[Anime Crush] Fuji Shuusuke

In the last Anime Crush edition I talk Kaidoh Kaoro from Prince of Tennis, after going through the character I featured from the same series, I decide to continue with it and present you a character seen as a prodigy, the third years regular Fuji Shuusuke.

Seigaku Genius

Fuji is the second strongest player of the tennis club of Seigaku, he can return pretty much all the ball even Momoshiro‘s Dunk Smash, in fact Fuji developed a technique to return the smash (Higuma Otoshi or Bear Drop). This special technique is part of a Triple Counters, a set of three counter attack with a very low chance of being returned. They are technique only a genius like Fuji can pull-off.
Not only he have really strong technique, but Fuji is also always in control even when is goal is to “destroy” his opponent.

Caring Big Brother

Fuji is one of the regular the first year are looking up to, his gentle side make him easy to approach, and the fact he have a younger brother is also probably for something. His relation with is brother, Yuuta, wasn’t always easy, Yuuta used to be a student at Seigaku, but he got fed up of being compare to his brother and decide to transfer school in order to get a name of his own. However the coach of his new school made him practice technique that could leave him badly injured. Fuji couldn’t let pass that and decide to serve a lesson to Yuuta coach, Mizuki Hajime, during a match during the Tokyo Prefectural.

A Great Friend

Fuji really care about his little brother, he also care about his friend and are ready to get revenge for them, like when Akaya Kirihara from Rikkai Dai injured Kippei Tachibana the captain of Fudomine during a match. Tachibana got his ankle injured during the game and Kirihara kept hitting it with the ball, even during his match with Fuji, Kirihara try to hurt Fudomine’s captain. One of Fuji closest friend is Seigaku’s captain, Tezuka Kunimitsu, they are always seen together and when Tezuka left for Germany, Fuji shed a tear not cause he was losing a rival, but a friend.


Fuji is definitely one of my favorite character from the series, I always enjoyed seeing his play and amazing technique.

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