Monday in Music – Hanashi wo Shiyou by Hyuuga Junpei

Series: Kuroko no Basuke
Artist: Hyuuga Junpei (C.V: Yoshimasa Hosoya)
Type: Character Song

I feel like it’s been a while since I haven’t post about a Kuroko no Basuke character song… anyway
“Hanashi wo Shiyou” is one Hyuuga character song, it can be found on Character Song SOLO SERIES Vol.6
Being a captain of a new basketball team it’s not easy, it take time, patience and strength to reach the goal we have fixed. The team need to work as one to achieve that goal and that’s pretty much the song is about.

We’re still together, with this same dream
It’s because I want to chase it, I can go and do my best

If there is a time when you get involved in something bad again, I’ll be there to support you
I’ll put my hand in a strength that won’t be lost, I promise to become your strength to depend on

If there is a time when your heart seems it’s about to snap, I hope that I can notice
We are never alone, turn your back away and let’s talk
Understanding the worries
Let’s become a team that is like us – translated by ichigohaatsu

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