[Doujinshi] A Kitten Wellbred – 18+

Series: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: Ootori Choutarou x Shishido Ryou
Genre: Yaoi (RT 18+)
Circle/Author: Junko

After presenting you a lot fo doujinshi from Haikyuu and Kuroko no Basuke and a few from K-Project and My Hero Academia, I decide it was time to introduce you a new series, Prince of Tennis.

And as first feature I decide to do with a cute, funny yet sexy title featuring Ootori and Shishido.

This happen after Shishido have graduated from middle-school to high-school. While Ootori have a lot of thing that remind him of Shishido, like his classroom and the locker room, Shishido have nothing to remind him of Ootori, therefore the latter decide to visit his lover and make sure to create some memory of him.
Sure he did manage to create those memory, but not the one he wanted.

To read the full doujinshi, click here.

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