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[Fanfic] New Life – Chapter 17

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kagami x Kuroko
Rating: Most of the chapters are rated PG, only some of the last chapters are rated 18+
Chapters: 17/20


Kagami move in Kuroko’s house


The next morning Kagami woke-up and quickly prepare himself before heading for the practice. Kuroko was still sleeping when he left and the red-haired didn’t had the heart to waking him up. Kagami left a quick kiss on his lover forehead, pet Nigou’s head and silently left the apartment heading for the school and the kid he was coaching.

Kuroko woke-up about an hour later, looked around wondering where he was before realizing he wasn’t in his house but in Kagami’s apartment . He laid back on his back and stare at the ceiling until the little dog came to nuzzled against the hands of his master. The icy-blue-haired young man raised his head a look at his fluffy friend and smile

“Yes Nigou, I’m getting up”

Removing the blanked, Kuroko got out of the bed and walk to the kitchen where he prepared himself coffee before feeding the dog. He then slowly began to prepare his own breakfast. After finishing eating, Kuroko got outside for a walk where he crossed the path with the landlord. The old man was surprised to see a new face around, Kuroko explained him that he was Kagami’s friend and he was there to give him a hand to move.
“Kagami-san have really good friend, good as he is” said the landlord continuing on his way.

Kuroko laugh replying Kagami was indeed a really good friend before continuing his walk.

When Kuroko came back to Kagami’s apartment, Kise was waiting in front of the door

“Kurokocchi!!” exclaimed the model

“Kise-kun! Nice to see you, you are early, did expect you to be there now” replied Kuroko unlocking the door.

“Haha I know, but I wanted to make Kagamicchi a surprise, it will be cool if everything was packed before he come back from work, so I ask to the people to come early”

“I see, thank you Kise-kun”

“Akashicchi should be here soon with Murasakibara and Himuro…and maybe Midorimacchi”

“Not maybe” said a voice behind Kise

“Midorimacchi!!” said Kise surprised to see his former teammate behind him

“Good morning Midorima-kun” said Kuroko with a smile, happy to see his tall green-haired friend

“Good morning Kuroko, Akashi and the two others are coming” said Midorima pointing toward the stairs

“Great!! Wait inside, I will go see if they need-”
“Kurochin, I brought boxes from work, tapes and macarons” said Murasakibara who was coming up the stairs followed by Akashi and Himuro

“Murasakibara-kun!! Thank you! “ quickly said Kuroko walking toward the gentle giant to free his arm from the boxes “Let’s go inside, the bedroom is already done”

Everyone followed Kuroko inside, the icy-blue-haired young man was about to close the door when he heard people yelling him to wait. Kuroko opened the door and saw Koganei fastly walking toward him. He was accompanied by Izuki and Teppei. Getting close to their kouhai, Koganei explain Furihata couldn’t come finally due to unexpected event. Kuroko tell his senpai it was okay, there was already a lot of people to help.

The group already had finished the living room and the bathroom when Kagami came back from work. He was surprised at how efficient and productive they were. The red-haired was about to help them to pack what was in the kitchen, however Kuroko proposed him to start to load the boxes in his car instead with the help of Teppei and Murasakibara. The kitchen wasn’t big enough to contain everyone. Kagami agreed and began to bring the boxes to his car.

They finished emptying the kitchen and load the what they could in the car not long before dinner and Kagami propose to everyone to go eat outside, however Kise quickly said they could order pizza instead, it was easy to eat, they didn’t need cutlery and it was less expensive than eating to the restaurant. The group agreed on that idea.

Once the dinner was over, Izuki, Teppei and Koganei took their live while Akashi and Kise proposed to Kagami to put some of the boxes in the trunk of their car, this way they will have less to bring tomorrow. Kagami gladly accepted the proposition. Therefore with the help of Murasakibara, Midorima and Kise, Kagami brought some of the remaining boxes the cars, while Kuroko, Akashi and Himuro were discussing about what the red-haired will do with his furniture. Kuroko explained to his former team captain they will bring some to his house. The bed needed to be change and the dining table too, they were also thinking about keeping Kagami TV instead, it was taking less room since it was a flat model and they had extra space for the bookshelves. They were giving the couch to Momoi.

“So you both really set everything” remarked Akashi

“Yes, we really planned everything” said Kuroko “I just wanted to make everything easy”

Himuro was standing beside Kuroko, listening to him when Murasakibara appear in his field of view with Kagami, both men seems to be arguing, like usual, probably about some pointless thing. The tall purple-haired lift his head and look at him. Before he realized it, Himuro felt the heat spreading on his cheek to his ears when their eyes met, however he feel like he was the only one reacting like that, cause right after looking at the black-haired Murasakibara looked back at Kagami with his eternal sleepy expression.

Hearing Kuroko talking how everything was planned, made the black-haired realize he also wanted to make those kind of plan with Murasakibara, he was envying the icy-blue-haired, he wanted to have that kind of life. If only he had to courage to drag Murasakibara away for the rest of the day without sparking any conversation.

“- Muro-san Himuro-san, every is alright?”

Himuro was brought back to the reality by Kuroko calling his name.

“Sorry! Yes! Everything is alright” quickly replied Himuro

“You seemed lost in your thoughts” explain Kuroko

“Ah…” Himuro didn’t knew what to answer “Was thinking about how much you seemed to be happy” he lied

“Haha, yes I am happy” replied Kuroko whose cheeks was slightly turning pink even if he wasn’t totally convinced by Himuro answer, but still decided to not question more. He didn’t want to make him uncomfortable. Kuroko thought he could ask Kagami later. Maybe the tall red-haired knew what was happening with his friend.

Once the cars was full the group left for Kuroko’s house with some of Kagami’s belongings. Soon as all the car was unloaded, it was Akashi, Murasakibara, Himuro, Midorima and Kise turn to leave. It started to get late and if they wanted to be in shape for the next day, they needed to go.

After everyone left, Kuroko looked around and wondered if they really wanted to started unpacking the boxes, but Kagami decided it was too late for that and he was a little bit tired. He just wanted to cuddle in the bed until they fall asleep. Kuroko laughed and agreed with his lover, but before he wanted to take a good warm bad to relax his muscle.

“Alright let’s wash and relax in the bath and then bedtime” said Kagami leaving a peck on Kuroko lips before heading for the bathroom to prepare the bath. Kuroko looked at Kagami climbing the stairs and smile. What he said to Himuro was the truth, he was happy to be with Kagami, he was happy to be with someone he could trust.

The couple got to bed right after the bath and as Kagami asked they cuddle in the bed until they fall asleep, until they woke the next morning to get the remaining of Kagami’s belongings with the help of their friend. Kagami stayed behind with Kuroko’s dad who joined them with a rented truck to take care of the furniture. They first brought the couch to Momoi and then headed to Kuroko’s which was now Kagami’s home for the rest of the furniture. Mr. Kuroko left soon after with the old table and bed of his son to bring them to his home. He was planning to see if he could restore them and sell them later.

With the help of some of their friends, Kuroko and Kagami unpacked the boxes and put the items away. Once everything was cleaned the young couple prepared a light dinner for them and their friends. Around the dining table was sitting Akashi, Murasakibara, Himuro and Kise with the house owner.

They were talking about everything and nothing, Akashi talk about his last shogi game and Murasakibara talk about the new pastries they were about to make. Kuroko could help but notice at the way Himuro was looking at the giant purple-haired when he was talking, his eyes was sparkling. The young man new his two friends weren’t dating and by the way the black-haired man was looking at the giant, he knew it was most probably because Murasakibara never really paid attention to it.

Himuro noticed the way Kuroko was looking at him and an embarrassed smile appeared on his lips, the former captain of Yosen couldn’t keep eyes contact with the icy-blue-haired young man and looked away, turning back his attention to the only reason why he was traveling to the Tokyo prefecture each weekend.

Seeing Himuro reaction made Kuroko smile, now he knew the reason why he was lost he his thoughts the day before. The black-haired was probably trying to figure a way to confess his feeling to his tall kouhai. Both men knew each other since their high-school days, Himuro passed lot of time with Murasakibara, in fact the shooting guard, was one of the few people Murasakibara was listening too, with Akashi of course, after the end of their high-school year, the purple-haired came back living in Tokyo, while Himuro stayed in the Akita prefecture and became a junior high teacher. Now Himuro was traveling each weekend just to see Murasakibara.

Kuroko knew he had to do something to help Himuro, while they might not be best friend, the black-haired was an important person for Kagami and that reason was enough for Kuroko. “Gonna have to talk to Taiga about that later” thought Kuroko smiling at how Tatsuya was with Murasakibara.

The little group left Kuroko and Kagami late in the evening. Once they were alone, the icy-blue-haired young man asked to Kagami if he had noticed the way Himuro was looking at Murasakibara. The tall red-haired laugh and said Himuro didn’t knew what to do with his love interest, since the latter seemed more interested by his cakes than any relationship with human being. Kuroko laugh saying he wasn’t really surprised by that, he than ask to his lover if he wanted to do something for his friend. Kagami smile and said Himuro would probably rather figure out what to do by himself, but they could still try to make Murasakibara noticed the feeling the shooting guard have for him by inviting them time to time. Kuroko agreed with that idea hoping thing work out for both of his friend, like it worked out for him.

The couple got to bed not long after, like the night before they cuddle until they fell asleep. Kagami past his arm around Kuroko shoulder to bring him closer. He could feel the gentle breath coming for his lover in his neck. The breathing sound that relaxing and helped him to found sleep.


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