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[Fanfic] New Life – Chapter 13

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Rating: Most of the chapters are rated PG, only some of the last chapters are rated 18+
Chapters: 13/20

More than perfect dinner, Akashi, Midorima and Murasakibara are not surprise.


Saturday came fast, too fast if you ask Kagami. He wasn’t really ready to deal with Akashi again. He was wondering how much time he could hold before the shogi player notice anything, even if Kagami was sure the latter already had some doubt about it. He saw how Akashi was looking at him last Sunday. Not that he was afraid of him, okay maybe a little bit, but he didn’t knew how to be with Kuroko when the former captain of Rakuzan was around. The shogi player, he always had sharp eyes and always knew how to read the other. Kagami was sure, if Akashi haven’t already had his doubts, after today dinner, he will be aware of it for sure.

If Kuroko was worry about it, he didn’t show it at all, not once he mention it, in fact he seems to look forward to see Akashi and the two other again. This time now that he knew they were coming, he was able to plan the dinner in advance. He decide to make sushi with a miso soup in as entrée and a tiramisu for dessert. He always wanted to try doing them, now he had the occasion, plus Kagami would be there to help him. He knew how of a good cook was Kagami so if he wasn’t sure of anything, he knew his lover would help him. He wanted to make sure everything was perfect. Not because it was Akashi, but because the last time he received Akashi in his house was not long after Aomine’s death, it wasn’t a pleasant memory and Kuroko wanted to create a new one.

During the day, Kuroko and Kagami made the grocery, they were missing some ingredients and soon as they were back they started preparing everything. Kagami took care of the rice, Kuroko tried more than once to make sticky rice in the past, but each time he failed miserably. While the red-haired was preparing it, Kuroko closely watch how he was doing. Once the rice has started, they cut the fish and vegetable and prepare the seaweed. After Kagami quickly prepare some dips for the sushi before starting the miso soup while Kuroko was trying to figure out how to make a tiramisu.

The trio arrived around 3pm, Midorima seems pretty displeased to be there once again, the tall green-haired didn’t understand why he needed to be there too, but Murasakibara seems genuinely happy to see his former teammate once again. Kuroko wasn’t really done and the tall purple-haired propose to help him to make the dessert. Kuroko tried to decline the offer, but the look on Murasakibara face was telling him it was Akashi idea, Kagami needed to be free, their former captain needed to talk to him about a certain matter.

Once Kagami was out of the kitchen he was looking for something to do. He didn’t feel like having a conversation with Midorima, each time they were talking together, they always end-up arguing. Akashi propose they could go walk Nigou. Kagami felt something fishy, why on Earth Akashi would want to walk the dog with him? Kagami knew he couldn’t decline it would be even more suspicious, thus he just agree to walk the little black and white fur ball.

Both men walked in silence and heavy and awkward silence. Kagami try to figure what to say, but he wasn’t able to find anything. He just looked at the little dog walking beside him.

Before he realize it, he was in front of the cemetery, he froze, why Akashi brought him here? He figured they will visit Aomine’s grave, but why now. Somewhere deep inside him, Kagami knew Akashi knew Kuroko and him were dating. He just. felt. it.

They both walk to Aomine’s grave and Akashi stood in front of it, in silence, paying his respect to his late friend, before turning his maroon-eyes toward Kagami

“You know Kagami-kun, I wasn’t sure when Kuroko and Aomine began to date. After all what happened during the middle-school and during the first year of high-school, I really thought they will never go back at how they were in the beginning. Plus you were there, the new light of Kuroko. I have to say when they began dating, I first thought of you. I thought about how you would take it. You were slowly losing your shadow, he was going back to his former light. I was afraid you felt cheated and you became bitter about it. But I guess I was wrong, you accept it and then move back in America. When I first heard the news of you moving back, I have to admit I was a bit shocked, I never thought you would leave Kuroko side, even if he was dating someone else than…you

Kagami looked at Akashi, he didn’t knew what to say, what to think. Akahi actually worried about how he would take the news of Kuroko and Aomine dating, he actually care about how he was feeling. The tall red-haired, never thought the shogi player could actually be able of the kind of thing. And he was slightly bothered by the smaller man last sentence, did Akashi always knew he had feeling for Kuroko? Did Akashi already figured out they were now dating? All the question was swirling in his head. But he didn’t had time to say anything, to ask anything

“Kagami, when I knew you were back, I was kind of relief. I know, I’m not always around, but after Aomine’s death, I was really worry about Kuroko, however when I saw you, I knew everything would be okay, I knew you was back for him. Now I just hope you take a good care of our phantom member, like Aomine did”

Kagami licked his lips, clear his throat

“That’s what I’m aiming to do” he said

“Glad to hear it, now let’s head back to your future home, I know someone who is probably worried”

“Yes…, does the other are also aware of it?”

“I told them what I was thinking and they said it wouldn’t be surprising”

Kagami was relieved, Kuroko and him will not have to figure out how to tell them they were dating.

The pair get back to Kuroko house, Kagami explain everything to his boyfriend. He could see how relieve he was. They could now date without worrying about the other.

During the dinner, they walk about their past week. Kuroko question Midorima about his studies, the latter replied he had good result at his last exam and was looking forward his internship. Akashi complemented Kuroko and Kagami for the meals, Kagami said all the compliment should go to Kuroko since he was the one who did the most

“I just gave him a hand here and there” said Kagami scratching his head

“Taiga…can you just take the compliment at it his” said Kuroko with a smile “You did more than you think”

After the diner Murasakibara and Midorima gave a hand to Kagami while he was cleaning everything, during this time Kuroko and Akashi were talking in the living room.

“How everything goes” ask the maroon-eyed “Are you dating for a long time?”
“About two weeks” replied Kuroko glancing at the kitchen

“Kuroko-kun, you don’t have to be worry about him, they will not do anything” said Akashi laughing

“…Sorry…I really planned to announce you properly”

“I know, don’t worry about that, is he already living here? Last weekend he was here too”

“Haha, no, not yet, we wanted to wait you all know about it, but now that is done, I know it will be soon”

“Did you talk to your parent about Kagami-kun?”

“We will go see them tomorrow after going on Daiki’s grave

“You are still visiting it each week?

“Yes…I have too, Akashi-kun, Kagami is back for me but also cause Daiki asked him to come back and take care of me”

“I see…”

Once the three tall men were finished in the kitchen, they joined Kuroko and Akashi in the living room. The shogi player let his place beside Kuroko to Kagami and walk to sit beside Midorima. They continue their talk until late in the evening.

Once the trio left, Kuroko cuddle against his lover side and place his hand across his chest. He was happy to have the tall red-haired by his side.

“Say Taiga, now they all know it, when are you planning to move in?”

“If we can talk to your parent tomorrow about us, maybe…next weekend”

Kuroko straight up upon hearing Kagami last word and asked him twice if he really wanted to move next weekend.

“Of course I also have to speak to the landlord about the contract, but since my rent is finishing soon, I figure I could just pay the remaining month”

“Taiga…you really want to move next weekend?”

“Do you?”

“Yes, of course, I want to have you here with me”

“Then it’s settled, but only when you parent will know it.

“Of course”

Kuroko nuzzled against Kagami’s neck and left little soft kiss before slowly getting to his lover’s lips

“I’m happy Kagami Taiga to have you here with me

“I’m happy too Kuroko Tetsuya” replied the red-haired, before returning his kiss

They stay together on the couch, watching some random japanese horror movie, before getting to bed. They had to be in shape tomorrow. Kagami will meet for the first time Kuroko’s parent and he started to get anxious.

Before closing the light, Kuroko repeated to Kagami that everything would be alright. They took it very well, when he announced them he was dating Aomine, he didn’t see why it would be different with him.

“They already know you, don’t worry everything’s gonna be alright”

“If you say so”

Kuroko smile and close the light before getting under the blanket close to Kagami. The latter pass his arms under the icy-blue-haired man head and embrace him.

He try to sleep without think about what will happen the next day, he was nervous, but since Kuroko didn’t seems to be, why would he be.

The last thing he thought before falling asleep is how good he was feeling to have the one he always loved sleeping in his arm.


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