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[Fanfic] New Life – Chapter 11

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Rating: Most of the chapters are rated PG, only some of the last chapters are rated 18+
Chapters: 11/20


New Life is the second part of the “For Kuroko ” series.
Kagami past the week-end with Kuroko, Kuroko tell Kise about him and Kagami.

Friday came and Kagami was at Kuroko door wondering if he should just go in or ring the doorbell. He decide to go for the second option. It wasn’t his home, yet. After pressing the doorbell, Kagami wait a little bit before hearing footstep on the other side of the door.

Kuroko open the door at smile at him

“You know you can just come in, you don’t have to press the doorbell” said the young man taking his boyfriend jacket

“I wasn’t sure”

“Bakagami, soon this will also be your home too”

“My home too…” Kagami like the idea, he also like his apartment, but the idea of living with his boyfriend made him happy.

“Give me your bag, I will bring it to the room”

“Tetsu…ya, just tell me where the room is, I can bring it myself”

Kuroko smile at the way Kagami was saying his name

“Guess I will have to make thing easier for you” he said to the taller man, before the latter take the direction of the room

“Which is?”

“Tai…if you want to call me Tetsu…you can” he said blushing

Kagami dropped his bag on the floor and walk toward Kuroko before taking him by the waist and closing the gap between their lips.

“Make thing more easier for me” hummed Kagami “ start by stopping being adorable like that, maybe it will be easier to contain myself” he added kissing his boyfriend

During that second kiss, Kuroko felt Kagami tongue passing his lips, feeling the tongue of someone else in his mouth wasn’t new to him, but it has been a while and kind of miss that feeling.

When they broke they kiss to breathe some air, Kagami smile and walk toward the room on the second floor to put his bag.

When he came back downstairs, he found Kuroko busy in the kitchen preparing their diner.

“What are you making” asked Kagami placing his arm around Kuroko waist, looking over his shoulder

“You will see when it will be in your plate” simply said Kuroko without looking at him

“Haha, can’t wait cause it’s smell really good” said Kagami kissing Kuroko temple before stepping back

He walked to the living room where he sat on the couch and played with Nigou while watching the TV. Once the diner was ready, Kuroko called him to dress the table.

After diner, they got out of the house to take a walk with Nigou and then comeback to cuddle on the couch.

Soon the time to go to bed come and Kuroko asked Kagami if he wanted to take his shower with him. The tall man agreed as long as he kept his hand away from little Kagami, the red-haired was thinking it was too soon for them to do more than just kissing. He really wanted to take his time with Kuroko, he didn’t want to rush anything at least wait until everyone knew it. Kuroko was also okay with that.

After their shower, they were ready to go to bed, Kuroko was maybe not working on the Saturday, but Kagami was the coach of a basketball club and he needed to get up early., they cuddled in the bed and Kuroko fell asleep in Kagami arm.

The next day, Kagami left for the school after eating breakfast with Kuroko, before leaving the house he told his boyfriend he should be back around 3pm and give him a quick kiss.

Kuroko watch Kagami walk to his car and wait he was gone before going back in the house. Now Kagami was gone to work, he didn’t knew what to do. He looked at the time and wondered if Kise was awake at this time. He knew he had to tell the golden-haired young man first about him and Kagami, since he didn’t knew the reaction he would have.

Kuroko wait the mark of 9am before calling his friend hoping he would already be up.

“Kurokocchi!!” happily said Kise over the phone

“Kise-kun, you are already awake?”

“I just get up, just in time to get Kurokocchi call”

“Yes…Kise-kun, I was wondering if you had anything planned today?”

“No, free all day”

“Okay, then can you pass to my house?”

“Of course” quickly replied Kise happy to go see his friend “Is there anything wrong?”

“No really” trailed off Kuroko “I just need to discuss something with you” he added

“Okie dokie! gonna be there soon”

“I’m waiting for you then” said Kuroko before hanging up.

After his call with Kise he stared at his phone, wondering if he should text Kagami about Kise coming over. He knew his boyfriend might be hurt if he doesn’t tell him, thus he text him and tell him to do worry, he would be able to handle Kise alone. Not long before Kise arrive, Kagami text him back to tell him to call if there was anything. Of course he would had rather be there, but maybe it was better that he is absent, at least for Kise.

Kise arrived around 10am and Kuroko greeted him as usual. Kise was like always overly happy to see his friend and apologize for his lack of presence. He had a lot of contracts lately. Kuroko assured him to not worry about that while sitting on the couch.

“What you wanna talk about Kurokocchi?” asked Kise looking at his friend

“Kise-kun…I really don’t know how to tell you this” trailed Kuroko who was clearly looking for his word. He knew he had to be careful about how he will announced it to Kise.

“Is it something important?” asked Kise realizing Kuroko had difficulty to find his word

“Yes it is”

“Something personal? Like the kind influence your life?”

“Yes, it’s really personal”

“Are you the only one concern?”


Kuroko was kind of happy to see Kise asking question, question he can answer with all honesty. It was easier that way instead of him struggling to find a way to tell Kise he was dating Kagami.

“Do I know that other person?”

“Are-we friend?”


“Hmmm Kagami?” asked Kise who began to understand

“Yes, Kagami is concern”

“You guys…started dating right?”

“Yes…we started..” simply said Kuroko

“When?” wanted to know Kise

“Last Monday”

“So it’s recent, it’s not something you hide from me for months”

“I would never do that, Kise-kun, not to you”

“Who else know?”

“Momoi-san and Takao-kun, but that’s because Takao figure it out”

“So I’m really the first person to whom you tell it?”

“Kise-kun…yes I wanted to tell you first, I mean I’m closer to you than anyone, I thoughts it would be normally that I tell you first”

“Kurokocchi…, you were also worried by my reaction right?”

“Yes, I was”

“You know, when you and Aominecchi started to date, I was shocked and a bit jealous, but I got over that, you were in love and I couldn’t do anything about it. After Aominecchi’s death, when Kagamicchi came back, I…somehow knew it will happen. Kagamicchi always loved you I feel like Aominecchi would be happy to see you with him, and I want to see you happy too. So if you are happy with Kagamicchi, I’m happy too.”

Kise reasoning was really similar to Kagami, Kuroko feeling blessed to have such an understanding friend like Kise.

“Yes, Kise-kun, I’m happy with Taiga”

“So there is no problem, as I said, I got the feeling you two might start dating”

Kuroko look at Kise and smile

“Thank you…Kise-kun”

“But hey, if he is mean with you make sure to let me know, I will take care of him” said Kise with a smile

Both friend continue talking until the afternoon, then Kise had to leave for a meeting concerning is next model contract.

Not long after Kise had left, Kagami arrive with some grocery, the red-haired young man wanted to cook for them tonight and Kuroko didn’t had the heart to tell him no.

During the diner Kuroko talk about how it goes with Kise and tell Kagami that when he will announced the news to the other he wanted him to be there. Kagami agreed secretly hoping not being killed by Akashi with scissor.

They got to bed after long hours of cuddling on the couch. Kagami wasn’t working the next day so they could take their time.

Before falling asleep, Kuroko thought about how he will tell the other, hoping it would be as easy as it was with Kise.


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