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[fanfic] New Life – Chapter 15

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Rating: Most of the chapters are rated PG, only some of the last chapters are rated 18+
Chapters: 15/20


Kagami call Himuro


The young couple was back to Kuroko’s home late in the afternoon, Nigou was happy to see both of them, him who had to stay alone at home for the most part of the day. The icy-blue-haired man took the little dog in his arm and ruffled his fur. Kagami looked at them smiling, knowing soon this scene will be part of his everyday life when he will move in, but before that he wanted to be sure that is what Kuroko also wanted even if he already told him that what he was wishing for.

The red-haired for wait his lover put the little black and white dog on the floor and clear out his throat:

“Tetsu, there is something I wanna talk with you” he said slowly, not sure on how to approach the question.

“What is it”

“Hmm maybe we should go sit in the living room, the house entrance is not really the place to talk about that”

Kuroko tilted his head, wondering what Kagami wanted to talk about, but agree to go sit in the living room. The young man sat on the couch while his boyfriend took place on the armed chair next to him. He saw Kagami was nervous, the latter was rubbing his palm on his tight, looking for his word.

“Taiga, what is it?” asked Kuroko worried by his lover attitude

“You know” began to say Kagami “I realize one thing, if it wasn’t of Aomine request, I wouldn’t be here with you. I realize that even if I knew he had passed away, if he haven’t made the request, I would have been still in the USA.”

“I see…Taiga, do you love me? I mean even if you were still in America, even knowing I was alone, those feeling you have for me would they be still there?”

“Of course, it doesn’t change the fact that I never stopped loving you and I still love you…it just-”

“Then that’s all what matter, that you love me, Taiga, if you didn’t loved me you wouldn’t had come back right?”

Taiga smile and let out a sigh, Kuroko always had his way to ease everything by his word and his way of seeing thing “You are right, the reason why I’m back it’s because I love you”. Kagami get up a sat next to Kuroko on the couch. He passed his arm around Kuroko shoulder to bring him closer. He looked at the icy-blue-haired and smile “Do I really deserve you tho” he said kissing Kuroko temple.

“Bakagami” replied Kuroko laughing before turning his head toward his boyfriend to reach his lips. “So any more worries?” he then ask.

“ more worries”

“That’s mean you will move soon?”

“Is it really what you want? You really want me to live with you in the house you and Aomine bought?”

“You know, I’m pretty sure he is cursing you right now, if he could get up from his grave, he would walk here and kick your ass” said Kuroko with half a smile

“I get it, I get it, I stop with my question, from your reaction I guess you really want me to come to live with you here”

“Yes, Taiga, that’s what I want” said Kuroko getting on his knees to kiss Kagami

Kagami took him by the waist and made him sit on him, he wanted to have him closer, he wanted to feel him. Having his lover sitting on him, made the red-haired realize they will most probably have sex. If Kuroko was use to that, Kagami had no idea of what to do. Like if he was reading his mind, Kuroko looked at him and told him to no worry about that now.

“One thing at the time, we will get there only when you will be ready” he said with a smile before softly kissing Kagami’s lips.

Not long after dinner time came and the couple settle Kagami’s moving while they were eating. Kagami explain to Kuroko, he will have to talk to his landlord. He didn’t think it would cause any problem, he only had a month left to his contract, thus he could still pay it even if he was moving.

“I gonna also have to warn my parents too” he said with a pensive voice

“Right your parents…we haven’t talk to them yet”

“Truth, but they know why I decide to leave the USA, I had to tell them”

“I see…”

“Sorry I should have tell you”

“No no it’s okay, I just hope being able to meet them one day and introduce myself as your life partner, not only as a friend” said Kuroko looking at his plate
“You will have your chance, I’m pretty sure they will want to come visit us, once I will move in” replied Kagami laughing.

After finishing eating and cleaning the kitchen, they decide to take a walk with Nigou. The night was a bit chilly and Kuroko had forgotten his glove. Kagami did what any good boyfriend would do, he took Kuroko’s hand and shove it with his large and in the pocket of his jacket. Kuroko couldn’t help but smile at how caring Kagami was. He thought about what Kagami said earlier and wonder if he was really deserving the attention Kagami was giving him.

Back to the house, they relaxed in front of the TV, before taking their bath, for once Kuroko manage to convince Kagami to wash himself as the same time as him. “Not planning anything on you, don’t worry” Kuroko who was trying to ease up Kagami “It’s not the first time we are in the same bath”

“Onsen and here are different” counter Kagami, but seeing how badly Kuroko wanted to take his bath with him Kagami flinch and give up.

Once the bath taken, they prepared to go to bed, since both were working the next morning. Kagami got under the blanket first and Kuroko followed to cuddle against him. He wasn’t cold, he just wanted to feel Kagami’s next to him, feel his presence. Soon he will be able to feel it every night.

The next morning, Kagami woke-up first and after feeding the dog, he started to prepare the breakfast and bento for their lunch in the same times. Kuroko woke-up to the smell of coffee in the house. While he loved Aomine, he found himself lucky to have Kagami, who was a great cook, around, he will not be the only one to cook anymore. His late lover tried more than once to make decent meal, but it wasn’t always a success. Kuroko removed the blanket and put his feet on the floor. Getting up from the bed, he heard footstep outside the room. Kagami slowly opened the door, he had a cup of coffee in his hand.

“Good morning, I was coming to see if you was awake” he said to Kuroko giving him his cup of coffee along with a short kiss

“Good morning, I just woke-up” replied Kuroko “thank you you the coffee”

“Don’t have to thank me, the breakfast is almost ready”

“Okay coming down soon”

Kagami get out from the room, close the door behind him and headed back to the kitchen where the breakfast was waiting to be served.

During the time he was waiting for Kuroko to come, the red-haired finished to prepare their lunch for the day and pack them nicely in the box. Kuroko arrive not long after, when he saw the bento on the counter he smile, he was feeling really lucky.

After they have done eating, they left for work, Kagami drive Kuroko to his workplace, when the icy-blue-haired get out from the car, Kagami reminded him that he will be there late , he wanted to speak as fast as possible to his landlord, he told him not wait for him to eat. Kuroko nodded and smile then wished him a good day before closing the door and walk to the building.

The day passed fast, before he realize it, Kagami was already coaching the basketball team and right after the practice he headed for his apartment hoping the landlord was there.

He spoke to the old man about his project of moving out before the end of his contract, while the landlord was sad to lose a good resident, he told him to not worry about that last month “Just be happy in your new life Kagami-san and don’t worry about the rest” he told to the red-haired with a smile, but the young man really insisted to pay that last month. After, Kagami headed for his apartment to take some more clothes before taking the direction of Kuroko’s house, his future home.

The icy-blue-haired was happy to hear about the landlord reaction and proposed Kagami to help him with to make his boxes “I’m sure Kise-kun and Takao-kun will be happy to help to” he told Kagami. Kuroko seems really happy to see Kagami finally moving in and if Kuroko was happy, Kagami was happy. Seeing Kuroko eyes sparkling, was the only thing Kagami wanted.

It was Monday and the young couple decide Kagami will move in the coming Sunday. Kuroko called Kise and Takao to ask some help. While Takao couldn’t, since he was working, Kise gladly accept and proposed to called Murasakibara, the gentle giant will not probably be much help but Kise say he will try to convince him.

After his lover told him about Kise intention, Kagami laugh and said that if they wanted to have Murasakibara help, they needed to call Akashi.

“Oh that’s a good idea, let’s called Akashi-kun” exclaimed Kuroko taking his phone to call his former captain. Kagami was about to protest, but seeing how Kuroko was excited, he just decided to let him do and call all the people he wanted. In the end, Kuroko ends-up calling Akashi – who decided to call Murasakibara – Hyuuga, Izuki, Teppei, Furihata, Mitobe and Koganei and from that group only Hyuuga and Mitobe couldn’t come. Teppei was happy to give a hand to his kouhai and Izuki promise to have cool pun to tell them. Kuroko began to wondering if they should call Himuro, Kagami stopped him and assure him that he will take care of it.

The idea of asking Himuro to help for the moving, made Kagami realize that he haven’t tell the one he used to call “big brother” yet about Kuroko and him. While most of their friends knew it – once Takao had the okay to speak, him and his big mouth spread the news – Kagami wasn’t sure if anyone told Himuro. Kagami glaced at the clock, it wasn’t too late to call him, the red-haired took his phone and dialed Himuro phone number.

The black-haired pick up the call after the second rings, while he was surprised by his junior call. Since the last time they saw each other a few month ago at the surprise gathering in Akashi summer mansion, they haven’t talk much. They occasionally called each other, but it was more courtesy call then anything else. The day Kagami decided to move back in America, something change in their relation. It wasn’t like it was before. Not that Himuro was holding some kind of grudge against him for not telling him about his plan, but their relation was now kind of awkward.

“Taiga!! Didn’t expect your call” said Himuro

“Good evening Tatsu, hope I don’t disturb you”

“Good evening Taiga, not at all”

“Okay. ..Hmmm cause I really have to talk to you, but I’m not sure it’s the kind of thing I should tell you over the phone” said Kagami with an uncertain voice.

“O…kay, you make me curious, is everything alright?” asked Himuro worried about what Kagami could want to tell him “Are you going back in the USA?”

“No!! Really not, don’t have any plan to go back in America…not even to get buried there”

“Oooh you met someone here? Now I’m really curious”

Kagami was kind of happy by Himuro reaction, he knew their relation was awkward since the day he decide to move back in the USA without telling him, but knowing he wanted to know what was happening, made the red-haired happy.

“Yes but… I really feel like I should talk to you in person about that”

“Okay, gonna be in Tokyo this Friday, so if you want we can go eat somewhere and take a drink”

“That’s work for me” replied Kagami with enthusiasm.

“Okay, Taiga, see you Friday then” said Himuro before hanging-up

“Yeah, see you Friday!”

Kagami hung-up with Himuro and pushed a sigh of relief. Even if he didn’t know how it will go on Friday, he was still relief to see his friend was willing to meet up with him.

“So how did he goes” asked Kuroko after Kagami finished his call with Himuro “You gonna see him Friday?”

“Yes, gonna see him on Friday..I will not be home for dinner” said Kagami hoping his lover will not be too disappointed

“It’s okay” replied Kuroko with a smile

Kagami smile back at him and get closer. The red-haired passed his arm around his lover waist while the latter was passing his around his neck.

“I’m really happy to be back” said Kagami leaning forward to let a kiss on the soft lips of Kuroko

“I’m happy that you are back” replied Kuroko returning the kiss”


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