Mel’s Round-Up Week #70

My Blog Through the Week

Monday – 01/29/18

  • Monday in Music – Hanashi wo Shiyou by Hyuuga Junpei

Tuesday – 01/30/18

  • [Doujinshi] Remember Remember

Friday – 02/02/18

  • [K-Friday] K-Music 101 – Internet is a Dangerous Place

Saturday – 02/03/18

  • Kuroko no Basuke Movie: Last Game – Watching the Boys Playing One Last Time


Awesome Stuff I Came Across this Week


Around The Web-o-sphere


Drop, Still Watching and Favorite Episode of the Week

Still on the List / Dropped of the List

  • Black Clover
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc
  • Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody
  • Devilman Crybaby -> complete
  • Garo: Vanishing Line
  • Record of the Grancrest War
  • Kokkoku
  • The Ancient Magus’ Bride
  • How to Keep a Mummy
  • Sanrio Boys
  • Violet Evergarden
  • Zoku Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru
  • Hakumei to Mikochi
  • Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens
  • Darling in the Franxx

No casualties this week, last week one solder was badly injured, but managed to recover from his wounds. Hopefully we will get

Favorite Episode of the Week

None, even if I quite enjoyed this week in anime, none of the episode I watched was really above the other.


Hope you all had a good week!!

I talked a lot about my work recently and how boring it was, it slowly getting less boring now that I moving up in the ladder. Okay it’s not official, I still under evaluation, but the only way I can prove that I can do it, is to do the job right?. I’m now (un)official assistant-manager (temporary…is a key word here), I will work in the backstore /warehouse, help to unload the truck and assemble bike…you have no idea how excited I am to learn how to assemble a bike, it’s the only thing I couldn’t do until now…oh and adjust the cash register, but that something else, it’s not as exciting as assemble a bike. I’m also looking forward unloading truck during summer where the temperature can rise around the 40C inside the trailer (100F for my American friends), my water bottle will become my best friend.

This is the only real great news I have.

For those of you who are curious, I’m still playing pokemon, I’m in Po town now…more like just outside the town leveling up my pokemon. I took a little break cause I had to make eggs for a follow ani-blogger (Hi! Rai) who needed help to complete the Alpha Sapphire pokedex. I will eventually complete the main story and once it will be done, I might write a rant review post about the game…might (other key word here).

Wish you a great and amazing week !!

See you next time!!

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