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[Fanfic] New Life – Chapter 16

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Rating: Most of the chapters are rated PG, only some of the last chapters are rated 18+
Chapters: 16/20


Kagami meet Himuro, Kuroko find the letter Aomine sent to Kagami


Friday came and Kagami met with Himuro in a sushi bar near the red-haired workplace. They began by talking about their everyday life and how their work was going. Himuro question a bit more Kagami about his accident and told him he regret not being able to be by his side at that moment. Kagami replied it was okay, his parent was with him pretty much every days so he was never alone. Then Himuro look at his friend and smile:

“You seems really happy Taiga, despite not being able to fulfill your dream, you are here smiling” said Himuro

“Really, I look that happy?” asked Kagami scratching the back of his head

“Yes…and I pretty sure the reason behind that is the person you meet”

“That’s not false, but… I already knew this person, in fact you know that person too”

“Oh really? I am even more curious now”

“Well to tell you the truth, I came back in Japan because someone request me to take care of that person if anything happen”

“Wait you mean… Oh shit KUROKO!!!”

Kagami wasn’t sure how he should react to Himuro realization, he wanted to tell him to not scream in the restaurant and laugh all in the same times.

“Somehow I knew you will get it, even if I don’t give a lot of hint” said Kagami laughing

“So you are dating-”

“Kuroko, yes he is the reason why I’m back and why I’m happy”

“Wait…so who requested you to take care of him” asked Himuro a little confused

“Aomine…he send me a letter a few years ago” trailed off Kagami


“So here why I’m back”

“Are you guys already living together?”

“No, I didn’t move yet, I wanted to let the remaining members of the Generation of Miracles and Kuroko’s parents know before”

“I see and they know it? Like all those people?”

“Yes…I have to say I was sure Murasakibara would have told you”

“Ah…Atsushi, he pass more time thinking about his next cake than calling me, in fact if I want news from him, I need to come to get them…anyway when are you planning to move?”

“Tomorrow after the practice”

“Need any help”

“Haha, if you want, But there is a lot of people who will already be there helping”

“The more the merrier” said Himuro all smile

“It’s up to you, if you wanna help you are welcome”

“It’s set then, gonna be there tomorrow we all the other, do you have a lot boxes to pack?”

“Not really, pretty sure Tetsuya already started to pack them, he is probably more excited than me”

“Haha, excited Kuroko, I would pay to see that” said Himuro

This reflexion made Kagami laugh, it is true Kuroko never really shown an excited side. Knowing he would be one of the few whom will be able to see that side of the icy-blue-haired young man made Kagami happy.

Himuro watched Kagami smiling, the latter seems to be really happy now, thus he couldn’t help but smile a bit more

“What is it’s” suddenly asked Kagami noticing his friend smile

“I was just thinking about how happy you look, and I seriously envy you” trailed off Himuro playing with his water glasses

“Tatsu, seriously don’t tell me you are single? I mean you always been quite popular” teased Kagami

“Yup single, I do have my eyes on someone, but that someone seems to prefer the company of frosting and flour than mine

“Tatsu… If you don’t tell Murasakibara he will never noticed it, he is the kind of person you need to explain thing” said Kagami looking his friend in the eyes

“I know it’s just that I haven’t really got the chance to pass time with him, I can only come during the weekend and he work most of the time…except for this weekend which is weird”

“Oh… that probably because Akashi ask him to help us…he probably took off for that”

“Wait..Atsushi will be there to help you tomorrow and Sunday?”

“Yes…don’t be hard on him, he probably forgot to tell you”

Himuro let out sigh “I asked him since he wasn’t working if he wanted to go somewhere with me, he said he already had plan…so I was a bit disappointed and I got a bit mad at him”

“Ah…,now you know the true…”

“Well, I guess I will still pass the day with him after all” said Himuro with a small smile.

“Yes…, Tatsu, I’m serious…tell him, if you don’t I set you both up with Kise’s help”

“Okay okay I get it Taiga” quickly replied Himuro with his hand in front of him while laughing.

The two friends continue talking until the restaurant was about to close for the night. After leaving the restaurant, they took separate way, Himuro took the direction of Murasakibara house while Kagami headed for his apartment.

While Kagami was meeting with Himuro, Kuroko decided to start packing Kagami’s belongings at the apartment. Even if their were expecting lot of help, if they had less to prepare during the weekend faster it will be, plus Kagami had a practice with the junior high basketball team he coach until two in the afternoon.

The icy-blue-haired young man decide to start by Kagami bedroom, the room wasn’t really big and there wasn’t a lot of thing to pack up, mostly clothing and picture frame. It was going well, even if he was alone, he could take his time, plus Kagami told him he will come to join him later. He first decide to remove the picture from the wall, a lot of them were from their high school time, on some Kuroko noticed Aomine smiling. Seeing his late boyfriend made him smile and sad in the same times. Those days were good one, it was before Aomine and him start dating. Kuroko wondered if Kagami was already loving him at this time, “ I wonder how my life would have been if I had noticed Kagami feeling before Aomine’s” he said to himself. After finishing putting the picture away, he turn his attention to the closet and then he took care of the dresser.

Reaching the bottom drawer, Kuroko took the clothes out and while doing it a white envelope fell on the floor. The icy-blue-haired young man took it and flip it to see what it was. He recognized the handwriting immediately “Daiki…” Kuroko didn’t knew what to do with the envelope, he wanted to read what was inside, but he wasn’t sure of how Kagami, his present boyfriend would react. The curiosity got the better on him and Kuroko decide to sit on the bed and take out the paper.

If he had any doubt about the sender, now Kuroko was certain, this letter was written by Aomine, it definitely was his handwriting. His late boyfriend was talking about how life was going on their side, explaining how the icy-blue-haired was liking his job with the kid and how he missed his friend, it really seems like a normal letter, just to tell how life was going. Kuroko was thinking to fold the letter back in the envelope, when he read the word “request”

Bakagami…I have a special request for you, you know how my job can be dangerous, the other day I guy attack my with a kitchen knife, he bastard was beating his wife when we got the call. Each day, when I leave the house, I’m never sure if I will get back home by his side. So I have a special request…see that like a last will, if anything happen to me, if one day I don’t go back home, I want you to come back in Japan to take care of Kuroko. I’m sure you tried to forget about those feeling you have for him, but I’m also sure you weren’t able to do it. No matter the rivalry there were between you and me, we shared something, our love for our Shadow, and i think you are the only one fit to take care of him, if I’m not there anymore. So please for the sake of your love for him, comeback is a came to disappear from his life

Kuroko read that part more than once and more he read it, more he wanted to cry, his late boyfriend really did everything he could to make sure Kuroko wasn’t alone.

When Kagami arrive to his apartment, Kuroko was still sitting on the bed with the letter between his hand, part of the writing has been smudged by the tear that fell on it.

The red-haired walk close to Kuroko and crouch down, putting a hand on his knee, he didn’t had to ask what his boyfriend was reading, the expression he was wearing was enough to tell Kagami, Kuroko had found the letter Aomine sent him.

“Hey…he loved you so much that he ask his rival to take care of you and you know what, I’m glad he did” said Kagami rubbing Kuroko knee to comfort him

“Taiga…” was the only thing Kuroko could say

Kagami get on the bed beside Kuroko and pass his arm around him, Kuroko just lean on Kagami, cuddled and cried

“Thank you for being here Taiga…really thank you”

“I’m not the one you should thank, you know, if it wasn’t of that letter he sent I wouldn’t be here with you”

“I know..” replied Kuroko wiping tears that was falling down his cheek with the back of his hand

“But, now that I’m here I will make sure you never cry again, except if it’s happy tear”

Kuroko lift his head to looked at Kagami in the eyes smile before kissing him.

The stayed in this position for few minutes, after they got up from the bed and Kuroko fold back the letter in the envelope before putting it away.

“I’m done with your room” said Kuroko to Kagami “I left you clothes for tomorrow, but the rest is already in the boxes”

“You know you didn’t had to do so much” replied Kagami looking at his room

“I know, but it will be faster tomorrow”

Kagami smile and get closer to Kuroko to kiss him, telling how lucky he was and then ask him if he wanted to take his bath with him which Kuroko gladly accepted.

The young couple got to bed not long after their bath. Kuroko cuddle in the safety of Kagami’s arms and quickly fell asleep.


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