of his belly. Sometimes he could hear his friend from the kitchen asking him where he kept some stuff and each time Kagami tried to get up to show him, Kuroko was coming to see him and tell him to just say where it was. He then told Nigou to bark if Kagami tried to get up from the couch. Soon the apartment start to smell curry. Smelling the delicious scent, Kagami stomach started to growl.

Once the diner was ready, Kuroko come to help Kagami to get up from the couch and help him to walk to his seat. Kagami tried to convince him to let him walk with his cane, but the smaller man didn’t want to hear anything. He was there to help him, thus he will help him, even if he wanted to go to the bathroom, Kuroko would be there.

“You know, I said my leg was hurting, but I can still walk on it” he said once he seated on the chair.

“…I know, but I just want you to not put any weight on it”

Kagami looked at his friend from across the table smile and thank him to be there and make diner from him for the second time.

“Kagami-kun is back to take care of me, so I have to be there for him if he need me” simply reply Kuroko looking at his plate.

The taller man’s smile got wider, he wanted to take the icy-blue-haired men in his arms, to hug him and make sure he knew how he was thankful to have him around, but he did nothing of that. He didn’t want to make him uncomfortable.

After the diner, Kagami tried to convince his friend to let him help to wash the dishes, but the latter ordered him to go back to the living room and wait for him there.

Once he was back on the couch, Kagami just blankly stare at the dark screen of the TV, wondering what they would to next. He knew what he wanted to do but he also knew it wasn’t a good idea, anyway Kuroko would scolded him cause he will but weight on his leg.

It didn’t took time before Kuroko joined Kagami on the couch after he had finished to wash the dishes and put it away.

Both males was sitting on the opposite side of the couch in silence, not knowing what to say or what to do, but both was giving the other quick glance like if they were waiting for some kind of sign.

Kagami was looking at Nigou who was now sleeping peacefully on the floor when he caught Kuroko staring at him

“Kuroko…you look like someone who want to say something” he said without looking at his friend

“Hmmm…Kagami-kun…you know after you left, I pass a big part of the night thinking about what you told me and also thought about it today” began to say Kuroko you seems to look for his words

“Is there anything else you want to know?” asked Kagami without looking at him

“No, not at all, I just wanted to say that I like having you around, it feel good when you are with me. You know when you left yesterday, the house really felt empty…”

“I can come over more often if it’s what you want…”

“What I want…I think what I want is….” Kuroko didn’t finish his sentence, he didn’t knew how to tell Kagami that what he wanted was him to stay with him in his house. He wanted to always have him around, not only when he called.

Kagami looked at his friend and smile. He slowly stretch out his arm to reach Kuroko hand, he put his large hand over his and slowly rub his fingers.

When he felt Kagami finger rubbing his, Kuroko felt all his nervosity fade away, because he was nervous, from the moment he called Kagami to when he felt the soft touch of his hand on his skin. He was nervous, because he didn’t knew how the thing would go, he was nervous and did his best to hide it. Feeling the touch of Kagami on his hand relaxed him. He looked at Kagami met his eyes and smile. He then slowly got closer to the taller man to lean against the firm shoulder. Kuroko was feeling good, he was feeling safe and that all what he wanted.

The smaller man felt the arms of Kagami around his shoulder, he felt his large hand on his arm. Kuroko lifted his hand and met with Kagami hand and slowly locked finger with him

“Is it really what you what” then ask Kagami “You can still think, about it, I mean I just told you everything yesterday.

“Yes Kagami-kun…yes Taiga, that what I want, i just want you to be there beside me and I want to be your side”

“Did you think about what the other would say”

“They can say whatever they want, if they really want me to be happy, they will accept the fact I want to be happy with you”

“You are not doing that cause – “

Kagami didn’t finished what he wanted to say, Kuroko was sitting beside him, he was looking at him in the eyes and his hand was on his cheek softly rubbing the skin under it

“Taiga…I.Want.To.Be.With.You that all, not because that what Daiki wanted, but because I want it”

Hearing those word coming from Kuroko mouth, washed away Kagami’s last worries. Even if he always had planned to let the thing goes the way it wanted, he still had some worries and the thought of Kuroko being with him only because that’s what Aomine wanted what one of them. But now he knew Kuroko wanted to be with him because that what he wanted, Kagami couldn’t help but be relieved.

Kagami put his hand over Kuroko hand and took it to kiss it. Kagami couldn’t be more happy than now. Kuroko was returning his feeling.

“Okay…let’s be there for each other then” he said pulling Kuroko closer to him to leave a kiss on his forehead.

Kuroko smile and buried his head in Kagami chest. He was where he wanted to be and he was feeling good.

They stay like that for a moment, saying nothing, just enjoying the moment. Kuroko was resting his head on Kagami’s chest.

After a moment, the taller man look at the his phone. It was getting late and both of them was working the next day.

“Kuroko…” softly said Kagami

“Yes” hummed the smaller man whose head was still resting on the taller man chest

“Kuroko, it’s getting late, I will bring you home”

Kuroko straight up and look at the red-haired in the eyes

“Taiga, repeat after me, Tet-Su-Ya, in case you forgotten that’s my name and from now one that how you will call me. Who called their lover by the last name?”

Kagami blinked and smile, he gonna have to get use to that

“Tetsu..ya, it’s getting late” he said

“I heard that, but I can go back home by myself, I don’t want you to drive me”

“That’s a no” quickly replied Kagami “What kind of boyfriend who will let his lover walking or take the bus at this time?” he added

“Taiga…I just don’t want you to get down the stairs…” sigh Kuroko

“I know, so if you don’t want me to drive you home, you have the choice: couch, futon or my bed. We can put Nigou between the two of us if you don’t feel comfortable.

Kuroko blushed realizing, Kagami was proposing to stay the night. He actually like the idea of not sleeping alone in a bed

“Guess the bed sounds like a nice idea” he slowly said “and…Nigou don’t have to be put in between” he added without looking at Kagami

“Then it’s settled, all my pants are probably too large for you, but my shirt will fit your perfectly” said Kagami while trying to get on his feet.

“Wait I will help you” quickly said Kuroko presenting his hand to Kagami

The taller man look at the hand in front of him and laugh “Tetsuya, if I don’t use my leg at all, it’s gonna be worse tomorrow and I would really like to go to work”


“Tetsuya… thank you” he said with a smile “I really appreciate having you around tonight

A little smile appear on Kuroko’s lips, the young man stepped aside to leave space to Kagami who slowly get up from the couch.

The red-haired took his cane in one hand and Kuroko’s in the other and then headed for his bedroom.

“Wanna take a shower before going to sleep?” he asked to Kuroko while taking out one of his university t-shirt

“Yes, I would like too”

“Okay, let me show you where the towel are, gonna take mine after you”


“unless you want us to take it at the same times” said Kagami with a smirk appearing on his lips “but I would rather not burning step” he added with a more serious tone.

“I understand, I will take my shower before then” said Kuroko walking toward the bathroom he already spotted when he was following Kagami.

Kagami smile, pass his hand on Kuroko cheek and told him where was the towel. The icy-blue-haired young man looked at him in the eye and return his smile before walking to the bathroom.

After Kuroko took his shower, he came back to Kagami’s room wearing a t-shirt that was definitely that too big for him, however the red-haired could stop thinking about how cute the smaller man was with that oversize shirt on. Kagami try to hide his blush but quickly walking to the bathroom to take his shower.

Once both had taken their shower, the get under the blanket and to Kagami surprise, Kuroko rested his head against his shoulder.

“Hey Tetsuya, you remember that I said we shouldn’t skip any steps…”

“Yes, Taiga, I remember, but I will sleep better like this”

“Okay… sleep well then” said Kagami kissing Tetsuya forehead

“Sleep well too, Taiga” replied Kuroko lifting his head to leave a soft kiss on Kagami cheek.


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