[K-Friday] Five Treasure Island

F.T Island is a K-rock boy band sign under FNC Entertainment and debut in 2007. The group include five member (duh), the leader, Choi Jonghoon, who also play the guitar and the keyboard, Lee Honggi the main vocal (and face of the band), Lee Jaejin who take care of the bass and also the vocal, Song Seunghyun who play the guitar but also take care of the rap and the vocal and lastly Choi Minhwan the drummist and sub-vocalist. Their fan are called Primadonna and their fanclub color is Sunshine Yellow and Black.


The South Korean Rock band who debut in 2007 is considerate to be the first instrumental idol band. They debut with their first studio album Cheerful Sensibility (June 2007) and the lead title “Lovesick”, later the same year they release the repackage album under the title The Refreshment (Vol. 1.5).


About a year later (2008), the band came back with their second studio album Colorful Sensibility (August) and Colorful Sensibility pt 2 (October) with “After Love” and “Heaven” as lead single.

“After Love


In the following years, the group released five more studio album (and one repackage) and seven mini-album. The group also have a prolific career on the japanese market, they produced nine studio albums and one mini album. Some anime fan might know them since they performed the opening of the anime series Ozuma (“Neverland”) and the ending of Toriko (“Satisfaction)

“I Wish” (Five Treasure Island – 2012)

“Take Me Now” (Where’s the Truth – 2016)

*note I strongly suggest you to check out the Where’s the Truth, it’s my favorite album from the band*


F.T Island is my favorite K-rock band, through various show, I discover more band, much older like Boohwal, but I always come back to F.T Island music, to me they always deliver, never disappoint.

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