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Dear Jon


Life is not always easy, sometimes it come, knocking to our door with bad news, leaving us with no other choice then look back at our priorities and sometimes we just don’t have the possibility to continue what we like to do. This is what happened to you Dear Jon and since we can do much, other than wish that everything goes for the better for you and support you while hoping you will one day come back to us, to the ani-blogging community.

I know a lot was told to you, a lot of people already sent you their support, but I still wanted to take the time to show my appreciation to what you did and what you brought to the ani-blogging community. Thus I reach out other blogger and this is how this post came alive.

Now the only thing you have to do, is sit back comfortably and read about how great you are.

“About seven months ago you commented on my Gunslinger Girl season 1 post, not long after we started following each other and somehow I knew I met someone awesome. We didn’t interacted as much as I would have want, but each time it was it was always a pleasure to talk to you. I remember that one time you enlightened me about advertisers, it was great cause I was learning something new.
I liked having you around, you brought a lot to the ani-blogging community with the “Jon Creator Showcase” allowing content creator to promote their blog and share their passion for blogging, is was and still is a amazing idea.
Hopefully you will not stay away for to long and you will come back with even more awesome content.
Best luck in everything”

– Mel (MelinAnimeLand)

Dear Jon,

I was so sorry to hear that you are going through a tough patch. It’s tough out there for a lot of folks but I’m sure you will come out the other side stronger than ever.

You have been a mainstay of our community for some time now, certainly since way before I ever got here, and in that time, you’ve made an indelible mark. HI have always admired your gift for writing in a highly professional manner when the topic calls for it but slipping smoothly into an intimate, personal tone for those more emotional pieces. I really don’t understand how you can be under the delusion that the only reason you haven’t been able to make a living off his writing, is lack of talent. Luck maybe but talent, certainly not.

This said, struggling artists, even very talented ones, are unfortunately common and there comes a point where a person needs to stop what they’re doing, take a deep breath and reassess the situation. When you announced that you may have to step back from blogging and the community for a while, I think we all felt the same way. We were sad that things were so difficult for you and we all hoped they would get better soon. Selfishly we all thought about how we would miss your posts and your presence in the community. We told ourselves it’s a temporary measure, you will be back soon, but we also understood. Life takes priority.

We are all here because, whether you realize it or not, you have made a big difference for a lot of us. This joint project was the idea of the infinitely kind Mel (another person we are very lucky to count as a member of our little world), but the support for it has been overwhelming from all sides. We just all wanted to say, good luck and keep your spirits up.

All the best

– Irina (I drink and watch anime)

Dear Jon,

I’ve not know you that long maybe a few months. You have been an avid visitor of my blog and commented. I wanted to say your good person Jon. It was so sad when I had read what had happened to you my friend. Life throws the curve balls that hit us right in the gut. This isn’t something you deserve to happen to you but I know it is what it is.

You’re a hard worker for your blog site and it’s plain to see why so many people follow you. I’m sure you know you have people in this blogging community. Who support you and will be life long friends I’m sure of it like me. For as long as I am around in the blogging scene that is. Know that you have the support of many here and that you need to put yourself first. I hope you take great care until you are ready to come back. That there will be a turn away in the corner of good. There always is no matter if things seem bad, think about the things that you might have now that make you happy. Little things can be as small as watching your favourite anime. I hope your situation is resolved Jon and look forward to your return.

All the best Jon and Take care !!!!!

– Lita (Lita Kino Anime Corner)

Hey Jon,

Sorry to hear about the unfortunate news. Bad things really do seem to happen to good people, which really sucks.

You’re a friendly guy who wrote interesting content and came up with a lovely concept in the Jon Creator Showcase feature. It’s truly something to be proud of.

Just remember we’re all rooting for you. Your determination and dedication will surely pay off soon.

Best Regards,

– Remy (The Lily Garden)


Dear Jon,

I’m sorry I can’t be of more help to you during this time. You have been such an important part of the ani-blogging community I love so much as you share your thoughts, engage others, and promote others within the community.

Like everyone who has come together here, I am hopeful that a corner will be turned soon and your efforts will find their deserved reward, and that you are able to return to doing the things you love in your free time. The community will certainly be poorer without you though you have left a lasting impression through the Creator’s Showcase.

More personally, I will miss you. I will miss our quick exchanges on Twitter and the comments swapped on posts. And I will miss reading what you thought about the anime you recently watched, even if you never did learn to love Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash.

Wishing and hoping that things do turn around for you soon,

– Karandi (100WordAnime)


Dear Jon

It’s only been like a month or so since I got to know you and your blog, I wish I found it sooner. Your blog is always full of interesting contents and logical analysis. But what I believe to be your special ability, is your habit of doing everything you can to engage with others’ works and your hardworking nature.

I was really saddened when I heard about the tense situation. Life really gets unreasonable and hard at times, and it seems life has decided to test you now. As much as I’m depressed by the fact that your blog won’t be active for a while now, I’m also hopeful that a day will come when you will smile brightly and write your “I’m back” post.

Until the day comes when I’ll see that post in my reader’s section, I wish you all the best. I probably have no idea about what you’re going through, but I’m positive that everything will get sorted just fine.

I hope all your problems get sorted out soon.

– Ryuji Tatsuya (Ryuji’s Anime Corner)


Dear Jon-san,
It’s only recently that I’ve begun to see the truth in the phrase that “The worst of things can happen to the best of the people.” I am sorry that you have to face a situation like this, but I’m even more sorry that I can’t be more helpless to lend anything but moral support.

I know that I haven’t talked to you since a very long time, but I was (and still am) very impressed by your writing. I hope that, like many others, there will be a time when we can once again see you back in the aniblogging community.
The Creator Showcase was thoughtful and great fun and I really thank you for the chance to host it. But if I had to mention which of your blogging endeavours I enjoyed the most, I’d probably end up writing all the titles of your posts.
And I can just imagine how difficult it must have been to give something you like up.
I hope that things can change soon and that there will soon come a day when you can return happily, without this terrible and unfortunate burden to carry.
Until then, passing every bit of good wishes towards you. Keep going Jon-san, it’ll definitely be better.
Wishing you all the best,

– Auri (Manga Toritsukareru Koto)


Dear Jon,

I can’t remember exactly when I discovered your blog. It’s just become a constant positive feature of WordPress, every time I log in, I see another fantastic post! It seems often that life kicks us when we’re already down, and my heart breaks knowing that you’ll have to give up something you love. I do, however, hope that this storm will pass. When I was in high school my history teacher had a quote on the wall from Winston Churchill, “if you’re going through hell, keep going”, so just keep going, keeping working and keep your head high – you’ll get through this eventually. And when you do, the ani blogging community will be so excited for your return. In the meantime, just know we all have your back!

You can do it!

– Steph (Two Happy Cats)


Dear Jon,

I’ve talked with you about this more than once but hey, it’s never enough to give you strength in some sort of way and when I was invited for this of course I had to say YES!

I remember you being one of my first followers when I started this blog and since then I always looked up to you and see you as a role model when it comes to blogging. Let me just thank you for being one of the first there rooting for my little place. You following me helped me to push forward and continue.

In a different note, life’s a b*tch! You know it, I know it… Everyone knows it and sometimes there are times that she decided to throw at us problems that in the beginning we don’t even know that well how we are going to solve them in the first place! Let me tell you… From experience, normally everything ends up working out! So, keep pushing, keep fighting and you will be able to sort this problem out. It’s not going to be easy probably, but with a lot of work and effort everything will work out. Know that we will be here for you and we will wait for you, take your time, do your thing and when you are able to come back we will be here with open arms! And while you are doing this hard journey where you will not be blogging that much don’t forget one thing though, we are still here! So you only need a tweet or a DM asking for help and we will do our best to help you!

I hope that everything works out for you. It’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you soon!

– Arthifis (Arthifis’ Place)


Jon –

I won’t say “Dear Jon” because this would then be a “Dear Jon” letter, and I don’t wish to say goodbye. You’ve been a constant presence in my comments and twitter feed and I’ve always enjoyed your posts. In a variety of ways, you’ve been an asset to the community and a friend. Your absence will be noticed.

Instead, I’ll look forward to the day everything is sorted out and you have room and time to breathe again.

I’ve been there, done that, and I know how life can throw you curveballs… And I’m going to skip the platitudes… I’m awful at writing these kinds of things. Never know quite what to say that doesn’t sound empty and meaningless.

I will offer one bit of advice from one that’s been there. I can understand the urge to work hard every waking moment… but don’t forget to take a little time now and again for yourself. It’ll help a lot. Trust me on this.

So… this isn’t goodbye. I’ve put a “Reserved” sign in front of your chair at the Lounge, and if you need it the spare key is under the mat by the back door. Stop by sometime and hang out when you need a break. I can’t offer much more than a sympathetic ear, but it’s yours when you need it.

– D. (Apprentice Mages Lounge)


I am getting older, in fact I just turned 42 so I can’t even quite remember exactly how we first met on WordPress. But things like these don’t really matter anyway. What does matter is that I have come to know you as a person that is always supportive, and thinks up of truly great and amazing things. Like for instance the Creator Showcase. An idea that has now been embraced by the community, and has become an awesome and truly wonderful project. And a project like that just shows how incredibly terrific you truly are.

It was with great pain that I read your post that announced your decision to for now say goodbye to your blog. It seems that for some reason truly bad things always seem to happen to people that just don’t deserve it. Yes Jon, you read that right: you are one of those people that don’t deserve it. I truly hope with all my heart that life will turn bright for you as soon as possible and that we can all welcome you back.

Whenever this will happen for you I know I speak for everyone that it will be a day that will have us all celebrating your return. In the meantime know that even though I myself am currently on a blogging hiatus, I am always there for my friends. And I definitely count you as one of my friends. If ever you want to talk, never hesitate to sent me a message. That is never a problem. Please take care, and take all the time in the world to get everything sorted out. I’m wishing you all the best.

– Michel. (Raistlin0903)


Dear Jon,

I am sorry to say that I forgot how we became in contact with each other, but glad it did happen. You really brought an element of uniqueness to our blogosphere. From your unique viewpoints that you brought to your reviews to how you found new and interesting ways for different blogs to connect to each other, you found different ways of helping others while you weren’t going through the best of times yourself. I wish I had the capacity of doing all of that, but I am more narrow minded and can’t think myself out of a paper bag unless I see how someone has already done it. Thank you for all that you have done for this community.

I hope you stay on twitter so we can still talk about different anime series or whatever you feel like discussing from time to time. Even if you aren’t posting right now, that will allow us to still have contact with you and you can provide help provide our community with your unique insight in personality. I hope you find a way to solve all your problems and return soon, but that isn’t priority. Please just stick around us in one form or another. I and the rest of this community will be here for you if you need anything from us. If you need someone to talk to so you can vent your frustrations, you know where to go. No goodbyes here.

Wishing you the best,

– Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews)



Like everyone here, I’m sorry to hear things aren’t going so well at the moment. The world can often be a shit place, we’ve got to rebel against that, do whatever we can to make it bearable, to come out ahead of the unjust things that happen to us.! I’m in love with how we have such a good community here. Something which is rare around these parts, and on the interwebs in general – that’s something to truly treasure. This means we’re all here for support in any ways possible. Because, I know from personal experience how just a few words are, even if small, able to just get to you in the right ways.

Blogging has been a big part of my life for the past year on Peach’s Almanac. Having people around I recognise has helped me keep on track, and being able to read everyone’s wonderful writing, has kept me motivated with my own. Being able to see all this creativeness from other people. Being able to interact with you and everyone else has made me smile in the moments I would otherwise be frowning, and quite frankly it’s probably added to my sanity level. Just to be part of that, and to encourage others through your Creator’s Showcase; it’s had a very positive impact on everybody!

I really hope things turn around quickly! I hope you’ll be back around here in no time at all! Out all your focus on the things you need to in these moments! We’ll still be here, waiting!

– Chris (Peach’s Almanac)


Dear Jon,

Although our interactions have been far and few between, I knew you were one of the top contributors in our ani-blogging community. Especially with the Anime ABC’s posts and Jon’s Creator Showcase.

It’s been such a pleasure interacting with you whenever the chance arose. Your posts are always full of high quality content offering different views and opinions.

As much as life loves to get us down, it’s usually not for too long. So it’s my hope that whatever happens, this isn’t goodbye, but rathera see you soon. We’ll all be celebrating your return whenever that happens to be.

So keep your head up Jon and stay strong! 🙂




Dear Jon,

I don’t recall precisely when we first came into contact with one another, but I do remember first stumbling across your blog via one of your Anime ABC’s posts, which eventually became one of my favourite series in the Anime blogging sphere, and something I’d always look forward to reading.

You quickly rose to become one of my favourite bloggers in the community, always pumping out frequent and well written posts that were always an absolute joy to read, with some very unique and interesting perspectives that really got me, as a reader, thinking about all kinds of different things.

But of course, the man behind the content has proven to be even more phenomenal. You’ve always been a frequent commenter on my, and everyone else’s, blog posts and introduced the Creators Showcase to the community, which became one of the most incredible and helpful ways to encourage people to share their content with one another, and get some really awesome discussion going. The Creators Showcase is something that was always a joy to take part in, and got this community involved with one another on a level I’d never seen before.

But on top of all of this, you’ve always been such a friendly guy who’s been a joy to talk to about anything, and who everyone in this community will miss greatly. Things won’t be the same without you.

I’m very sorry to hear that someone as awesome and friendly as you is going through such an unfortunate situation, and I hope that you manage to pull through it. Stay strong, and never forget that this community is always here to support you, regardless if you post or not.

I’d like to think that isn’t a final goodbye, and that we can continue to communicate in some capacity. If you need someone to talk to about your issues, I’ll always be down for having a chat.

Take care and stay strong.

All the best,

– Leth


Hi Jon!

I feel like out of the bunch writing this letter to you I’m one of the less qualified because (I feel) we don’t really know each other much. Or at least I only just found you recently. But I wanted to participate because regardless of how much we’ve interacted I can see the work you put into your blog and the community and it’s really sad to see that you have to step away from something you enjoy. And we’re all going to miss you!

It’s really terrible to hear what’s going on with your situation but there’s this one saying with my family (and a lot of hispanics that I know): “Dios aprieta pero no ahorca”. Basically God tightens but he doesn’t choke. Is there an English translation to this? I’m not sure but I think the message still comes through. This is a test (so to speak) and I’m sure you’ll be able to get through it and grow from it. And while it makes me sad you need to step away from the blog, I also think real life takes priority. We understand and we’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to come back! Also, don’t forget to take care of yourself. I know that your situation means you won’t be able to do some fun stuff for awhile but always take some time and just chat with someone close by, go out and treat yourself, don’t get bogged down by all the stress on your own. I’m sure anyone from the community will be up to lending an ear (including myself if we come to that, lol)

Lastly, because everyone already said things way better than me, I know how hard it is to get a job, especially something that’s not a basic level job (I’m actually looking for another job now with not much luck) but if that’s what needs to be done for the time being I say go for it. But don’t stay there. Always keep searching, talk with people, make connections, ask people if they know who might be hiring (have them recommend you), and I’m sure you’ll find something. I mean, you’re already doing such an awesome job in the anicommunity. Don’t give up!

Thanks for being part of the community and we’ll see you when you return

– Crimson (๑→‿←๑) (Crimson Blog)

From, Irina, Lita, Remy, Karandi, Ryuji, Auri, Steph, Arthifis, Derek, Michel, Scott, Chris, Leth, all your readers and myself,

We know it will all work out for the best, but we hope it does so soon.
We will be waiting for you to come back with open arms.


17 thoughts on “Dear Jon Leave a comment

  1. Thank you Mel for doing something so wonderful! The community here is truly fantastic and always manages to impress me more and more each day. I would also like to thank every single person who contributed to this post, you are all AMAZING! 😀

    I have some good news for you too! I just found out today, as it so happens, that my loan has been fixed some. The penalty has been removed and they are not asking me to pay anything back until I get a stable job. They aren’t even charging me interest. I’ll still be away for awhile yet but I am hopping to come back mid-April if everything keeps moving forward in a positive manner like this 🙂

    Again, thanks so much!
    -Jon Spencer

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