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[Fanfic] New Life – Chapter 14

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Rating: Most of the chapters are rated PG, only some of the last chapters are rated 18+
Chapters: 14/20

The young couple visit Kuroko’s parent


Sunday morning, the young couple woke-up early, they wanted to pass by Aomine’s grave before heading for Kuroko’s parents house. They both knew they will also visit it after, but they wanted some kind of blessing before going.

Kagami already knew Kuroko’s parent, but the first time they met them, it was during their first year of high-school, they were only friend and they didn’t have any kind of feeling toward each other. Now it was different, now Kagami was dating Tetsuya, their son.

Even though Kuroko’s parent was aware of their son sexual orientation, and open about it, as long as their son was happy nothing else mattered; Kagami was still nervous about meeting them. Would they approved their relationship, it’s not because they approved Kuroko relation with Aomine, they will approve Kuroko relation with him and it’s not because they were knowing him they will approve it either. The last memory they had from him is when he left for the USA, when he made their son cried.

The other thing that was making him nervous is that he wasn’t sure if he should be honest with them, tell them why he left and why he is back, unlike what he did with Kuroko. Maybe if he tell them the truth right from the beginning, they will see how honest he is regarding his feeling toward their son.

As much as Kagami let the event happened, without forcing them, as much now he wanted to control them. Kuroko had to reassure him more than once, telling him everything will be okay.

The couple left the house around 9 am and after a brief stop at the cemetery, they headed toward Kuroko’s parents

Closer they were getting, more nervous Kagami was coming, he was nervously tapping the steering wheel with his finger, biting his lower lips. Seeing how his boyfriend was stressed Kuroko reach out for his hand and squeezed it between his own, locking finger with his.

“Taiga, everything is gonna be okay, stop stressing out, they already know you” said Kuroko with a reassuring tone.

“They know me as your friend, not as your boyfriend” counter Kagami, looking at the name on the gate. “How they reacted when you told them I was back” he asked still looking for the house.

“They were happy when I told them – it’s the next one – they knew I would have someone on who I could count, we were best friend, Taiga the only difference between now and then is now I share my bed with you, I wake-up in the safety of your arms.”

“For you it might not make a big difference, but for them it might, maybe you should have told them over the phone and then we just had to explain how it happen” said Kagami while parking the car in front of the house.

“Taiga, you are the one who told me to not tell them over the phone, that it wasn’t the kind of news you can announced in a phone call, remember?”

“You shouldn’t have listened to me, I’m an idiot” replied Kagami the eyes locked on the front door, expecting it to open at any moment.

“Yes, you are .an .idiot” replied Kuroko with a smile “An idiot that I love he added placing his hand on Kagami’s cheek to caress it, in the hope it will appease his boyfriend.

Kagami place his hand over Kuroko’s hand and took it to kiss the pale finger of his lover. He wasn’t totally reassured, but he couldn’t turn over and run away. He had to met Kuroko’s parents, he wanted to meet them before moving in with Kuroko.

The couple got out of the car and the red-haired took a package sitting on the backseat. Kagami wasn’t sure of what he should bring to Kuroko’s parent, if he had more time he would have bake something, but the dinner with Akashi, Midorima and Murasakibara took most of their time, therefore they stopped at Murasakibara’s bakery to buy fresh made cupcakes.

Soon as they passed the metal gate, the house’s front door swing open and a little woman come to greet them with a warm smile.

“Tetsuya! Dear” said the little woman walking toward his son.

“Good morning mother” replied the icy-blue-haired young man while hugging his mother

“Dear, you really look good – oh Kagami-kun I’m really happy to see you” quickly said Kuroko’s mother seeing the tall red-haired

“Kuroko-san, it’s nice to see you too” replied Kagami with a little bow

“Kagami-kun, Kuroko-san is my husband, me it’s Hanako, remember?” said the little woman squeezing Kagami’s arm

Kagami laugh and smile “Yes, I do remember” he said

“It’s really nice to see you two, really”

“We are happy to see you too, mom. Where is dad?” asked Kuroko who expected to see his father with his mother.

“Haha, your father is probably still cursing about the desk he just bought” answered Hanako

“He probably try to assemble it without looking at the instructions booklet” said Kuroko with a smile

“Exactly” simply replied his mother “Let’s go inside, it’s began to be a bit chilly” she said taking both young man arms

Once inside the house, the trio were greeted by some unintelligible yelling coming from the second floor. Mr. Kuroko was still trying to figure out how to put the pieces of the desk together.

Kuroko and his mother was trying to hold back their laugh while Kagami was wondering if he should go give Kuroko’s father a hand.

“HONEY!” screamed Hanako from the genkan “TETSU AND KAGAMI-KUN ARE HERE!”

The trio heard more curse and noise coming from the second floor before seeing Mr. Kuroko coming down the stairs.

“Hi young man, hope you are here to help me with the uncooperative stupid furniture” he said as greeting

“Good morning, dad” replied Kuroko who decide to ignore his dad request

“What kind of son are you, not wanting to pass quality time with you old man”

“No sure we can call “Let’s build a desk with daddy” quality time” retorted Kuroko glancing at his mother who was biting back her laugh

“Maybe Kagami-kun will be nicer than you and help me” said Mr. Kuroko looking at the tall red-haired man

Kagami didn’t knew what to reply, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to assist Kuroko’s father, however he knew he would give a better impression if he accept to help him

“If you need any help, I’m willing to give you a hand” replied Kagami

“See Tetsuya, I knew your friend was nicer than you” said Mr Kuroko before heading back upstairs followed by Kagami after he gave Kuroko the cupcakes he was still holding

Kuroko and his mother look at the two males and shook their head.

“Seriously, hopefully he will not be too hard on that poor Kagami-kun”

“Taiga is more patient than he look like” said Kuroko laughing

Taiga?” trailer off Kuroko’s mother “The last person you called by their first name was Daiki” she said

Kuroko looked at his mother without knowing what to reply. He had made the mistake to call Kagami by his first name in front of his mother, it wasn’t really the way he wanted to tell her they were dating.

Seeing his son was trying to give her an explanation, Mrs. Kuroko smile

“Dear, you know if you two are dating, you can just tell me, even if I already knew it”


“It’s okay, no one expected you to stay single for the rest of your life, plus I know Kagami-kun really care about you”

“Taiga, do care about me, that’s why he is back”

“Oh really?”

“Yes, but I would rather wait after father before telling you everything”

“It’s alright Dear, while we are waiting for our men, we can talk about how are your day at work” she assured with a smile.

About an hour pass before Kuroko’s father and Kagami came back from the second floor after finishing to assemble the desk. Strangely from the moment Kagami began to help him, Mr. Kuroko didn’t curse only once.

Once they were all four around the table, Mrs. Kuroko announced to her husband their son have to tell them something really important.

“Kagami and him are dating” began to say Mr. Kuroko “It’s not really hard to guess it, even for me”

“Mr. Kuroko” began to say Kagami without really knowing what he wanted to tell

“ did you…figured?” asked Kuroko surprised by his father

Mr. Kuroko smiled and laughed “Son, just by the way you looked at him when he followed me and the way your eyes brighten when he came back”

Kuroko felt his face becoming warmer, he was kind of embarrassed by how obvious he was, him who no one can normally read.


“Son, we are your parents and parents know that kind of thing without having their child to tell them” calmly said Mr. Kuroko

“Dear, as parents, the most important for us is for you to be happy and I’m sure you will be happy with Kagami-kun” added Mrs. Kuroko with a gentle smile.

The icy-blue-haired young man pushed a sigh of relief, he considered himself lucky to have such understanding parents. Like when he announced to them he was dating Aomine a few years ago, his parents welcome the news of him dating Kagami very well.

Seeing how well the announcement was received, Kagami didn’t felt the need to them tell about why he left and why he came back. If they ask, he will tell them, as for now it could wait. Yes, it have its importance, since he wouldn’t be back if it wasn’t of Aomine’s request. Now that he was thinking about it, even if he loved Kuroko all those year while trying to deny and forget his feeling for the icy-blue-haired young man, the only reason why Kagami was back it’s because Aomine’s requested it. If the late ace of Touou haven’t sent him this letter, Kagami would probably still be in the USA pondering on what to do with it life now his dream of become a professional basketball player was shattered. He was wondering if Kuroko already realized that fact. Kagami was sure to be honest about his feeling, but he couldn’t stop himself of thinking about how Kuroko was feeling, even if the latter told him he was happy to see him, even after knowing why he was back. Would he still love him the same if Kagami tell him he wouldn’t be back if it wasn’t of Aomine’s request? Kagami decide he would have to speak to Kuroko in private about that matter. For know he wanted to enjoy this moment pass with Kuroko and his parents.

They continue discuss about their everyday life. Kagami told Kuroko’s parents about his motorcycle accident, he also told them even if he wasn’t able to play basketball like he used to, he still enjoyed the sport. While saddened about Kagami’s accident information, Kuroko’s parents were happy to hear that now everything was fine and, they were happy to see their son happy again with someone his love and loved him back.

Soon the time for the couple to leave came. Kuroko and Kagami left the family house, promising to come back soon. Kuroko embrace his mother while Kagami was shaking hand with Mr . Kuroko. The older man look at the red-haired and smile “Welcome in the family son”, Kagami couldn’t hide his blush and Kuroko laugh seeing how flustered his boyfriend was.

The couple left and headed to the cemetery like it was planned. In front of Aomine’s grave, Kagami took a moment to thank his late rival, that request means more that Kagami originally thought, if it wasn’t of that request, the hole in Kagami heart would never be filled. Now he was full of his love and of the love Kuroko was giving him.


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