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[K-Friday] K-Music 101 – Internet is a Dangerous Place

In my 2nd edition of K-Music 101, I talk about fanwar and sadly this is a big problem within any fandom. You can find it everywhere, movies, TV Show, music even book had fandom who can seem to get along for divers reason. And I feel, due to some recent event, it is time to talk about some of the reason why the fanwar exist and why Internet can become a dangerous place.


**Note: Remember! this is MY blog, where I write MY view on the K-Music and what surrounding it, you have the right to disagree with me, as long as you stay respectful. Any disrespectful comments, will be ignored and delete. You might even get flagged as spam. Think before you type**


I really think one of the main reason why Internet can be a dangerous place, why Internet witnessing so many fanwar, it’s because of the immaturity of some fan. NOT all fan are immature, I know the majority of the fan have some common sense and actually think before saying anything and do know their favorite idols are not the only one in the universe, but sadly there is a few fan who just bring a bad reputation to the fandom, by acting like five years old. I would really like to tell you the South Korean Entertainment is a happy place where unicorn shit rainbow…however it would be a lie. I saw a lot of comments from fan of X group bringing down the member of Y group just to prove their fave was better. Sorry sweety I do understand you like them, but it’s not because YOU think they are the best of the universe that Zeus will keep them a seat on the Mount Olympe.

However immature fan are not the only problem, they are not the only reason why Internet can become a dangerous place.

Don’t feed the Troll

Troll, is a term we all heard at least one in our Internet life, and I’m not talking about those little colorful critter with the hair defying the gravity, I’m talking about the ugly creature living only to create problem where we don’t need them. I don’t know about the other fandom, but in the k-fandom they are probably the first reason why fanwar are going on. They are sliding sneaky comments here and there hoping to catch a poor little fish who will bite the bait. Sadly there is a lot of innocent fish who are biting, Often trolls are just attention seeker, they don’t care about any fandom, they are just there to add a little bit more fuel to the fire. What I’m about to ask you will be really hard, really really hard since it’s against human nature to not protect what we cherish, but try, try to ignore them. Don’t give them the attention they are looking for, don’t answer them. I said it, troll doesn’t give a single fuck about any group, some of them are ready to pretend to be part of a fandom just to start a war and it at that moment thing will take an ugly turn.

Sadly trolls are not the only one who will make you angry.

Beware of the Crazy Netizen, The One Who as No Life.

Netizen with no life exist pretty much everywhere and since they have no real life, they pass their time on the web looking from some “shocking” new or rumor to spread around the k-fandom.
Western Netizen aren’t that bad, however the Korean one can be really crazy and pointless. For some reason, every new seems to “shocking” or is really amazing, on top of that they tend to spazz over pretty much everything they found adorable, even when there is nothing to spazz about. Most of their useless comment can be read on any kpop news website ( i.e allKpop) as example of what Korean fan think of the posted news.
I strongly suggest to any new kpop fan to not pay too much attention of what K-Netizen (or any kpop fan netizen) can say and try to not get impress like them by everything. It give nothing to react the same way as them, unless you wanna look completely brainless. Some of them seems to hate everything and everyone. Of course they are not all like that, sometimes you will read some comment that make sense, but if you get across one that might just anger you or make you roll your eyes, close the page and do something else. Those kind of hateful comment are not worth your time and energy.


Internet can be a really dangerous place, you can find a lot of thing, find thing you really don’t need. next time you surf on the web, among websites related to the K-entertainment, remember, you will always find people who refuse to grow up and will forever think like a toddler (My father is stronger than yours ). Trolls  are evil creature, stay away from them, Netizen comment are to be taken with a grain of salt. Lastly, K-Music is a form of entertainment, you are supposed to have fun and enjoy it. If you gradually becoming a keyboard warrior, maybe it’s time for you to take a break from it.

~ Thank you for reading ~

See you next time!!

4 thoughts on “[K-Friday] K-Music 101 – Internet is a Dangerous Place Leave a comment

  1. With social media offering anonymity, it creates a veil not just to retain privacy but also to escape accountability. I agree that immaturity is also one of the reasons.
    It breaks my heart when I see fanwars because some idols in the kpop scene are actually friends and they wouldn’t want their fans to be at each others throats just to prove who is better. Generalizations are also an annoyance when they label fans with the action of one troll and I agree that you should just stay away. Better surround yourself with positivity than exhaust your fingers typing against them.

    Liked by 1 person

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