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Long Term Collaboration with Arthifis | Announcement

Howdy Everyone!!

Hope you have all a great day, afternoon, evening, night!!

A few days ago, I mention in a round-up post that I had a special project coming and I think it’s time to let you know what is that project.

As the title suggest, this special project is a long-term collaboration with the amazing Arthifis from Arthifis’ Place. In reality, we have two project and this is the first of the two.  Oh and before  I forgot, make sure to follow the guy and his awesome blog.

Hi Mel! Thank you so much for having in the HOTTEST blog in all the Internet! I feel horn… GREAT, I wanted to say GREAT, just by being here!
*cof* *cof* You know how I start all of my posts right? I have to do it here too! Hi everyone and welcome to Mel’s Place where you find the nicest reviews or if you just don’t feel like to read in general you can look to the hottest Anime guys in the planet! But of course, you knew that right? You ARE following her, so yeah… That promo was not really that necessary! Gumensai~!

Hottest blog in all Internet… you will make me blush.

As you probably noticed, I like cute anime (or manga) men, I have a post series on them which is the Anime Crush. My interest into cute and handsome boy lead me to make a 25 days anime male crush challenge that you can find here. This also lead me to meet Arthifis since one of the reason he like to come to my blog, he know he will always find cute anime guy. Not gonna lie when he told be that, that made me happy.

So it’s not a surprise that I thought of doing a collaboration with him after seeing a pretty boy on one of his blog post. If you want to thank someone for this, you have to thank Nice from Hamatora.

Now the project in question is the Anime Crush Challenge I already did, but instead of spreading it on 25 days, will be 13 weeks (okay maybe a little bit more depending of how it goes.

The one rule will be the same, a character can’t appear more than once.

Here the Challenge List

Day – 01 First Anime Crush
Day – 02 Supporting Male Crush
Day – 03 Favorite Sport Anime Crush
Day – 04 Favorite Fantasy Anime Crush
Day – 05 Favorite Supernatural Anime Crush
Day – 06 Favorite Thriller/Psychological Anime Crush
Day – 07 Favorite Comedy Anime Crush
Day – 08 Favorite YAOI Anime Crush
Day – 09 Favorite Male Wearing Glasses
Day – 10 Favorite Male Villain
Day – 11 Anime Male with Blond Hair
Day – 12 Anime Male with Black Hair
Day – 13 Anime Male with Brown Hair
Day – 14 Anime Male with Blue Hair
Day – 15 Anime Male with Red Hair
Day – 16 Anime Male with Purple Hair
Day – 17 Anime Male with Green Hair
Day – 18 Anime Male with Pink Hair
Day – 19 Anime Male with White Hair
Day – 20 Anime Male with Grey/Silver Hair
Day – 21 Anime Male with Orange Hair
Day – 22 Favorite Anime Swordsman
Day – 23 Favorite Gun-Wielding Anime Male
Day – 24 Favorite BL Pairing (canon or not)
Day – 25 Ultimate Anime Crush

Now since it’s a collab, post need to appear on his blog and my blog right, so here how it will go, each week will have two days (post), one will be on Arthifis’ blog and the other on mine but both will be the same days.


Week one

The First Crush will be published on my blog and Supporting Male on Arth the same day but after mine.

If you want you can do the challenge with us or even try to predict our choice

You can also take part in the poll and tell us which of the two character you prefer, Arth choice or mine, cause yes Arth thought the challenge wasn’t enough in itself and decide to turn it into a competition, a really friendly competition… and I thought that was a great idea.

There will be one winner in the and with no real price other than the Award of the blogger with the best taste in anime male.

Basically the one who wins is the most perverted one right Mel? I think it will be a neck to neck competition! I’M EXCITED!!!!

Yes Arth, the winner is a perverted blogger, gonna need a special award to display on the blog.

Hope you will have fun reading those post, cause I know we will have fun writing them

~ Thank you for reading ~

See you on Friday for the first post of the challenge

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