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[Fanfic] New Life – Chapter 9

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Rating: Most of the chapters are rated PG, only some of the last chapters are rated 18+
Chapters: 9/20


New Life is the second part of the “For Kuroko ” series.
Kagami stop by Kuroko’s house, the latter try to convince him to past the night, Kagami promise him to pass the week-end instead. The couple share their first real kiss.


The next morning Kagami woke up feeling something warm and wet on his face, he slowly opened up the eyes to see what was going on. If this scene had happened five years earlier, he would probably have died from a heart attack, but now, seeing Nigou licking his face as morning greeting, he really didn’t mind.

The red-haired seated in the bed and petted the little black and white dog before looking around. It was only him and Nigou, Kuroko was already up and from the sound that was coming from the kitchen, Kagami could guess the icy-blue-haired young man was preparing them breakfast.

He look at the alarm clock on the night table and noticed he woke-up an hours earlier than what he was supposed to, thank to the little dog. He look back at Nigou considering going back to sleep, but somehow he knew if the ball if fur was staying with him in the bed, he might not be able to sleep, even if he feel that he needed more sleep. Not that he didn’t sleep well, but he wasn’t use to feel someone else body warm in his bed.

Hearing more sound from the kitchen, Kagami finally decide to get up and see if Kuroko needed any help.

Posing is foot on the floor, he didn’t felt any pain in his knee, which was a good thing at least Kuroko would not be able to force him to seat while he is doing everything.

The taller man get dressed before going to the kitchen and stopped by the bathroom to watch is face and shave the beard that was growing on his chin. No matter what he was doing, Kagami always like being clean shave.

After finishing his morning routine, he headed to the kitchen hoping Kuroko haven’t finished preparing the breakfast.

When he got to the kitchen, he had a sight of something he never thought he would see. Kuroko was still wearing the too big t-shirt with an apron over and was doing pancake. Kagami really like the sweet scent that was filling the air, but he like even more seeing Kuroko like that.

“Aomine certainly was a lucky bastard” he thought approaching Kuroko to look over his shoulder.

“Good morning, sleep well?” he said to the young man in front of the oven

Kuroko turn around and smile

“Good morning, yes I did sleep really well…in fact it has been awhile since I haven’t sleep like that” replied Kuroko before turning back his attention to the pancake.

“Happy to hear that…do you need any help?”

“No, I’m almost done…oh! Maybe you could dress the table”


Kagami open the refrigerator and took out when they might need, he also found maple syrup in the back.

Both males took seat beside each other and began to eat the delicious breakfast prepared by Kuroko. The smaller man, asked the red-haired how is leg was this morning. Kagami look at Kuroko and smile

“Don’t worry, it’s okay I will be able to go work today and even hold the practice for the school club” he said with a reassuring smile

“Glad to hear it, do you want to pass by after the club activities?” asked Kuroko playing with a strawberry in his plate

“And make you cook for me once more? I would rather pass by, pick you up and bring you here instead, I would make you diner this time”

“But the diner would be ready one you get to my place, if we go to your home after you finish work, we will eat late…”

Kuroko had a point, Kagami sigh and agree to go to Kuroko’s place after he finish his day of work. The icy-blue-haired smile like if he had won a hard battle and finished to eat what he had in his plate.

After they had finished eating and put away everything, Kagami washed the few cooking tools and the pan while Kuroko was getting ready. The tall man even had time to prepare to bento. One for Kuroko and one for him. When Kuroko saw that, he smile and slowly get close to Kagami to leave a soft kiss on his cheek

“Thank you Taiga”

“’s nothing, I mean you been cooking for me a lot lately, it’s the least I can do”

“I really hope being able to cook you a lot more meals” replied Kuroko getting once again close to Kagami to leave an other kiss, but this time closer to the lips.

Kagami didn’t really knew what to do, they just confessed yesterday and didn’t place his hope really high regarding the skinship. However, seeing Kuroko being that forward with him kind of make him happy.

Once they were ready to leave, Kuroko and Kagami left in direction of Kuroko’s house where the smaller man changed his clothes, he didn’t wanted to wear the same clothes as the day before and they had to dropped Nigou too. After Kagami dropped Kuroko in front of the kindergarten building gate. Before getting out of the car, the icy-blue-haired, made sure to leave an other kiss on Kagami cheek, making the latter blush once more. He smile and then exit the car to walk toward the building. He watched Kagami leaving in direction of the school where he was teaching, before getting in the building.

Kagami couldn’t wait to see the club practice to be over. He really like the kid of the basketball club, but he wanted to see Kuroko even more. Soon as the practice was done and everyone had left, he hurriedly close everything and rushed toward his car.

He park the car in front of Kuroko place. He looked at the house thinking one day it will probably become his home too. He felt happy about it, but sad in the same time. This house was bought by Aomine and Kuroko, it was supposed to be their love nest, not Kagami and Kuroko love nest, however if Kuroko proposed to move with him, the red-haired would gladly accept the offer.

At the moment where Kagami was getting out of his car, the door of Kuroko house opened and Nigou came to greet him outside, followed by his master. The red-haired bended down and took the little dog before passing his free hand on Kuroko cheek.


The icy-blue-haired young man and smile, Kagami will really have to get use to call him by his first name.

“Hi, Taiga…how was your day?” asked Kuroko walking inside the house

“Great, the kid are amazing, they even scolded me for not taking care of my leg properly on Sunday” replying Kagami laughing while removing his shoes.

Kuroko couldn’t do anything but laugh, those kid were more adult than the adult.

“You have great student” said Kuroko closing the door behind Kagami before taking Kagami jacket to hang it beside his own.

Kagami looked at the hook and notice a name over it: Daiki . Kagami jacket was on Aomine’s hook, the hook where his jacket, police jacket have hung in the past. The red-haired, realize Aomine’s presence was still strong in the house. Kuroko notice where was looking Kagami

“Oh…gonna have to remove his name eventually…”

“No…you don’t have to, there is other hooks that can be use” replied Kagami taking his jacket to hang it on another hook.

“Taiga…” simply said Kuroko, looking at Kagami in the eyes. The smaller man eyes became watery.

“Hey, he was there before me, it’s normal you want to keep him alive. You were happy together, I’m not here to replace him even if I want to do the same thing as him which is love you and take care of you like he did” replied Kagami wiping of the tears that was running down Kuroko’s cheek.

Kuroko was happy Kagami was the way he was, he was understanding and would never try to erased Aomine’s presence from Kuroko’s life.

“So what are we eating?” asked Kagami removing his hand from Kuroko’s cheek “It’s smell pretty good”

“I did a beef stew”

“Ooh that sound yummy” said Kagami smiling

“I hope it will taste as good as it smell” replied Kuroko

“Pretty sure it will” said Kagami lifting Kuroko bang to kiss his forehead.

The pair headed for the dining room where the table was already dress, it was just missing the plate.

While eating they talk about their day and after Kagami helped to wash the dishes. They finished the evening cuddling on the couch in front of the TV.

Soon the time for Kagami to leave came, Kuroko didn’t wanted to see him leave, he actually try to convince him to stay, but the tall red-haired counter saying and didn’t have any cloths and there is no way for him to wear Aomine’s. Seeing disappointed look on Kuroko’s eyes Kagami promise to pass the weekend with him. He did have a practice on the upcoming Saturday, but Saturday practice were usually finishing around 2pm, he could even come on Friday. The smaller man look at him in the eyes and reluctantly accepted to see him leave, as long as he promise to be there Friday night.

“I promises” said Kagami while passing his thumb over Kuroko’s soft lips. He wanted to give him a proper kiss, he was pretty sure Kuroko wouldn’t mind seeing how he was acting, but Kagami still felt it was too early.

Kagami was probably the only one to think that, because soon as he was about to leave the house, Kuroko get closer to him and raise himself on his toe to reach Kagami’S lips. The taller man was a bit taken aback, but still glad, he actually had the feeling Kuroko would make the first move.

It wasn’t a long kiss, a short but sweet one, just long enough for Kagami to want more.

When Kuroko get back flat on his feet, he lift his head and blushed, it was like when he started dating Daiki back during their last year of high school. However at this time, it was Aomine who made the first move. But Kuroko knew Kagami would never do it, that why he took the chance to kiss him now. They were loving each other, thus it was normal for them to kiss.

“Tetsuya…” slowly said Kagami leaning forward to leave a kiss on Kuroko lips “see you on Friday then”

“Yes…on Friday”

They kiss one last time, nothing to passionate, just enough to say they were in love.


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